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Parents Wake Up!

Have you ever thought about the fact that Female pedophilia is on the rise!


Are Our Children Safe? Part I by Keith Lee Johnson

Are Our Children Safe? Part I

EDC Creations is proud to present this stunning editorial by author Keith Lee Johnson on the welfare of our children. Read it and take in the importance of knowing who is in your circle!

Recent revelations about Catholic priests and Jewish rabbis have shaken the very foundation of the religious world. Sadly, another shocker is on the horizon. There have been recent reports that Catholic nuns are guilty of female pedophilia, too. Rick Linsk and Stephen Scott of the Pioneer Press report that a nun at a Roman Catholic boarding school abused Mary Dunford for three years. Dunford says the floor monitor “would enter her room at night and spend the next one to three hours with me.” Ashley Hill, author of Habits of Sin, a book about the sexual abuse of women and children by nuns, claims she was sexually abused by a nun in the second grade.

Female pedophilia is on the rise. For years, men have dominated the headlines in the arena of child molestation. Now, entire websites are dedicated to this phenomenon of female pedophilia. One such site is called Female Childlove. This site encourages adult women to accept child molestation as a natural and maternal way of life with catch phases like “female childlove, you’re not the only one.”

The recurring theme throughout the Female Childlove site seems to be an affirmation of vile fantasies that the pedophiliacs claim many women have but are afraid to acknowledge. Page after page of their rhetoric delves into the sexual desires of women while at the same time staunchly advocating that children have rights, “including the right to choose adult sexual and romantic partners.”

Joy, an educator and one of the hosts of the Female Childlove site, believes that “female childlovers who have young female lovers are often the only ones offering a hand to help these young women cross the difficult terrain between strait [sic] society and the lesbian/bisexual community. Baby dykes need and deserve such guidance, mentoring, and love.” Sally, Joy’s collaborator, says, “I am [a] female childlover. I have been attracted to children as long as I can remember. For a long time I thought I was alone. But after I found this web site I know now there are others like me.”

On the opening page of the Female Childlove website is a cartoon of a five- or six-year-old girl scantily dressed in a black and white maid’s uniform, complete with thigh high black stockings and revealing white panties. On the About Us page, the same little girl has pulled down her panties while looking innocently into the camera. Other pictures depict young girls in provocative positions wearing lace and thong underwear.

On the Frequently Asked Questions page, these depraved women justify their way of life by answering the trenchant questions posed. One such question asked, “Why do you profess that female childlove is normal and healthy for children?” The answer was “We allow children to be seductive. We encourage their sexual expression. We share in their sensuality and their sexuality. We give rather than take from them.”

To be fair, it should be noted that these female pedophiliacs say they don’t approve of rape, coercion, manipulation, or any form of violence against children by adults. They say that sex with young girls and boys is okay as long as the child agrees. Nevertheless, sex with minors is a criminal offense, regardless of their acquiescence to the act. Consensual sex with a child is, by law, rape, coercion, manipulation, and probably in a lot of cases, violent in nature. Simply put, these women are guilty of everything they say they’re against.

The women on the Female Childlove website describe themselves as female childlovers. They describe “childlove” as an attraction to young girls and boys. If what these women are doing to innocent children is as natural as they claim, why was it necessary to exchange the word pedophilia for the word childlove? Why exchange the word attraction for the word eroticism? Perhaps it’s because childlove doesn’t sound nearly as outrageous as pedophilia. Childlove almost sounds like a maternal act, when in reality a felony is being committed.

Is pedophilia acceptable if you “love” the child? Of course not. Nevertheless, female pedophiliacs tend to throw the word love around when they have sex with children. Observe, for example, Mary Kay Letourneau, 36, who was impregnated twice by a child less than half her age. It should be further noted that Mary Kay Letourneau is far from being the only woman in this sad predicament. (I will deal with the issue of female teachers who have sex with their students in an upcoming article.)

