The Obama Impact on Young Women

20 Mar

“How much the Obamas Being in the White House Will Mean to Young Women Today”

One of our most influential, most poised black female influences of today is Mrs. Michelle Obama. Now, with all of the “Hoopla” in today’s black church about whether it is “Biblical” to call the pastor’s wife the “First Lady”, our First Lady Michelle Obama goes without question.

She is truly an inspiration to every woman, young and old. The older women look at her, and they just know. They know how strong one has to be to handle all of that pressure. They know the struggle of juggling household, career and children, trying to hold it all together and still squeeze in some time for self.

Women such as myself, we can see it in her eyes. The ‘chin up, shoulders back, put God first, give a little but not too much’ aire about her that we all practice everyday. The young girls, however, in this election, really got to see family in action. Being the mother of a 10 year old girl, I found it easier to say, “Look at what you can do, if you put God first, and apply yourself.” I got to tell her that it is okay to use correct diction, and you will be alright if you decide to dress appropriately.

So often our young girls find themselves too early in their lives becoming mothers, forcing themselves into adulthood. The result of this is broken homes, sometimes with no father figure- often without a good one. But the Obamas stand as proof that whatever your situation is…it doesn’t have to stay that way. Our president has a strong black woman supporting him, lifting him up when he’s down and softening those blows.

Young women today see that it’s okay to encourage your man instead of standing by watching him do it all by himself, or in some cases, pulling the foundation from beneath him. The society of black women today see that they can be supportive, without losing self. It’s time for our young women to start back being the strong backbone of society that our mothers and grandmothers used to be. Sure they raised us, but think of all the successful ‘others’ that they raised as well.

Our young black women can rise up and take lead with dignity and stature and now the respect of a whole nation like never before, and its because of Mrs. Obama. We certainly thank her for standing in that spotlight.

Selena Winston
author, “Butterfly Kisses”

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