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Intimate Conversation with Jihad

Intimate Conversation with Bestselling Author Jihad

EDC: Jihad it is a pleasure having you with us. Tell us about your latest book.
Jihad: Preacherman Blues is my 5th novel. And as I’ve done with all my books, I put several positive messages in my stories. If Kanye West, Jada Kiss, Nas, Common, Krs-1, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, and other conscious hip-hop artists wrote books, I imagine they would be similar to what I write. My stories are Urban but very conscious. I write to help pull people out of a negative mindset.

EDC: Who are your two main characters and what do you like most about them?
Jihad: Percival Cleotis Turner and TJ Money. I like that they are pastors in church’s all around this country and to the links that they both will go to for what they want and believe.

Best friends…Mega preachers…One good….One evil….
As kids, Terrell “TJ” Money and Percival “PC” Turner had one goal – become big-time preachers. But once they accomplished that goal, heading up One World Faith; the largest church in the Southeast, the best friends disagree on just how they should be leading their flock. TJ is living up to his name and looking to capitalize on a congregation more than willing to shell out big bucks for a “man of God”.

Percival tries hard to walk the straight and narrow, but eventually the lure of the bling leads him astray. When PC tries to right his wrong ways, the battle lines will be drawn and best friends will see sides of each other they never knew existed.

Soon, TJ gets down and dirty – pulling up every trick and devastating secret to keep his holy money train rolling. Will Percival learn the hard way that TJ is a sinner who doesn’t want to be saved? And if he does, will it be in time enough to stop tragedy from turning his own life upside down? When the dust settles someone will definitely be singing the Preacherman Blues.

EDC: Finish this sentence: I am Powerful because…..
I am Powerful because of the God consciousness in me that humbles me to realize, embrace, and understand that I am first a student and servant, and I know that I don’t know.

EDC: Where are you from?
Jihad: I’m from Indianapolis, IN. I grew up in Atlanta and Decatur GA.

EDC: What makes your book stand out and would entice a reader pick it up?
The action, and the Oh-My-God–no she or he-didn’t scenes all through out the story, and the intrigue that each chapter leaves.

EDC: Ultimately, what do you want readers to gain from your book?
Insight and wisdom.

EDC: What is the one most surprising thing you have learned in creating books?
Jihad: How difficult it is to get people to give you a chance, and try my writing out.

EDC: What would you say has been your most significant achievement as a writer?
Jihad: Making a difference in the lives of so many people.

EDC: How did you do it?
Jihad: My stories…There is no amount of money that can give you the feeling that a heartfelt thank you can give you.

EDC: What advice would you give a new writer?
Jihad: Study your craft.. Research the industry… And if you are writing solely for the money quit immediately…Would I change anything about your journey? No, not a thing…. The mistakes I have made have made me who I am, and I like me, at least for today…

EDC: What can we expect from you in the future?
Jihad: More of the same…. As well as a young adult book (focusing on our boys and young men.)

Visit Jihad on online for more information. or

Thank you for taking time to share this wonderful interview with Ella Curry and EDC Creations.

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Meet Dr. Deborah Smith Pollard

Intimate Conversation with Dr. Deborah Smith Pollard

Dr. Deborah Smith Pollard, who enjoys a dual career as a university professor and gospel radio host, recently added the title “author” to her list of accomplishments.

Her book, When the Church Becomes Your Party: Contemporary Gospel Music, published in April of 2008 by Wayne State University Press, focuses on such topics as praise and worship music, the changing dress code in the Black Church, and Christian rap. Other work by her has been published in both academic and popular outlets, including Womanist Theory and Research, College Language Association Journal, College English Association Journal, The Arkansas Review, Gospel Today, and The Detroit Free Press.

Intimate Conversation with Ella Curry, EDC Creations and Dr. Deborah Smith Pollard discussing her journey in publishing and music world.

EDC: Finish this sentence: I am Powerful…
DSP: I am Powerful because of my own prayer life and because of the love, support and prayers of my family and friends.

EDC: Where are you from?
I was born in Ecorse, MI, but I have lived in Detroit proper most of my life.