The Female Childlove site is full of provocative pictures and fictionalized stories of “woman child love.” The authors of these “fictional stories” say they are wives, mothers, grandmothers, teachers, and other professionals. The “stories” include seducing preteens at swimming pools, at the next door neighbors’ house, and just about anywhere one looks. This is incredibly disturbing, especially since a crime is being committed and these female pedophiliacs don’t seem to get it. Some of the names of these stories are “Gazing at Tiffany’s Venus Part 1,” “The Boy Next Door,” “Carwash,” “Fancy Pants Part 1,” “Catholic Scandal,” and others. These stories are sexual in nature and vivid in description.

Finally, the Female Childlove site goes into amazing detail to explain away their crimes of passion by claiming that women are stimulated when nursing their young. The following questions are posed: “Is anyone not aware of the nature of the female nipple? That clitoral/genital arousal is involuntarily and automatically achieved when the nipple is sucked?” Several years ago, I worked with a woman who told me she was stimulated by breast-feeding. The woman was emotionally unstable, so while I thought what she told me was strange, I dismissed it. However, recently, I have been told by several other stable women that they, too, are stimulated by breast-feeding.

Whether all women experience an involuntary and automatic response to breast-feeding is irrelevant. The point is that the female pedophiliac takes a natural act and turns it into something vile, then justifies the act by associating the body’s natural responses with prurient desire. Given the national coverage of the three little girls who were kidnapped, one of whom was molested and murdered, I wonder how much female molestation is going on unreported. Are our children safe?

Continued to PART 2 and PART 3, read all three of these thought provoking articles. Please leave your thoughts and opinions at the end of each post.

Written by bestselling author Keith Lee Johnson

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Are Our Children Safe? Part 2

Are Our Children Safe? Part 2

Do screenwriters get their ideas from real life? Or are Americans inspired by the films they see? Perhaps motion pictures are a mere reflection of our hidden selves. Whatever the truth, one thing is clear; Hollywood has a knack for delivering Oscar winning pictures that reflect the basest aspect of the human condition. And when it suits studio executives, aspects of the human condition can be told in such a way that the general populace isn’t even offended by offensive subject matter. In fact, Americans tend to embrace the offensive and discard their sense or right and wrong. And more important, their sense of justice.

In 1967, Embassy Pictures released The Graduate. The Oscar winning film depicted the seduction of a recent college graduate by an older married woman. With the monumental success of that film, Hollywood went for the gusto. In 1971, just four years later, two more coming of age films were produced. Columbia Pictures released The Last Picture Show and Warner Brothers released, The Summer of ’42. The difference between these films and The Graduate is that they depicted relationships of high school students and older women. Both films were greeted with high praise and 12 Oscar nominations between them. However, only three Oscars were won; two for The Last Picture Show and one for The Summer of ’42.

Cloris Leachman, who won best supporting actress for her portrayal of Ruth Popper, the wife of the high school football coach, said, “I based my character on some Ruth Poppers I knew when I was growing up in Des Moines.” The Summer of ‘42’s only Oscar was awarded for its theme song. But the film was met with critical acclaim and actress Jennifer O’Neill received glowing reviews.

“A ROMANTIC FILM! Jennifer O’Neill is a girl of almost magical loveliness and vulnerability.” The New York Times.

“REWARDING! ABSORBING! A tender, funny, realistic story. Beautifully written. Jennifer O’Neill is a delight!” – Long Island Press

“THIS IS MOVIE-MAKING AT ITS BEST! Stunning with beautiful acting and direction!” – The Evening News

“MAJESTY ON FILM! It is wonderful – told in an almost unforgettable way. Jennifer O’Neill is super!” – WABC-TV

“A BEAUTIFUL MOVIE! A blend of humor, growing-up pangs, and life’s experiences! Jennifer O’Neill is fetchingly perfect!” – Cue Magazine

“A MASTERPIECE! ONE OF THE MOST TOUCHING FILMS I’VE EVER SEEN! Its warmth cannot be conveyed, it must be experienced. It actually evokes long dormant, sincere emotions – beautiful memories we share. Jennifer O’Neill has a quiet, beautiful maturity that makes her impossible to resist!” – WPIX-TV

“Beautiful! A LOVE STORY with a bite.” – Washington Post

“A MARVELOUSLY DONE FILM! – A touching, sensitive, unforgettable experience!” – Family Circle


What the reviews don’t say is that Jennifer O’Neill plays the role of a 22-year-old woman who has a sexual fling with a 15-year-old boy. Keep in mind that these films were released in 1971, a time when sexual mores were a lot more reserved than they are in 2002. Even at that conservative time, the critics saw nothing wrong with this. They used words like absorbing, tender, love, sensitive, touching, romantic, and rewarding to describe The Summer of ’42. Perhaps the reaction to those films explains why so many female teachers have abandoned their public trust and are having inappropriate sexual relationships with their male students.

