Destined to Change Your Life

24 Nov
Destined to Change Your Life
The Time is Now…
The Choice is Yours…

In the newest self-help novel by acclaimed author and fitness coach Bridgette L. Collins, you’ll see how Laura and Leslie, sisters reunited after 30 years, deal with a surplus of health issues while struggling to break free from a life built on blame, deception, insecurities, and bitterness.

Next, follow Brenda, a devoted wife and mother, as she faces financial problems, a verbally abusive husband, and a potentially serious medical condition. Finally, meet Maurine, a recent retiree who confronts her misplaced priorities and unhealthy habits after her husband has a heart attack and a close friend dies from breast cancer.

You will recognize something of yourself and people you know in these characters, and by the time you reach the final page, the characters will be so real that they can serve as catalysts for personal change.

Along the way, you’ll learn to take control of your thoughts, emotions, actions and situations to live healthier: mind, body and soul. Destined to Live HealthierAvailable on today or through your nearest bookstore… Order your copy today! ISBN: 978-0-9790932-2-7

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