31 Dec
by David W. Johnson, Jr.

Readers, please take a moment and read this wonderful piece by David. After reading please leave your comments below. Do you agree or disagree?

Look at you, running around, pants hanging of your behinds
Every other word out of your mouth is words of disrespect
Brothers are there just brains in your heads or empty minds
Your since of what makes a Man has taken a human wreck

Nothing is manly about having two or three women pregnant
Manly is a good education, good jobs or your own businesses
Smarten up and work with Sisters instead of being subservient
Come to things that matters, our Sisters have the aggressiveness

Sisters barely more than children themselves trying to be mothers
Plus side, were it not for them, children would be deserted at birth
Brothers will not give them money to buy children cheeseburgers
Come on my Brothers, be Men, show Sisters you have some worth

Instead of becoming a Tiger Woods or Oscar Joyner, you prefer T.I.
Tell me Brothers, what is it about crime and death you find appealing
For your future and our children’s future, you better give reality a try
Right now in a hearse you are riding or prison yards you are walking

Instead of targets for target practice, local police are now using you
Just another way to leave our Sisters behind raising babies we made
Brothers, give up stupid ways of life and find positive-ness to pursue
Everything our ancestors fought and died for we have nearly betrayed

Brothers, come on, we can turn things around, if we all would unite
Nothing positive we can gain by just killing others and one another
In our children, a desire for an education and success let us insight
Someone with a brain not a gun in their hand I want to call, Brother

Sisters much prefer Real Men driving Fords than thugs driving Benz’s
Would rather go with their men to college than set with them in court
Sisters do not need baby makers but Brothers that are Real Friends
If We Are To Survive “Brothers, Our Sisters Need Love and Support”

Brothers, Women Are In Need Of REAL MEN

Just Sharing. If You Agree, Pass It On
written by David W. Johnson, Jr.
Copyright 2008. All Rights Reserved.


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