[Straight From The Maverick] Obama Still Standing After McCain’s Foray

17 Oct

If image is counts as much as it appears to do in this world today, Sen. Barack Obama proved during the final presidential debate for 2008 why he has the temperament and discipline to merit being elected as this country’s next president.

Simply put, this man withstood everything that his rival, John McCain, could grasp onto and haul at him, sometimes connecting and other times whirring past him, and he still managed to stand tall at the final bell to make his case.”I ask for your vote,” Obama said in his final comments. “I will work tirelessly on your behalf for your future and your children’s future.”That’s the question you ask your customer when you’re confident that you’ve clinched the sale.

Meanwhile McCain, still breathing heavily from his effort, could only surmise his case based on personal and his family history’s service to this country and leaning on as a crutch his talking points of reform, trust, an examination of his political record, and the argument that his country needs a new direction.Is the latter the kind of person you want leading this country? I suppose there may be some who were convinced – one way or another.Months ago I questioned during the primaries whether Obama could close the sale.

He had whetted the appetite of the electorate, but he had yet to offer substantive solutions and policy. I remember on the night of the Texas primaries that a television pundit made a fool out of an Obama supporter during the Texas primaries when he asked what single piece of legislation had Obama ever fought to get passed in his political career.

The man had no answer. Since then, it is clearly evident that this country has gotten to know more about Obama, and depending on your side of the argument the man has finally put some substance to the sheen of his eloquence and charisma.Throughout the debate in New York, McCain took on the role of the attacker and he questioned everything ranging from Obama’s proposed tax plans, his ideas on energy, health care, education, abortion, the selection of judges at the federal level, and the rest of this country’s economic woes.

Yet Obama never wavered nor flinched. Each time he made reference to specific policy proposals he looked directly in the camera and spoke with resolution what he would do for us, the citizenry that will be going to the polls in less than three weeks.I think ultimately this country wants somebody who could connect with them through that television camera.

The best of the presidents in terms of effectiveness were able to do that Bill Clinton and before him Ronald Reagan, come to mind in my adult years.McCain did it on occasion, specifically when he made reference to Joe the plumber in Ohio; however, he was more so consumed with hauling every piece of furniture at Obama and while he talked, digging into his tool chest to unscrew the bathroom and kitchen sinks to haul at Obama in a tense, jittery motion.

I think this country might be –and should be– smart enough to decipher between rhetoric and substance. And what we saw tonight was Obama’s substance and cool winning over McCain’s rhetoric and obvious desperation – much to his frustration and exasperation.

–Posted By Sam B. Redd to Straight From The Maverick at 10/15/2008 11:05:00 PM


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