Female Teachers-Male Students

In 1996, Mary Kay Letourneau, a Washington State teacher, made headlines when it was discovered that she was having sexual relations with a 13-year-old boy, who eventually impregnated her two times. I’m sure most Americans thought this was an aberration, but it was just the tip of the iceberg. There have been numerous female teacher-male student relationships through out the country.

For example, On February 12, 1999, The Arizona Republic reported that a teacher at Parker High School, Jennifer A., was indicted for three counts of sexual conduct with a minor. A couple of weeks later, Ms. Tracey N., a librarian in the same district, was indicted for molesting a 13-year-old girl. “This week, Ms. Marian L., 39, former director of a Cave Creek charter school, was given a year in jail and lifetime probation for two counts of attempted sexual contact with two 14-year-old boys.” Some years earlier, in the same school district, Suzanne Y., 40, was having sexual relations with a 14-year-old boy. She was sentenced to three years’ probation. “In 1997, Ms. Catherine M., a 35-year-old former teacher at Deer Valley High School, got six months for sex with a minor, a former student, at a party in the desert.”

Sadly, the abuse by female teachers isn’t confined to Arizona. One could find cases of abuse in virtually every state. For example, Denise McBryde, a 38-year-old Florida teacher, married with three children, admitted to having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old boy.

Caroline Hendrie of Hastings, Minnesota reports that Julie Anne Feil, a 32-year-old married teacher with an 8-year-old son, pleaded guilty in 1998 to having a three-month sexual relationship a 15-year-old boy, saying, “I loved him the best way I knew how.” A note she had written to the boy about a Valentine’s Day rendezvous was discovered. It read: “Here’s what I want. 1. Go to our place. 2. Great Sex! 3. Dinner out–Olive Garden? Planet Hollywood? We dress up! 4. Dancing or a movie? Or our place and more great sex?” Four months after her arrest, while she was out on bond, Mrs. Feil went to the boy’s home at 2 A.M., her 8 year-old-son in tow, and “pounded on his window,” and attempted to have sex with him on the lawn.

In Carroll County, Maryland, two more female teachers, Kimberly Merson, 24, and Tracie Lynn Mokry, 21, were charged with having sex with teenage boys. Merson pleaded guilty, but Mokry’s charges were dropped. According to a May 23, 2001, police report, Mokry initially denied having contact with male students away from school. But later in the same interview, Mokry admitted to having sex talk with some students on a computer. One of the students told the police that Mokry had provided large quantities of alcohol to him and six other males from Francis Scott Key High School. The same student reported that after drinking a lot of alcohol, he laid down on her bed and Mokry took off his pants and “initiated sexual contact with him.” “The contact included, French kissing, fondling, fellatio, cunnilingus, and vaginal intercourse.”

The police report filled against Mrs. Kimberly Lynn Merson provided even more damaging information than Ms. Mokry’s. Mrs. Merson admitted to drinking alcohol with students, posing nude, and having sexual contact with “one or more students.” One of the students gave the police four pictures of Mrs. Merson spreading her genitalia and fondling herself. The report went on to say that Mrs. Merson had written requesting the return of the photographs. The note read: “it’s all my fault, I know, but I need to stop worrying and act like that part never happened. I hope you respect me enough to do this.” The police arrested Mrs. Merson May 19, 2001, and she admitted to providing alcohol, doing a striptease, having sex, fellatio, and fondling “multiple male students.”

If I were talking about the sexual deviance of men, I could probably stop providing evidence at this point. But women are not known for their lust and sexual depravity. Therefore, I will offer more evidence that our children are not only in danger from licentious predatory men, but also from lascivious women. As I said in my last article, female pedophilia is on the horizon.

