01 Jul

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True Crime Story By Twin Sisters of Punishment & Redemption

Takes Publishing World By Storm

Picture this. †Identical twin sisters, two young mothers whose lives seem like the scenes from a crime drama—complete with money-making schemes, prison, guns, sex, dangerous men, abusive relationships, hard partying, family estrangements, deals with the feds, low-self esteem, homelessness, ill-gotten material wealth. It’s all within the pages of Where Does Peace Come In? Breaking Through The Bars, the compelling true-life story of Marisa and Alisha Readus, twin sisters from Texas. This page-turner reveals their journey through incarceration before,†during, and after.


A Time To Commit A Crime

Two struggling young mothers, eager to improve their condition. Unfortunately, Marisa and Alisha thought there was a quick solution to their dilemma. Tired of being homeless, turning to demanding jobs such as topless dancing, the pair embarked on a short-lived life of crime and found themselves behind bars. “We knew what we had done was wrong, and we had to face the consequences,” says Marisa. “It was time for us to grow up,” adds Alisha. Now they are telling their ripe-for-the-big-screen story—and they don’t paint a pretty picture. “We wanted to tell it how it was. We’ve been through it all—we are going to tell it all,” says Marisa.

Time For Deliverance:

Where Does Peace Come In? Breaking Through The Bars, published by Extraordinary Expressions Publishing. The two sisters, now both successful entrepreneurs, wanted to do more than merely write about their dramatic tale. “We wanted to use this book to help people break through the bars in their life, whether it be past bad decisions, fear of trying something new, and learning to let go of the past to walk into the future with expectancy and excitement, says Alisha, mother of seven, including one son who was once diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, but has been healed. She is profiled in the 2008-2009 Who’s Who Among Cambridge Business Women in Frisco, Texas for her current business accomplishments.


New Beginning

While Where Does Peace Come In? Breaking Through The Bars is graphic in its detail about the hard life the Readus sisters led. It is also the story of how they made it through. How they called on their spirituality in the final hour and culled strength from their faiths. “God was telling us something all the time, we just weren’t listening,” says Marisa. “Now, we have achieved so much—the right way. The good life was there all the time, we just didn’t believe.”

The two, who have shared it all, are now sharing their life story not only in their autobiography, they also do speaking engagements. “We want to inspire other people. If we can get through all the things we went through and still be here standing and doing positive things, others can too,” says Alisha. “We talk to mothers, to the incarcerated, to parents, and teens. We want to show you can break the cycle. You don’t have to stay in your situation; you can breakthrough whatever it is holding you back. Break through the bars. Break through and live.”† The pair, who is embarking on a book signing tour, are also discussing the possibility of turning Where Does Peace Come In? Breaking Through The Bars into a feature film.

Where Does Peace Come In? Breaking Through The Bars

can be purchased at and, but can be purchased now at Please contact Alisha and Marisa Readus for speaking engagements and reserve a copy of the soon to be bestseller at:

Extraordinary Expressions Publishing
2500 McDermott Rd
Suite 200-232
Plano, TX 75025

Upcoming speaking engagements and book signings will be provided on



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