[Straight From The Maverick] Obama Calls McCain’s Bluff

25 Sep

If the 2008 presidential election was a referendum on character, I believe the electorate got a clear picture just what kind of candidate Sen. John McCain really is: he’s not somebody to be trusted.

McCain, who exists in a shell of his reputation as a Maverick, went behind Sen. Barack Obama’s back and before the media to announce that he’s prepared to suspend his campaign, and recommend that Friday’s debate in Mississippi be delayed, until Congress can work out a solution to the Bush administration’s proposed mega-billion recuse/bailout of Wall Street.

He also said in his opinion there was no consensus to suggest that it a solution will be reached by the end of this week, but even the Bush administration is not exactly in agreement with McCain. That suggests that McCain’s still out of touch; he’s also placed himself on a political island without much chance for rescue.

Those who support McCain have already lined up, and will line up during this media cycle, to say that he’s being just what he is: a man who’s willing to work across party affiliation in the best interest of this country. They might also hail him as being the Maverick that his reputation once preceded by taking another bold risk.

I perceive this to be another McCain political ploy reminiscent of his selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate. This time, though, Obama called his bluff.

First, Obama detailed the chronology of what transpired today, noting that he contacted McCain and his handlers to issue a joint statement that might address the proposed rescue/bailout legislation reflective of the best interests of American voters. He went on to say McCain did not respond to his offer for six hours.

When they did speak, according to Obama, McCain went as far as to suggest that both suspend their campaigns until the legislation is passed and delay having the first of three presidential debates. Obama said they should still work on the joint statement. It was not long afterward that McCain went before media went with his statement. Obama said there must have been some miscommunication.

Just like it was after Obama challenged his political manhood at the Democratic Party’s convention in Denver, McCain pulled another political stunt with hopes of swaying voter’s opinion. Recent polls had already suggested that McCain’s been losing ground to Obama since this acute downward turn in the economy.

My question is this the kind of person America wants to elect as president? A person who can only resort to cheap political tricks? Or does America wants to elect a person who has been in touch with the issues, suggesting also that he can handle multiple issues just as the winner in next month’s election will have to do starting on Jan. 20, 2009?

A test to an individual’s character as a leader is his or her ability to handle many things at one time. It’s in those situations that we find out whether true leaders emerge or falter. I suspect today we saw how one’s character might play out should he be elected.

Posted By Sam B. Redd to Straight From The Maverick at 9/24/2008 05:59:00 PM


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