Black Pearl: Melody Parker

31 Dec
EDC Creations’ What Matters the Most Series
Meet book lover Melody Parker

The EDC Creations series, “What Matters Most” gives our fans and magazine readers a chance to be seen too! We want our readers to know we appreciate them and care about “What Matters Most” in their lives. You too can share with us. Visit the Black Pearls Magazine and look for the tab that says, “2009 What Matters Most.” For now, let’s meet today’s spotlight reader…

Ella: Welcome Melody, tell us about you. What are your passions, where are you from, and what matters the most in your life.
MP: Hello my name is Melody Parker. It is a pleasure to meet you all today. I am a 38 yr. old women born and raised in Baltimore MD. with one daughter who was born on Christmas day in 1988. I have two sisters, I am the middle child. I met a guy name Derrick when I was 20 yrs. old who is my soul mate and my first love. I am what you would call a neat and clean freak. I love to cook , bake , clean, and shop in thrift stores . To me shopping, catching sales, along with reading a good book is like therapy. Most importantly I love to read. Reading is my passion. What matters the most to me is my family. I love my family. I know that I have the Lord Jesus Christ and I also know that I have my family no matter what.

Ella: What books have had the greatest impact on your life?
MP: Some of the books that have made an impact on my life would be The Coldest Winter Ever, Junkie, Whore, and Black and Ugly.

Ella: That is an interesting selection of books. What are you reading now and why did you select this book?
MP: Right now I am reading a book called ” The Clique. “A girl on my job gave me the book to read, because I ran out of books to read and needed to get to the book store. The book gets an ‘A’ from me.

Ella: What is your greatest childhood memory? Who helped shape this memory?
MP: My greatest child hood memory is going to my grandmother house on Christmas day. Every Christmas the whole family would go to my grandmother’s house to eat a big meal, exchange gifts and listen to our parents, aunts, and uncle sing Christmas songs. My mother has a beautiful voice. My grandmother helped shape this memory because it was her love and passion for Christmas that rubbed off on to me, until this day every Christmas is celebrated at my house.

Ella: If you could eliminate 2 social ills or threats in society what would they be?
MP: If I could eliminate 2 social ills they would be child abuse and gangs.

Ella: What accomplishments do you wish to achieve in 2009?
MP: I plan to travel more, buy a house, get married in June 2009, upgrade my book club ” Essential Women”, and start my own child care business working from home.

Readers, What Matters the Most in your life? Share with us below. Melody, thank you for sharing with us today. May all your dreams come true! EDC Creations wishes you the best today and for the rest of your life. Peace and many blessings.

Brought to you by:
Ella Curry, President/CEO EDC Creations
Black Author Network Radio-Founder
Sankofa Literary Society-Founder
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