Consider these examples, “37-year-old Amy Rodriguez raped a 12-year-old boy at least three times at her home. The mother of the boy suspected trouble when she noticed Rodriguez picking up the boy. When she checked his room, she found romantic messages from his teacher.” June 13, 2002, the Associated Press reports that “California high school teacher, Tanya Hadden, 33, ran off with her 15-year-old student. A Louisiana teacher is accused of having an affair with her 14-year-old student. In the Bronx, a teacher is charged with statutory rape involving a 16-year-old former student.”

Court reports that Beth Friedman was convicted of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The 42-year-old Florida teacher was having an 18-month relationship with a 14-year-old student. “In Utah, a female gymnastics coach awaits trial for allegedly raping and sodomizing a 12-year-old male student. A 24-year-old New York teacher is charged with having a sexual relationship with two 16-year-old male students at the high school where she worked. And this past August, a former Bentonville, Arkansas special education teacher pleaded guilty to first-degree violation of a minor for having sex with one of her 16-year-old students.” In Hackensack, New Jersey, a 43-year-old teacher, Pamela Diehl-Moore admitted having sex with a seventh-grade student who was 13 at the time.

At this point, I’m sure some people are saying, “So what? What’s the big deal? These guys are lucky. They ought to be grateful. And therein lays the problem with female pedophiliacs. Few people care. Most people think this sort of thing doesn’t happen very often. Even judges want to wink at this. For example, New Jersey Superior Court Judge Bruce A. Gaeta, after sentencing Pamela Diehl-Moore to five years probation, said, “I really don’t see the harm that was done here, and certainly society doesn’t need to be worried. I do not believe she is a sexual predator. It’s just something between two people that clicked beyond the teacher-student relationship. Maybe it was a way for him, once this happened, to satisfy his sexual needs. People mature at different rates.”

He doesn’t see the harm? It’s just something that clicked between two people? The boy was 13-years-old. Ms. Diehl-Moore was 43. Perhaps Judge Gaeta was a fan of the films I mentioned earlier in this article. I wonder if the judge would see something wrong with a man being 43 and having sexual relations with a seventh-grade 13-year-old girl. What if it was his daughter? Would he feel the same? Would you?

Imagine the mind-set of a 13-year-old boy whose had sex with a grown woman. Does anybody think he’s going to stop having sex once the relationship is over? He’s probably going to think its okay to have sex with girls his own age. Or worst yet, he too, will become an abuser. This is the harm that judge Gaeta is too short sighted to see. This boy, like so many before him, may become a sexual predator. The irony of this is that if the boy becomes a pedophile, a judge will probably give him a sentence far more severe then the woman who molested him. I seriously doubt that the judge would say, “maybe it was a way for 13-year-old girl to satisfy her needs” even if she gave her consent. But this article isn’t about equal treatment under the law. It’s about bringing the issue of female pedophilia to the surface.

Nevertheless, a double standard exists. People are not outraged when a woman molests a child. Somehow, people deduced that the woman is crazy. Why? Because if she were sane, a woman would never do something like that. But I’ve just proven that a woman will and have molested boys all over the United States. We can’t continue to smile and look the other way. If we do, how can we condemn men when they do the very thing that we winked at years earlier. What if the male pedophile believes it’s okay to have sex with young girls? Isn’t that what we taught him by telling him he was lucky?

Consider Daniel, who was molested by his mother, who was molested by her stepfather. Daniel had been molested at a local swimming pool and his mother insisted that he tell the authorities. Daniel told the police he didn’t see what the big deal was. His mother did the same thing to him all the time. Subsequently, Daniel’s mother was arrested and sentenced to prison. Seven years later, Daniel is now up on charges for molesting his young female cousin.

Best regards,

Keith Lee Johnson


Are Our Children Safe? Part 3

Women Committing Statutory Rape

It’s important to note that sexual molestation isn’t indigenous to female teachers. Women in other vocations are committing the same crimes in record numbers. For example, Kristina Magnuson, 30, a Kenosha County social worker was found guilty of molesting four boys, one of which has three children with her.