EDC: Who are your two main characters and what do you like most about them?
Since my books is non-fiction, I don’t have characters per se, but I do have two individuals in my chapter on women gospel announcers (From Princess Premium Stuff and Miss Mandy to Holy Boldness: The Impact of Women Gospel Announcers) whom I admire because of their commitment to God and community, their verbal skills, and their ability to sell anything to anybody. Martha Jean “The Queen” Steinberg and Irene Johnson Ware ruled the airwaves in Detroit, MI, and Mobile, AL, respectively and subsequently became national radio icons. Steinberg had been inducted into three halls of fame by the time she passed away and Johnson Ware has received national citations from

EDC: What makes your book stand out and would make a reader pick it up?
DSP: My book covers a range of issues and new contemporary forms of gospel music: praise and worship in the urban church, gospel musical stage plays, the changing dress code in the Black Church and in gospel music, women gospel announcers, and Christian rap. Some of these elements are quite controversial, but I write that if you get past the new outer exterior of these forms, you will find that they rest on the same Biblical principles that have always been the foundation of Christianity.

I hope readers will also appreciate the 32 photographs that are in the book, including Kirk Franklin, the Clark Sisters, Pastor Marvin Winans, The Cross Movement, Vickie Winans and Donnie McClurkin. My hope is that readers will pick it up, read the chapters, and then think about the various sides of each issue I present in the book, especially the ones about which they have strong or conflicted feelings.

EDC: Ultimately, what do you want readers to gain from your book?
DSP: I hope readers will gain an appreciation for the range of opinions that surround contemporary gospel music, even something as completely church based as praise and worship music.

EDC: What is the one most surprising thing you have learned in creating books?
DSP: I’ve learned that writing the book is challenging; getting the word out about the books is even more challenging!

EDC: What can we expect from you in the future?
DSP: There are other aspects of contemporary gospel music I am currently researching, including liturgical dance, mime, gospel and the movies, and the racier side of urban contemporary music.

Deborah Smith Pollard, Ph.D
Author: When the Church Becomes Your Party
Educator: Wayne State University Press
For more information:
Email address:

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Intimate Conversation with NIA Literary Group

Hello Black Authors Network Family! I hope you are enjoying our slideshow above. One of the photos in the slideshow is where we were reading a book by Kimberla Laswon Roby and we all wore our First Lady Hats. The other photos are from our book discussion at Miss Annabelles Tea Parlor and they have hats, boas, shawls, etc for guests to wear, so we all dressed up. One photo is a book club meeting where we had the author of the book at our discussion Gladys Hankins (AKA GiGi Gossett) who wrote By Any Other Name – GiGi Gossett.

Intimate Conversation with Ella Curry, EDC Creations and the NIA Literary Group

EDC: Please tell us a little about you and where your bookclub is presently stationed. How many members are in your group?
GAA: My name us Gail Adams~Arnold and I am the founder of the NIA Literary Group here in Cincinnati, Ohio. There are 10 of us and we meet monthly to discuss and enjoy. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. I married after college and had two daughters, and now 3 wonderful grandchildren. I spent 35 years in the field of education and retired in 2005 as a school principal. I am presently single and I have a home based business with an online Travel Company and I love every minute of it!

EDC: Tell us a few books that you would define as “Literary Hallmarks.”
GAA: A few Literary Hallmarks that we have discussed and enjoyed are: The Fall of Rome by Martha Southgate, Fifth Born by Zelda Lockhart, Sula by Toni Morrison.

EDC: What do you define as Quality Literature.
GAA: I define Quality Literature as that which there is a plot tht is well developed, characters that are introduced and also well developed. A story that engages the reader and the ending leaves the reader wanting more, i.e, the sequel or another selection by the same author.

EDC: How did your group develop? What is the primary mission of the group?
GAA: In April of 2000, I organized our group by inviting a few close friends and family to my home on a Sunday afternoon. There are 10 members in our group. The primary mission, which is also evident by our groups name, NIA, is to make our collective vocation one of building our families and ultimately our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness.

EDC: Do you have outreach programs or events that we can support?
GAA: Yes, we do have an outreach program. Two years ago I visited Africa, Kenya to be exact. While there I meet members and families of the Massai Warrior Tribe. The tribe was in need of school supplies for their children ages 3-5. After my return to the United States, I brouhgt this need to the attention of my Book Club and on a yearly basis, in November, we send a care package of pencils, rullers, pencil sharpeners, crayons, chalk, small chalk boards, coloring books, activity books, math and reading booklets, in an effort to help in the development of their community. Any assitance we can get for this endeavor would be greatly appreciated!

EDC: What does a typical meeting consist of for the members?
GAA: A typical meeting consist of us meeting on the 2nd Sunday of each month at a members house between the hours of 5pm -7:00pm We determine which member will host by going alphabetically by last name. The host either prepares a meal, and some of the meals are serious Sunday dinners! or decides on a restaurant, like Panera Bread. If a restaurant is decided upon, the host takes care of the tab for the group when possible. We eat our meal the first hour and then the discussion of the book selection takes place the last 2 hours of the evening. Because many of us have a background as an educator, some members choose creative ways to discuss the book.

