Treat Yourself to RTIQLation

12 Nov

Treat Yourself to RTIQLation
Spoken Essence of Music
Spoken Word CD by Poet/Author Marc Lacy

Executive Producers: Marc Lacy, Canita Rogers (AVO Publishing, Quiet Girl Music Production) Lead and Background Vocals: Carla McAlpine-Franklin, Gloria Betts-Caldwell, Canita Rogers, and Marc Lacy

That’s right! Huntsville, Alabama’s own Poet/Author Marc Lacy (author of The Looking Heart and Rock & Fire) launches the follow-up spoken word smasher to the critically acclaimed “REFLux” – Poetic Spirit and Spoken Soul.

“RTIQLation”…pronounced (articulation) is guaranteed to massage your mental and present the change in mood, mindset, and perspective on life…as you desire.

Lacy has teamed up with Producer Canita Rogers (Quiet Girl Music Production ( and Hip Hop Artist “Bonecrusher’s” Bass Player) along with vocalists: Gloria Betts – Caldwell and Carla McAlpine – Franklin (all of Huntsville, AL) in the creation of a musical/poetical masterpiece.

RTIQLation, subtitled “Spoken Essence of Music”…is just that. Lacy, being a disc-jockey and a music lover has combined a plethora of beats, melodies, basslines, sounds, chorus’, and lyrics to birth what is called The RTIQLation…Expression…Creation…Nation!

This musically entrenched and lyrical chronicle teaches you how to laugh, cry, rejoice, feel, and be thankful all while making your head bob to delightful/fun music orchestrated by Canita herself.

The ultimate point of captivation is realized when Gloria and Carla release enticing, eardrum numbing, mood swinging harmonies so sweet, that all listening ears will develop cavities.

CD online orders are available at,,, .

To hear samples and digitally download tracks, be sure to check out the CD Baby link.

Don’t get left behind. Allow RTIQLation – Spoken Essence of Music to change your mind and perhaps your life for the better!


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