Reply to Letter to My Daugther by Dr. Maya Angelou

30 Sep

Letter to My Daugther by Dr. Maya Angelou

Here is a very heart felt reply to Dr. Maya Angelou’s new book Letter to My Daughter.

Listen to the interview that inspired this poem.
Ella Curry has an Intimate Conversation with Dr. Maya Angelou

A Reply From A Daughter

This is a daughter in search of her mother
Whom she never had the pleasure to greet
But longing to erase that void in her life
On the day when their paths meet

I inherited a gift of poetry
But have no-one or where to turn
And it’s my sincere prayer
That one day I may sit with you and learn

I saw you on TV
And heard your voice on a radio
But still I was left
With no direction on where to go

Although we are like strangers
Only connected by a gift
I need wisdom spoken into my life
So that this gift can be shifted

Shifted to another level
So that It may grow
And to what height
Only God knows

I hope to one day meet you
Maybe even to hold a pen, you wrote with
That carries your touch
I know that may seem like nothing
But to this daughter- it’s much

I write this with pureness
Not asking for material or monetary things
Just asking a mother to help
Her daughter spread her poetic wings

Love your daughter, 9/25/08
Written by Lue Renae Jackson
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One response to “Reply to Letter to My Daugther by Dr. Maya Angelou

  1. Zion

    October 1, 2008 at 11:26 PM

    OMG!!!!That was great!I think you did an awesome go head with yo bad self.I know Maya Angelou is proud of you.You keep on writing gurl.I cant wait to read more.Stay encouraged and spread your wings.


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