In Tampa, Florida, Patricia Burmeister, 32, was arrested for picking up teenage boys and girls at bus stops. Burmeister, a mother of two, provided alcohol and pornographic movies, and had sex with the kids.

Joyce Smith, a mother of three, surrendered to San Diego police for luring teenage boys over the Internet to her home and having sex with them. They boys ages range from 14-17.

A 35-year-old New York woman was sentenced to five years of probation and designated a level one sex offender after she pleaded guilty to raping a 14-year-old boy whose child she bore.

In Conyers, GA, 21-year-old Summer Jessica Strickland was charged with statutory rape of 13-year-old Tony Goss. The couple is married now, but Strickland still faces 20 years.

A March 26 1998 UPI article reports that Rebecca S., 28, of Roseville, Michigan, and a 13-year-old boy are in love and want to get married. Rebecca is facing two counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Women and Incest

Unfortunately, there’s not enough space to chronicle all the crimes that I’d like to list to convince the general populace of what’s going on. As I said, what I list here is only the tip of an enormous iceberg.

The parents were glad to see a woman bond with their children. But Shelley, a 41-year-old mother, had a dark secret that the other parents didn’t know about. “All these sexual fantasies were going through my head when I was talking to the children,” Shelly confessed. “It was very sexual for me.” Soon Shelley began to focus on her 3-year-old son, Troy. She believes the abuse began when she continued to breast feed him when he was eighteen months old. Not long after that, her sexual urges became too powerful for her to control. “I would have him lay on top of me or on my breasts. I would put my finger in his rectum and suck on his penis.”

A December 3, 1997 UPI article reported that Maria D., 28, of Hempstead, NY, is facing charges of forcing her 2-year-old to perform oral sex.

An August 19, 1998, Associated Press article reported that a 30-year-old woman in Antioch, California was ordered to stay away from her foster son. She had had a child by him and was pregnant again with his child. She started having sex with the boy when she was 27 and he was 14. The woman said she loved the boy. “I just want everyone to know that I am not a child molester.”

It’s seems as though each time a woman is arrested for raping boys, she says she’s in love. Let’s remember that these boys are victims no matter how many men and women rationalize the crime. More important, male victims of sexual molestation are often psychologically damaged. The trouble is society still says its okay for boys and men to practice whoredom. Therefore, society sanctions these so-called harmless crimes, right up to the time that these boys become men and do the same thing that they were praised for when they were children. We can’t have it both ways. We cannot say a boy can be molested and that’s all right, but don’t you molest a girl when you become an adult.

Perhaps we need to teach our boys to be chaste instead of whorish. Perhaps we should value male sexuality the way we value female sexuality. And in this way, we can curtail the abuse that both genders suffer. If we teach our boys to value their sexuality, if we teach them that sex is a sacred gift, maybe teenage pregnancy would become a thing of the past. Maybe sexual disease would disappear. But since we allow our boys to be whores, we as a society must take a significant portion of the blame when our daughters succumb to their innate desires too. After all, girls realize that there is a double standard. And given what they’re allowed to watch on television, and listen to on CD’s it is any wonder that our children are becoming sexually active at earlier ages. If we want our children to be safe, we have to stop focusing on our females and concentrate on our males. We cannot allow adult women to abuse boys with a mere slap on the wrist. The punishment must be severe, not simply because it would be equal treatment under the law, but because an adult, in all probability, set into motion a chain of abuse that tends to expand in scope exponentially.

Statically, female pedophiles only represent three percent of the population. But is this true? Or is this something we want to believe? The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Both boys and girls generally under report abuse. One reason for this is that the abuser swears the abused to secrecy, or threatens the victim. Another reason is that the abuser often tricks the victim into believing that if they felt pleasure from the abuse, they are accessories to the crime. Some abusers actually trick the victim into believing that they initiated the sex and they are responsible for what happened. This leads to untold psychological damage to the victim and society in general.

Consider for example, the unresolved issues that result from abused males who are now adults. Many experience alcohol and drug abuse problems. Remember Mrs. Merson and Tracie Mokry, the two teachers who served alcohol to several males students at a party prior to having sex with them? It is highly possible that these women were abused the same way. Physical abuses, domestic violence, suicide, poor relationship skills, are more results that point to the victim of an adult that was sexually abused as a child.

