Audio Commercials and Podcast Promotions

18 Jan

Subject: Audio Commercials and Podcast Promotion

EDC Creations wants to create commercials and audio promotions for your book. I will use the podcasts to send out to my people. Just sending a eblast is not what makes my click-through rate so high. When you follow the link and instructions below, you can create one type of recording or you can create all three. I use them on my radio show as fillers. They will also become part of my new all author’s site. Do not state a DATE or EVENT during the recordings. It will date the recording and I won’t be able to use it as long.

Read all the instructions below, then I need for you to create a BAN radio plug, I will play this at least 3-4 times per month. Sound jubilant, excited and just full of joy to convey the info. Here is the script for a 1 minute commercial:

(Ask 2-3 intimate questions in regards to your new book, that sparks interest)

My name is _____and I’m the author of ______. You can find these answers inside my book, ______. Meet (name your two main characters) as they ________ (fill in the blank with something fun that they are doing). For the most ____(add an adjective) conversation on the planet, tune into the Black Authors Network Radio Show!


The recordings will be commercials too! Follow the instructions to the letter! I will delete all multiple recordings for the same book. If you mess up do not just hang up! Read all the instructions before you begin. Practice what you will say before you start recording. Have fun! Full instruction listed at the link below.

Practice or plan what you want to say. Record your podcasts now:
Call in to record: (214) 615-6505 ext. 9530 No charge to call (long distance may apply)

Please follow these 5 instructions closely:
1. Only record 3-7 minute of audio–do not go over; do not try to add music
2. Do not just hang up when finished; hit the (3-key) to SAVE
3. Leave your book or poem title at the start and end, also your name and website address
4. Email Ella all your information at: after recording ends
5. Put this in the subject line of all emails: BAN Audio Book club Promo

Telephone Prompts:
Hit the (# key) to STOP the recording and re-record
If you mess up-immediately hit the (# key) to stop recording
Press the 1-key to listen to your recording
Press the 2-key to re-record your recording
Press the 3-key to SAVE the recording

Do not slam the phone down in the cradle when you finish recording. It will be heard. Take your finger and press the button, on the phone, to disconnect the finished call.

Kinds of Recordings You Can Create (Select 1 type of promotion)

1. Recording one- a 2 minute recording stating who you are, name of your book, how to
purchase your book, book details, and what the book is about. This will be a commercial.

2. Recording two- a 5 minute recording stating who you are, name of your book, how to
purchase your book, book details, and what the book is about. Ask several questions at the
end of this recording to make the audience want to read your book.

3. Recording three- a 7 minute recording reading from your book. Read the most exciting
part! Read it very lively. Ask several questions at the end of this recording to make the
audience want to read your book. Tell the readers your website address and how to
purchase the book.

Send Ella the following information about your book:
1. A photo of the author; try to send high quality images
2. One paragraph bio, ISBN #, booksellers, and synopsis of your book
3. Five talking points. The message your book is to relay to the reader
4. Five questions to ask readers, that will tie in to your book
5. Your website address, book cover image, and any book trailer html codes

Mail autographed review copies with a business card inside to:
Ella Curry, EDC Creations
PO Box 7794
Langley Park, MD 20787

Warmest regards,

Ella Curry, President/CEO EDC Creations
Black Author Network Radio-Founder
Sankofa Literary Society-Founder
Explore EDC Creations Literary Magazine


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