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Give the Gift of Knowledge Spring 2009 Literary Tour

Give the Gift of Knowledge Spring 2009 Literary Tour

Main book tour site:
Ella Curry, Event Organizer:

View full details about the author on tour and the events taking place Feb. 14-April 1, 2009. By visiting this link often:

Online Presskits for Tour Hosts; Chat room available for group discussions.
Be sure to check out all the pages for interviews, articles and promotional material.

If you would like for the authors to stop by your blog, website or Internet social network, please email Ella Curry at: with your requests.

Authors on Tour:

Patricia A. Bridewell-Electronic Press-kit for the Virtual Book Tour
Book: Reflections of a Quiet Storm
Buy the Book:

Lynne Forde-Electronic Press-kit for the Virtual Book Tour
Book: Lies of Blue
Saffyre Entertainment Inc.
Website: or
Lies of Blue on Sale March 1, 2009

John R. Williams- The Author Electronic Press-kit for the Virtual Book Tour
Book: The Reunion
Buy the Book:

Michael Taylor Electronic Press-kit for the Virtual Book Tour
Book: A New Conversation with Men
Buy the Book:

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Patricia Bridewell, Reflections of a Quiet Storm

Patricia A. Bridewell author of Reflections of a Quiet Storm

ISBN 10-0977939863
ISBN 13-9780977939862

Patricia A. Bridewell is a native of Los Angeles, California. Reading has always had a certain magnetism in her life since childhood. Journaling life experiences as therapy led to her passion for writing. Her notes transcended into the novel, Reflections of a Quiet Storm, to be released by Xpress Yourself Publishing, LLC on March 10, 2009.

Patricia has multi-faceted careers as a registered nurse, adjunct college professor, and CEO of her own company, Bri-John Nursing Services, Inc. She is currently working on her second novel and is a guest writer for two new online magazines-Step Up Sista and

Introduction to Reflections of a Quiet Storm, released March 10, 2009
As CEO and owner of a new nursing registry, Pauline Bridges is striving to reach the height of success, and then unexpectedly tragedy strikes. After a near fatal automobile accident, she climbs from the wreckage unscathed, but shortly thereafter, God begins to reveal her past. Pain, once buried deep within, rises to the surface through memories that are revived as dreams and flashbacks. Chronicled in a series of stories, her life unfolds through a long journey; a pathway that unveils many secrets that not even her children had been told.

Visions of the past invade her days and nights as constant reminders of events from childhood through her adult life replay in her mind. Memories of her mother’s abuse at the hands of her stepfather, a rape during adolescence, her brother’s stormy lifestyle, and the agony of a marriage that was destroyed by her ex-husband, Naman’s infidelity and substance abuse, all drift through her mind. And then there is the shattering memory of the unsolved murder of her former boss, a vice president for a major recording company. All memories that Pauline had chose to forget, but now they’re back.

Pauline’s faith is challenged with not only ravaging dreams and flashbacks, but also with supporting her two adult children through their hardships. The ditch grows much deeper when she learns her friend, Vangie, is having an affair with her best friend, Bethany’s husband, Darryl. Pauline temporarily escapes from revolving chaos by wallowing in her corporate world, with the aim of building a high caliber business, and helping friends and family get through their crises.

Her prayers are answered when Keith Maris steps into her life and opens her heart to feelings and emotions that she didn’t know still existed. As their relationship flourishes, he becomes a main support system through the turmoil, and her dreams and flashbacks begin to diminish. When her friend, Bethany, has a mental breakdown after learning of Darryl’s affair; she sets out with the intent to confront them. While brandishing a gun, it accidentally fires, striking Darryl’s shoulder. Pauline intervenes to prevent what could have become a tragedy. Bethany and Darryl stay married after he ends his relationship with Vangie, Pauline supports her son through his father’s terminal illness and subsequent death, and also finally discovers the reasons for her daughter’s turbulent past relationship with her father.

“A novel that is based on a true life story.”Visit for book chapter reading and preorder information.

Buy the Book:

Patricia A. Bridewell, Author Reflections of a Quiet Storm
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Meet new author Lynne Forde

Meet author Lynne Forde

What is the true price for fulfilling your dreams? Is it going against your own standard beliefs, becoming something you’re not? Or putting yourself in a position to be “eaten alive” by your enemy or better yet your supposed to be friends and people you thought were on your side. Lynne Forde examines that question in her new novel, Lies of Blue.