Imagine the horror of the pyramid prism of sexual abuse with just one male at the top. If that male abuses five victims, and each victim abuses five victims, the numbers boggle the mind. It’s important to point out that boys don’t typically report the crime. In all the examples that I cited, not one victim reported the crime. Usually, someone finds out and tells the authorities. With that in mind, imagine just how much of this is going on. What’s worse is that society is too short sighted to see that winking at this is a major contributing factor to my pyramid theory.

Tolerating female perpetrators eventually affects all of society. Erica Pratt, Tamara Brooks, and Jacqueline Marris are all lucky to be alive after being abducted the summer of 2002. But what about 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart who is still missing? Who can forget 6-year-old Jon Bonet Ramsey, 5-year-old Samantha Runnion, and 9-year-old Amber Hagerman? Sadly, we don’t realize that premature sex has profound consequences when these abused men become adults. When they become the abusers, when they kidnap our little girls and sexually abuse them, when they brutally rape and murder our little girls, only then are we outraged. But it’s too late then. We need to do something now, before another potential predator is sexually abused.

Best regards,

Keith Lee Johnson


Obama’s Informercial Is Checkmate Against McCain

If I’ve guessed correctly, Sen. Barack Obama’s 30-minute informercial on several national media outlets tonight should prove to be the final move he needed to make in his campaign to be elected as this country’s next president.Some political pundits have called this general election phase a Battle Royale of sorts that involved ideological, generational, and social contrasts.

But if I accurately have a sense for the way Obama thinks, he played his campaign against John McCain like a chess match. He’s now made his case for declaring checkmate.How so?If any of you’ve been watching the polls like I have, Obama leads either comfortably or significantly in most of the states that have shown an inclination to vote for him. Although the national polls have dwindled from about eight points to right at six points since last weekend, Obama is likely to experience a boost in the overall polls once again.

Add him going on a likely full-court press with his campaign stops it’s also probable that his overall margin over McCain should take him back up to seven or eight points by the end of the weekend. That would make it almost impossible -if the polls are any where near accurate – for McCain to overcome with two days remaining.

Obama’s informercial went straight to the heart of this country and matter. He used samplings from ordinary people from Missouri, Ohio, New Mexico, and Kentucky to articulate their personal situations. All were struggling in some form or fashion like many of us. That resonates with the average person.Of personal interest, I’m aware of a man who is in his mid-50s who after today was out of an $85,000-a-year job as a senior manager.

He has a wife, a college-age daughter, a pre-teen son, and a mortgage. As of today, his employer could not withstand this economy and officially closed its doors. His problems are much like those who appeared on Obama’s informercial. Now he’s facing the uncertainty of whether he’ll find a job -any one – given his work experience, pay his bills, or have anything to be thankful over for at the family’s holiday meal next month.Complicating matters, earlier this year his daughter had surgery to relieve issues from a cancerous tumor on her brain stem.

I’m not sure whether he’s managed to pay whatever he’s been exposed with his insurance coverage: a $1,500 deductible and a $5,000 out-of-pocket expense. But considering the actual cost of the surgery and other related services was in upwards of $30,000 he wasn’t complaining at the time. Now he’ll have no health insurance starting on Nov. 1; his daughter’s only option unless he finds a job is to accept a marginal indemnity plan that doesn’t pay for any hospitalization or the state’s insurance pool, which costs on average twice as much as an individual insurance plan.

I’m sure that Obama’s tax plan that should help 95 percent of tax-paying Americans sounds inviting at this moment. So does Obama’s proposed tax credit for college. Not to mention, his proposed policy to streamline the health insurance industry, and make it a little more affordable.

Though the Republicans may scoff and mock Obama’s moment, comparing it to his Party acceptance speech and staging in Denver, they would love to have had a fraction of the money that Obama spent on the 30 minutes of prime air time to present whatever message they might have to offer this country.

The way Obama orchestrated the informercial along with his campaign stops this week is nothing short of brilliance. I’m more than convinced that he’s had some read on McCain, and he knows that McCain being the military man that he is will not concede this election until it becomes clearly obvious on Tuesday night.

