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Get Ya Book Commercials Today!

Signal Flow Productions
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Signal Flow Productions provides voiceovers to fully produced commercials for authors and artists who have or are releasing their latest works. Whatever your voice needs are, Signal Flow Production¡¦s voice talent can handle them.

Whether your advertising a product, service or promotion, Signal Flow Productions provides Audio Advertising Campaigns that enhance your business profile on the World Wide Web.

:: Set your web site apart from your competitors
:: Have “Internet Audio” convey your message or identity
:: Consistent vehicle for getting your message to consumers
:: Set a mood or appeal to emotions
:: Memorable “Internet Audio Advertising” that sticks with potential clients

Price: $80 to create their commercial from your drop; $150 for us to create script and commercial.

Phone#: 443.744.6796

Our goal:
To provide creative, quality audio production that gets results! Through a combined alliance with you the advertiser, we’ll create an ad to suit your needs and create a higher profile among a vast audience.

Professional advertising that promotes and explains your business customized to fit your advertising needs and wants.

Shaka Pitts, Executive Producer

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