Set in New York’s grit and grime, this epic full-length novel tells the story of an aspiring music executive who gets caught up in the world of men, money and drugs. In her attempt to escape the poisonous world of entertainment, Lynne launches a new “career” as a correctional officer in a men’s prison. The trials and tribulations that follow send her spiraling into an even more disastrous world from which she came, eventually putting the young woman up against games that can kill. Join Lynne on her journey as she comes full circle with her mistakes and choices in efforts to finally realize her dream.

As Lynne Forde’s first full-length novel, which is accompanied by a straight to DVD movie version of the work, this multimedia project looks to set a milestone in urban fiction by introducing a new element for the reader. As a phenomenal writer with the ability to fully capture her own experiences in words, Lynne is also writer for the people. Women and those who go against all odds to progress, in particular will be able to explore real life situations in lyric and sound as they journey with Lynne Ford into the Lies of Blue.

The premier author of Saffyre Entertainment, Lynne Ford is making quite a statement. Personifying strength, success, and ambition, the CUNY graduate and New York resident has effectively introduced a new hit to the urban literary market. “Lies of Blue,” which addresses the question, “What is the true price of fulfilling your dreams,” deals with the decisions and consequences of a young woman driven to make something of herself and life. Drawn from personal experiences and occurrences, “Lies of Blue” is a true depiction of the real world and its realms of “good vs. evil”.

An ambitious woman and trailblazer with several other written screenplays, including “Living the Dream” and “Best Kept Secret”, Forde lives with no regrets of the sacrifices she has made to become the woman she is today. Hoping to aid other individuals who are put in between the hard decisions of life, “Lies of Blue” is a compelling novel that will make a difference in many lives. A firm believer in the word ‘sacrifice,’ Forde knows she has more to make, but if she can help others through those sacrifices she has already made, than it all will have been well worth the struggle.

Coming from origins that span into music, production and management, Forde has had the privilege of working with 45 King, the NBA, and some of New York City’s hottest underground artists. Joining forces with Saffyre Entertainment in 1998 has successfully propelled both of the entities to the forefront of the entertainment industry. In addition to staking her place in the world of entertainment Forde is also currently working on a number of community based projects that include the H.O.P.E. Foundation, which will enable men of color to make an easier transition back into the community. This is first of many ways Forde intends to reach out and uplift the community.

With the Ability to combine her street knowledge with business savvy, which allows her to speak to both “the hood” and the boardroom with ease, her life experiences have just begun to show the industry how bright her light can shine. The sky is truly the limit for Forde as she has created a critically acclaimed trailer for her book “Lies of Blue” totally changing the face of urban literature.

Besides steadily gaining fan momentum, Forde has also impressed a number of industry heavyweights including, Warrington Hudlin of BET who is quoted as saying, “The room was electrified and swept away by your story.” Susan Taylor of Essence Magazine quoted the story as “Compelling”, while Oprah’s Oxygen Channel has considered making the story a TV Series. To date Lynne has been successful in promoting “Lies of Blue” on a number of circuits that include the American Black Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival Cinemas, Radio, Mass and Urban Publications, Black owned bookstores and HBCU’s across the country.

Lynne Forde, author
Saffyre Entertainment Inc.

Website: or

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The Reunion by author John R. Williams

The Reunion by author John R. Williams

ISBN 13: 978-0-9818094- 4-1
ISBN 10: 0-9818094-4- 8

Purchase your copy today:

John R. Williams was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, Illinois and is the eldest of three sons. As a product of a
single parent home, John discovered a deep appreciation for the arts at an early age through music, poetry and writing. As a child he was exposed to bittersweet life growing up in the inner city. In 2003, John began writing informally. He wrote in a journal daily trying to perfect his writing style. His goal was to master both comedic and dramatic writing. John received no formal training in literature other than reading urban classics and masses of poetry that he usually found at book fairs and in local libraries.
He studied the works of urban novelists and allowed his ability to be influenced heavily by these cutting edge authors. Over time John developed his own unique style. John used his shortcomings as a child and experiences as a young adult to shape his edgy writing style. The stimulus for his literary aggression is oftentimes revealed in his works. If asked, John would tell you that the goal of his writing is to entertain, educate and assist with the human spirit’s progression. While pursuing a writing career he also maintained a prominent position at a large Telecommunications company. His hard work brought him success as a Sales Executive. John soon learned how to sell ideas. Over time his profession afforded him the means to truly make a go at professional writing.