The fact remains, however, that McCain has no more moves that he can make on this year’s political chessboard. Obama has him cornered; therefore, it is checkmate.

–Posted By Sam B. Redd to Straight From The Maverick at 10/29/2008


NOT GOD’S WILL by Cheryl Lacey Donovan

Did you know that it is NOT GOD’S WILL that you
be physically, sexually, or emotionally abused?

Award Winning Author Cheryl Lacey Donovan Speaks out about Faith Communities about Domestic Violence

In Texas alone, statistics indicated in 2005 that there were 30, 995 reported incidents of domestic violence? Just imagine the “silent” unreported incidents who are living in silent fear! Each year, an estimated 3.3 million children are exposed to violence by family members against their mothers or female caretakers.

In a national survey of more than 2,000 American families, approximately 50% of the men who frequently assaulted their wives also frequently abused their children! Of children who witness their mothers being abused by their fathers, 40% suffer anxiety, 48% suffer depression, 53% act out with their parents and 60% act out with siblings.

Statistics further indicate that victims of domestic violence are everywhere ¡V even in your faith community. Seventy-four percent of all Texans have either been a victim of domestic violence or know someone who has (according to a quantitative study conducted for Texas Council on Family Violence, Saurage, 2002.)

Because there is a need for outreach and education in faith communities, the faith family can be a critical resource for spiritual renewal and guidance. Texas Council on Family Violence. The problem is communities of faith can inadvertently make the situation worse. Misguided attempts at counseling can, in some cases, endanger rather than help the victim. In addition, religious values may pressure the victim to keep the family together at all costs.

Some batterers may even use scriptures and faith as a way to control their partner. “I grew up in a ministerial family. My parents were divorced when I was very young, but the religious impact was always there. Therefore, when I was initially thrust into an abusive situation, I found it difficult to come to a conclusion about my future because I didn’t want to do anything that would be seen as contradictory to God’s teachings on marriage,” said Donovan. “Dissolving the marital relationship was one of the hardest things I had ever done because I wanted to be right in God’s sight.

Yet, there were no programs within the church setting to provide guidance in this respect.” The bottom line is, love should never hurt. Domestic violence is never acceptable. It goes contrary to any religious teachings. Expecting a victim of domestic violence to simply pray about a situation and expect it to go away is ludacris. Encouraging a victim to keep the family together because it is what God would want is not scriptural or moral. Communities of faith need to open their eyes and understand the important role that they play in the fight against domestic violence. Training programs and outreach can assist congregants who may be experiencing physical or psychological abuse.

Information regarding training and outreach programs can be obtained from the Texas Council on Family violence

Cheryl Donovan is the award winning author of Women What the Hell are You Thinking and the soon to be released Ministry of Motherhood. She is also the host of the inspirational radio show Worth More than Rubies which airs on

To contact Cheryl to speak about domestic violence issues as they relate to communities of faith, or to learn more about other potential topics, e-mail her at cherylspeaks@

You may also visit her website at

# # #

Empowering Women to Empower Themselves through programs that promote social and economic self-sufficiency


Meet Author Jackie Moore

Jackie Moore, Author of Serving Justice

Jackie Moore is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in religion and offers spiritual words of encouragement daily on her website and her myspace page

She and her two sons, James and Joseph reside in Detroit, Michigan. She is also a contributing author to several anthologies including 2008 releases, Triumph of my Soul, Stories of Hope, Triumph and Inspiration, Journeys of Love, Voices of the Heart, and Gumbo for the Soul, Here’s our Child Where is the Village.

Her contributions to online magazines or ezines are many. They include: Bahiyah Magazine, Precious Stones, Divine Afro European Sisters Network, Rise Up Magazine, The Blessed Room Magazine, and most recently, More Beautiful Woman Magazine.

Jackie has served as a Deaconess, as well as served on various boards and committees. She has taught a basic computer skills class in an after school program at her church and she has also worked as a consultant for an after-school motivational program that teaches students how to write books.

She has been a parent Advocate with the Detroit School Board. Jackie has also served as a consultant to a non-profit organization incorporated to address the problems of domestic violence in a pro-active way.

Visit her website at:
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