Imagine Living Healthier

24 Nov

Destined to Change Your Life

The Time is Now…
The Choice is Yours…

In Bridgette’s debut novel, Imagine Living Healthier, you’ll meet Sarah, Suzanne and Todd.

Sarah, a successful marketing executive, wants to lose weight, but hates exercise and prefers happy hour with her girls to the Stairmaster any day.

Suzanne, a newlywed with a secret past, lives for 26-mile marathons, but the onset of a mysterious illness points to a deep affliction that may not necessarily be physical in nature.

Todd, for all his years of striving and hard work, suddenly finds himself abandoned by his wife one day, left to care for three distraught children while trying to launch a lucrative new enterprise.

The assembly of a broad cast of diverse and compelling characters reveals the uphill battle that many people face today with regards to living healthier in the midst of change, insecurity, fear, deception, and betrayal. This book will provide you with a different perceptive toward living healthier that provoke change.

Imagine Living Healthier Available on today or through your nearest bookstore… Order your copy today!ISBN: 978-0-9790932-1-0
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