For example, dicussions are made into Bingo games, some are board games for teams of us and the end result is a small gift for the member of the winning team. If we’ve read a book and the play for the book is out, members attend the play and at a later date we discuss the book vs the play. We spend a great deal of time in our discussion talking about each character and their interaction with the other characters, the plot and it’s development and then the ending of the book and whether we would select the author again or refer the author to other book clubs. We are considering on one Sunday combining our club with another bookclub for an even deeper discussion.

EDC: Do you have an open membership? How can one join your network?
GAA: Our membership is only open if a member leaves the group. We’ve found that 10 in a group is comfortable for us and for reservations elsewhere so we limit the group at this time to 10, but it’s always open for change. To bring in a new member, generally I have an open book club meeting when it’s my turn and each member is given a written invitation to give to 1 friend of family member of their choice. The guest come to my bookclub, prepared to discuss the book with us. At our next book club meeting, we set aside time to evaluate each guests and their level of enthusiam, participation and commraderie with the existing members, then we take a vote and the chosen person is invited to join our group as a regular.

EDC: What advice would you give a new organization forming a network?
My advice would be to develop policies and procedures for the group and then to revisit them periodically so all members are aware of the groups expections. In life many things happen as we all know, but some things can get out of control and need to be addressed such as repeated absences, bringing people that the group was unaware of, not RSVPing well enough in advance if they are unable to attend. Just some things to think about.

Thank you Gail for joining EDC Creations and the Black Authors Network in supporting quality literature and the authors that create it for us!

Ella Curry, president of EDC Creations


African Americans and Prop 8 by Pastor Bobby Scott

African Americans and Prop 8 by Pastor Bobby Scott

Grace and peace,

Robert “Bobby” Scott
Pastor-Teacher of Los Angeles Community Bible Church


Imani and Scribbles Greet Nathan McCall

Click to view the slideshow of the event with Nathan McCall

Author Nathan McCall has written a poignant novel about an historic Atlanta neighborhood invaded by Them. Readers see the subtle and not-so-suble changes this vibrant community is forced to endure when Them begin to move into it. Imani, Scribbles and guests were invited to discuss with Nathan McCall, his first foray into fiction in the context of how gentrification is creating problems for disenfranchised people throughout the United States. When McCall was asked what happens to These . . . He replied, “They disappear.

Somebody Prayed for Me

Xpress Yourself Publishing presents a collection of heartwarming stories and poetry that are sure to touch your hearts, uplift your spirits and ignite your soul.

Allyson M. Deese opens this spiritual experience with the title piece, “Somebody Prayed For Me,” a heartfelt poem that reminds us of the importance of prayer. There are so many things we could have been in life but somebody prayed for you and for me. And now we must pray for others because prayer does change things.

In “Silent Cries,” Linda R. Herman shares the tale of a teen-aged mother who suffers abuse and rape at the hands of the person she loves. Rape is devastating at any age, but imagine a seventeen year-old girl struggling to get past the pain. With prayer, it is possible.

Tinisha N. Johnson’s “Facing Reality” opens our eyes to how much our children are influenced by our actions. A mother tries to drown her sorrows in alcohol but doesn’t realize the affect her behavior has upon her twelve-year-old daughter until she makes a shocking discovery.

Every piece was written from the author’s heart, in hopes of inspiring and reminding everyone of the importance of prayer.

Xpress Yourself Publishing
P.O. Box 1615
Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20773
Phone: 301-390-3645 Fax: 202-478-3447
Visit us online at

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Imagine Living Healthier

Destined to Change Your Life

The Time is Now…
The Choice is Yours…

In Bridgette’s debut novel, Imagine Living Healthier, you’ll meet Sarah, Suzanne and Todd.

Sarah, a successful marketing executive, wants to lose weight, but hates exercise and prefers happy hour with her girls to the Stairmaster any day.

Suzanne, a newlywed with a secret past, lives for 26-mile marathons, but the onset of a mysterious illness points to a deep affliction that may not necessarily be physical in nature.

Todd, for all his years of striving and hard work, suddenly finds himself abandoned by his wife one day, left to care for three distraught children while trying to launch a lucrative new enterprise.

The assembly of a broad cast of diverse and compelling characters reveals the uphill battle that many people face today with regards to living healthier in the midst of change, insecurity, fear, deception, and betrayal. This book will provide you with a different perceptive toward living healthier that provoke change.

Imagine Living Healthier Available on today or through your nearest bookstore… Order your copy today!ISBN: 978-0-9790932-1-0
For more information, visit

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