Showcasing Debate Site

12 Nov

Meet our Spotlight Site Owners of the month:

A letter from one of the organizers to BAN Members and Readers: is a debate site where experts go head-to-head on many topics. I think you might be interested in our debate “Do We Still Need Affirmative Action?” which can be found at:

The experts in our Race section include such names as the American Association for Affirmative Action and the Center for Equal Opportunity.

I believe that you and your visitors will appreciate this debate and might want to weigh in with votes or comments. If you like our site, we would appreciate it if you would write a blog entry about us or give us a link to the debate at :

In the next couple of weeks we will be adding a blogosphere section to each debate in which we will directly feature outside blogs like yours.

Thanks for taking a minute to have a look at what we are doing. Let me know if you have any questions or recommendations for experts or debates.



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