2009 Plans for Ella Curry and EDC Creations

09 Nov

Hello Literary Family,
Wow, this year is almost over! I can hardly believe we have come this far in 2008. EDC Creations has been blessed with record growth throughout 2008. As we move into New Year, I want to give you a break down of the projects we have in place. The publishing industry is growing leaps and bounds, due to advanced technology used to market and promote books. EDC Creations takes pride in being an industry leader in online marketing, branding, and promotions. To further lead the marketplace, we have great news to share with you. Please read on to celebrate with us as we prepare for 2009.

Many of you already know EDC Creations is under going revisions. The old website is being rebuilt and a lot of the older sites are being deleted. Please bear with us as we create the foundation for our literary explosion coming in 2009. If you have links on your site to EDC Creations that are not functioning, please do us a favor and replace them with our home page link: Readers and authors will be able to visit our entire network from the main site. If you do not have EDC Creations listed on your site or blog roll, please add us. We appreciate the support from each of you. We could not be where we are today with out your continued support and empowerment!

EDC Creations will officially become EDC Creations Media Group, LLC in 2009. We will provide authors, poets and community leader’s global exposure, via three mediums; cable, internet television, radio coverage with BAN Talk Show; AM-Radio; In addition to the newly created EDC Creations eMagazine. You may view the foundation site for the magazine by clicking here. This is a work in progress. We will publish the subscription based magazine in February 2009 in time for Black History Month. The website will offer book previews, event videos, and author resources, in conjunction with the SLR Magazine. Please check often to stay abreast of the latest news and events. If you are a new author or have a newly released book, now is the time to contact us.

EDC Creations’ main site will be the control center for all operations. This is where you will contact Ella Curry and her team to help you with your book promotions. We will showcase our active clients and ebook publishing house from the main EDC Creation site. In 2009, the EDC Creations team will include graphic designers, book cover artists, virtual assistant, an in-house literary event planner, a video production team, a professional photographer, publicists, and other marketing consultants. The new staff for EDC Creations has been hand picked and will astound the literary world. The official announcements will go out December 31, 2009.

The Sankofa Literary Review site will be home to the magazine, and the Sankofa Literary Society Book club. We are actively seeking 10 book reviewers and professional bloggers to become part of our team, preferably authors, freelance writers or avid readers are what we seek as book reviewers. Contact Ella Curry today if you are interested in becoming a professional reviewer and blogger for EDC Creations. Only the serious need apply.

The EDC Creations Literary Guild will host our literary speaker’s profiles, upcoming event listings, classified ads for literary providers, printed event catalog and membership association. We will offer full scale virtual media tours through the EDC Creations Literary Guild. As part of our Give the Gift of Knowledge program, the literary guild will promote non-profits organizations on the site.

Coming soon… eBook publishing from EDC Creations! We will begin to publish ebooks in the spring of 2009; selling them from our main EDC Creations site. We are now gaining increased interest in the EDC Creations Bookstore; we will offer bestsellers lists of the titles that move through our store and off our sites. We will also reach out to other online book retailers to send us their bestseller lists. Each month we will showcase the authors who are moving books online! If you are interested in getting your work published as an eBook in spring 2009—start writing and editing your work today! We will start the submission process in early 2009. Email Ella Curry for the submission guidelines.

The Black Authors Network (BAN) will continue to be home to our radio/talk show and all multi-media produced by EDC Creations. The Black Authors Network will carry the streams from the AM-radio show and broadcast our Internet TV shows. All of the EDC TV segments will be filmed live in Washington, DC, Prince George’s County, MD and literary events around the country.

As you can see, we have a lot on the table for 2009! Just look at how remarkably we were able to carve out our place in the literary community in 2008—this gives you a glimpse at what we will do in 2009. Our email database increased to 133,000 subscribers because of our network affiliations and consistent service to our readers. In the future, we hope to speak with at least 30% of that list on the air, in person at events or through email feedback. Join us today to be part of a revolution in publishing. We are giving the independently published authors as much of the spotlight as the traditionally published houses!

The EDC Creations Media Group, LLC is looking forward to networking with each and every one of you—reach out to us to promote your books or business. Community Leaders, we care about your projects, let us help generate the buzz you need for your events to take off. Book Clubs, would you like to meet or speak to a particular author, let Ella Curry and EDC Creations bring them to you. Just ask us! Event Planners, do you need speakers for your next workshop or conference? Contact Ella today, to help you find the right speaker to astound your audience. Email questions and comments to Ella:

Check out the magazine and show some love by leaving comments here afterwards.
Wishing you much success,

Ella Curry, president of the EDC Creations Media Group, LLC

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