Critical Elements that Successful Business Owners Need

18 Oct

5 Critical Elements that Every Successful Business Owner Needs to Know
Posted by Nathan Crane

Today I am going to discuss a very important topic in the world of business.If you do not believe you are in the world of business just because you may not own your own business, you may want to re-analyze your thinking. Nearly everything in this world is currently based upon business.

Even if you dont own your own business, you can take these aspects I am going to talk about, and implement them into your daily life, or into your work life. They are all around good principles and ideas that can help us in all areas of our lives.

Furthermore, if one day you are ever interested in becoming an entrepreneur and adventuring into the world of business on your own terms, than this will give you a huge head start.And if you currently own your own business, and you are just starting, have 1 year under your belt, or are a million dollar giant, these are always good principles to go over from time to time.

“The 5 Critical Elements that Every Successful Business Owner Needs to Know.”

1. Be honest. This is a highly debatable topic for sales people and business owners around the world…(why it is even debatable should be a huge question for people.) But the truth is, many people may intend to be honest and truthful with their clients and customers, but because of the many techniques that they have learned, and the various habits that they have developed, this is actually much harder for most people than it seems. When you are totally and completely honest in all aspects of your transaction and dealings, your results are always going to be tremendously more fulfilling.

2. Create a Plan. I remember when I opened my 1st company with 6 other successful business owners, and the very first thing we did for 4 months straight, was come up with a plan. We sat night after night around a large table, covering every aspect of how we thought the business should be structured from the ground up. Additionally, what I learned from that, is that you dont need to cover every little aspect of how you are going to do business… but yes, you do need a solid outline and game plan to guide you in the right direction, and from there, you can fill in the details as you go along. (Make sure to continuously fill in the details!)

3. Cover Your Needs. If you are depending solely on your new business to cover all of your expenses, you may have a surprise coming for you, (Unless of course you have investors, or you are already generating enough consistent income to not have this worry.) This is so important, but many people forget to absorb the importance of this principle. As long as all of your basic needs are covered, and you can continue to invest additional money that you have into your business, you can always keep going and growing, no matter how little, or how big you are.

4. Keep Advancing Your Goals. When you start your business, you have goals. When you move through your first months, and your first years, and of course into your later years, you will always need to continue analyzing, re-analyzing and resetting your goals, hopefully higher than they were the last time you set them. Set a realistic goal, but out of reach, so when you reach it, you will know that you worked extremely hard to do so, and you will benefit tremendously from the outcome. When you come close to reaching that goal, again, reset your goals and always continue moving forward, and upward.

5. Never Give Up. I have read quite a few different forums lately that have mentioned something I think is pretty outlandish, they say “fail quickly, so you can move onto the next one faster.” Personally, I have never found that to be a helpful mindset in becoming personally and professionally successful. Yes, I have failed many times before, and failure can be a very good thing. But if you go into a project, business or life mission to own and create a very successful business, and you have the mindset that you could possibly be failing, so you should do it quickly…. what exactly do you think is going to happen? Of course you are going to fail quickly.

You need to have a perseverant mindset, especially if you have a burning desire inside you to make this company happen! Dont plan for failure, plan for success.

If you encounter failure, that’s no problem… I have decided that failure is just a confirmation that success is possible. And in my experience, that is absolute truth.I invite you to take these 5 critical elements, and implement them into your business, and into your life.They have really helped me to not only make things happen in my personal and professional life, but to become more fulfilled within myself.

I guess I should have named this the 6 critical elements, because I just remembered the most important of all.HAVE FUN! Enjoy what you are doing, this is your life, and your business. It is always going to be challenging, but you can make those challenges become enjoyable by seeing them as missions, tasks and lessons that need to be completed for you to move onto the next level.And always remember to Smile, it’s a great day to be alive!

Create a miracle today…and if you dont believe you can, you better double check the mirror.”~Nate Crane My Website


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