Message from Author John R. Williams
This is John R Williams-THE AUTHOR and my new novel entitled THE REUNION is finally complete. I am so excited about this book. It brings me great joy to have my publishing company XPRESS YOURSELF PUBLISHING. Although I have written
books in the past, THE REUNION is the 1st one to be released under a major publishing house. XPRESS YOURSELF PUBLISHING is the winner of the 2008 African American Literary award for Independent Publishing House of the Year!

The reunion is focuses on Sean Jiles. He was a popular guy at Kensor High School on Chicago’s Southside. His gifted writing ability, common sense and loyalty gained him lifelong friendships, and a suitable following during his years there. After graduation,Sean moved to Dallas, Texas to attend college and pursue his dream of writing manuscripts and directing stage plays.

While in college, Sean meets Eva Jones, a sassy graduate student working as a junior attorney at a major law firm. They hit it off immediately and start dating. Things start out fine but after a few months, Sean realizes that Eva is a hot mess! She’s insecure, controlling, possessive and insanely jealous. In comparison, she is a far cry from the one true love he had back in high school, almost a decade ago. Jade Brown was his one true love. Not a day passes when Sean does not recollect the past when life was much simpler.

Now Sean is a college graduate and has received a $100,000 advance to produce his first major stage play. Between his career and his problems with Eva, things in his life are absolutely crazy! At the height of his dilemma, Sean receives an invitation in the mail to attend his 10-Year High School Class Reunion. This is great news! Although things are hectic, Sean will attend. The Reunion is sure to be the highlight of his summer. As exciting as it seems, Sean understands that the reunion will rehash tons of mixed emotions and force him to confront his failed love. Sean’s leaving town will also send Eva on one of the most frenzied fits of jealousy ever captured on paper! This book will not disappoint!

Books can be ordered by visiting or via my personal
website which is . At you can find book and event info, photos, audio, and news about my endeavors. This website is the best way to keep up with THE Author! I sincerely appreciate all of the support from my readers.

Thank you dearly for believing in me!

Please support my literary efforts by purchasing books and meeting me in person at signings. Also, please shoot me a line from time to time. I actually do take the time to respond. Thank you again and until the next time we speak…take care

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A New Conversation with Men Movement

Michael Taylor author of A New Conversation with Men

ISBN-10: 1605635804
ISBN-13: 978-1605635804

Michael Taylor is a self educated entrepreneur, author, personal coach and radio show host. He is President & CEO of Creation Publishing Group, a company that publishes and promotes books and seminars that empower men to reach their full potential. He has been facilitating workshops and seminars for over fifteen years and he has inspired thousands through his books, seminars and radio program. He is a proud father of three grown children, is happily married and resides in Houston, Texas.

“Men hate each other because they fear each other, and they fear each because they don’t know each other; they don’t know each other because they are often separated from each other.” —Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Is it possible to: Teach men to become great fathers? Encourage men to become better husbands? Teach men to live with passion and purpose? Get men involved in improving their communities?

Join entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and radio-show host Michael Taylor as he shares how creating a new paradigm of masculinity can help heal America. This book is written to inspire men of all ethnicities, ages, socio-economic levels, and religions to come together to redefine manhood and to eradicate the multiplicity of challenges facing America today. Its intention is to remove the separation among men and remove the hatred, fear, and distrust that too many men feel about each other. It is a powerful, inspirational document written to educate, motivate, and inspire all men to reach their full potential. Join the conversation, and become a part of the revolution!

ePostcard Promotional Page

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Author Spotlight: Claudia Brown Mosley

Intimate Conversation with author Claudia Brown Mosley and Ella Curry of EDC Creations

Ella: Tell us about your passion for writing.
I never had a passion for writing my passion was reading and reading. But one day I sat at the computer and the stories just spilled out unto the pages.

Ella: Finish this sentence: I am Powerful because…
I am Powerful because… God has the power and my power comes from Him.

Ella: Where are you from? How did you start your writing journey?
I’m original from Los Angeles and I currently resides here with my family. My writing journey started out for me as a outlet. At the time I was taking care of my ill mother, God rest her soul. I was totally stressed out and I just sat down at the computer and started to write a story and when I finish that story I wrote another one and I haven’t stop since.

Please view the book video trailer for an insider view of Hiding in the Shadows.

Ella: Introduce us to Hiding In The Shadows.
Tracy is an entrepreneur in the computer industry who didn’t know her new love interest had a deceptive past which would force her to answer that question. When Edmund, a charismatic and prominent attorney swept her off her feet, Tracy was ecstatic about the relationship and a chance to ride love’s train, but she didn’t realize that sometimes, all that glitters is not gold.

Soon scandal and skeletons come creeping out of Edmund’s closet. As he frantically tries to stay one step ahead of the dirty little secrets that haunt his past, Tracey finds herself pondering the reality of whether she really knows the man she loves. She is forced to decide whether Edmund’s past will tear them apart or bring them closer together. As the relationship struggles to blossom against the odds, Tracy prays that love will be enough to conquer all, including what’s Hiding in the Shadows.

In a tantalizing and perplexing mystery, Claudia Brown Mosley lures readers along a path of unraveling the enigma of truth. Hiding in the Shadows is an intriguing and thrilling suspense of obsessive pursuit, destructive lies and the reality that’s buried in between.

Ella: Who are your two main characters and what do you like most about them?
Tracy and Edmund is my two main characters that is from two different worlds. What I like about Tracy is her own women with her own business. She came from nothing but made her way up the ladder. She is classy and have great taste in men’s but when it comes to judgment, that goes out the window. Edmund is a powerful attorney that has no limitation to get what he wants and will go to the limit to protect what’s his. I like his scandalous ways that will bring the readers to their knees.

Ella: What makes your book, Hiding in the Shadows, stand out and would entice a reader pick it up?
The cover along will make a person pick it up and just the synopsis on the back will make a person look inside to check out the drama. Love’s journey is sometimes traveled with baggage. Is devotion enough to carry the load when it gets heavy or even deadly?

Ella: Ultimately, what do you want readers to gain from your book?
I would like the readers to gain enjoyment, romance and laughter. I want the readers to be able to walk away and be able have a discussion on all of that. Also look forward to the next installment of anything that my heart spill out.

Ella: What is the most surprising thing you have learned in creating books?

The most surprising thing that happen to me as I create my stories the characters actual become so real it become scary. They take on their own lives and help create a great story.

Ella: Name 3 things that it takes to make a successful author, in your opinion?
Dedication, promoting your book to the fullness and have a sense of humor.

Ella: Share with us your latest news, events or upcoming book releases.
Hiding In the Shadows is available anywhere books are sold. It’s very first review, by The African-American Literature Review

“Playful by design, Hiding in the Shadows is an upbeat thriller, set in beautiful, sunny Los Angeles that manages to keep things light as the pages turn. In charge of her life and future, a successful entrepreneur named Tracey has her life in order until things begin to strangely begin to unravel due to the company she unknowingly keeps. Full of heartbreak, massive egos and lies as well as deception, this novel is one to read if your looking for an entertaining, easy read.”

Claudia Brown-Mosley CEO, Publisher, Author and Radio Host

Buy Hiding in the Shadows

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Book: Raising Him Alone

Raising Him Alone Book
– Things Black Women Can Do to Raise Boys to be Men

by David Miller and Matthew P. Stevens

Raising Him Alone is a proud provider of valuable resources that support
single mothers raising boys. Please revisit our site soon as we will be offering some
beneficial products for online purchase.

Raising Him Alone is more than just a book. It is a source of inspiration for
the millions of single mothers who struggle daily with the challenges of raising healthy
and productive boys to become responsible men.

The book is based on hundreds of interviews, focus groups and discussions with
single mothers who are raising boys.

Additionally, many fathers were interviewed who desperately want to be
in their sons lives, but are excluded from the process for a myriad of reasons.

Raising Him Alone (book) honors the struggles of single mothers raising boys
through providing daily lessons that range from talking to boys about sex to assisting
mothers with the process of dating.

Many of the statistics on Black men and boys are painful and are often daunting.
For example, the most recent report on graduation rates among African American
males published by the Schott Foundation indicates that in many US cities
African American males are dropping out at rates that exceed 65%. The cities
include but are not limited to Indianapolis, Detroit and Baltimore. With the
lowest graduation rates in the nation among African American males, Indianapolis
and Detroit’s graduation rates can only be viewed as a public health concern.

We rarely hear about the countless numbers of mothers who are successfully
raising boys alone. The book underscores the need for mothers to be more willing
than ever to sacrifice to support positive Black male development. This sacrifice
includes developing a greater understanding of contemporary issues that effect
Black males as well as getting mothers and fathers to be willing to reconcile old wounds.

The book serves as a voice of reason that tells us how important it is to rescue our
boys from failing communities and failing schools.

Finally, we hope that Raising Him Alone (book) compels mothers to band
together to address the challenges of being a single mother. After reading
Raising Him Alone please make sure you pass this book along to other mothers
who can benefit from the lessons and the wisdom of others who have successfully
navigated the world of being a single parent.

Visit the website to order books and for more information:

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