Intimate Conversation with author Patti Wicklund

21 Mar

Intimate Conversation with author Patti Wicklund about Jane McCormick

Jane McCormick is called a sex-trade survivor, and was a “high-class call girl” and former prostitute. But what she really was and still is today, is a successful entrepreneur, a true women’s advocate, and born to be a natural marketing/business major from the college of life. Jane’s played a big part in our American history during the 1960s and today is an inspiration to all women who seek e quality and want to fight against women’s violence.

When I met Jane McCormick fifteen years ago, I immediately knew that she was a unique and wonderful person just by the way she walked into a room. While everyone was busy, trying to have a good time, Jane was busy “working the room” just like she’d done in Las Vegas years before, except, this time she was simply trying to meet new friends. Assertive, selective and smart she methodically worked the room eventually meeting me, an educated artist being laid off from a major corporation.

Teamed together, we formed a successful cleaning service. As time past Jane, entertained me with her Las Vegas celebrity stories, but I had to understand why Jane, had to live such a horrific life. And that developed into this book.

Ella: Patti, tell us about your passion for writing and about your book.
Jane’s life stories motivated me to write “Breaking My Silence” because I needed to understand how and why’s of prostitution.

Breaking My Silence : Confessions of a Rat Pack Party Girl and Sex-Trade Survivor
by Jane
Mccormick Patti Wicklund
ISBN-13: 9781604614770

Vadnais Heights great-grandmother Jane McCormick lets down her hair about her days as a “party girl,” and companion to the rich and famous—her induction into the Rat Pack Circle (Chairman of the Board Frank Sinatra; crooner Dean Martin; actors/singers/comedians Peter Lawford, Sammy Davis Jr., and Joey Bishop). For those of us of that ’60’s era, it’s a backstage, women’s-eye view of Vegas and its high-rolling denizens.
But glamour and glitz don’t come cheap or easy. Starting out in rough circumstances, McCormick used her beauty and personality to parlay herself into a life that she found in time had too many of the trappings of her childhood years. The book is, in the author’s words, “not meant to titillate, but to educate,” particularly regarding stricter prostitution legislation—for the men, not the prostitutes. Obtain this hard-hitting memoir—cowritten by McCormick’s partner, Patti Wicklund—at

Intimate Conversation with Patti Wicklund and Ella Curry of EDC Creations

Ella: Where are you from?
My name is Patti Wicklund, and lived in a modest North Minneapolis home during the 1950s with two loving parents, a big brother, and loyal grandparents and with neighbors who were family to me.
After graduating from high school, I worked for five years then, after my father died, decided to get a college education. I completed an AA degree in Fine Arts from North Hennepin Community College. Then I went on to finish a BA in Fine Arts from Metropolitan State University and at the same time graduated with a BFA in Visual Communications Design from Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Ella: How did you start your writing journey?
“Breaking My Silence”, Confessions of a Rat Pack party girl and sex-trade survivor was an eye opener for me. At first I didn’t believe Jane’s stories, then one day I found a photograph of her on the internet with “The Rat Pack” at the Sands Casino in Las Vegas . After that, I needed to understand how Jane got there! So I started writing and kept writing.

Ella: Who is my main character?
Jane McCormick is a brave and caring individual who had to struggle through life surviving many horrifying obstacles and is still alive to help others stay out of the business.
Ella: What makes the book stand out and would entice a reader to pick it up?
The honest reality of this book is a must read for parents, teachers, preachers, officers and anyone who needs to understand the cruelty of prostitution and the men behind its corruption.
Ella: Ultimately, what do you want readers to gain from your book?
The main message to the girls is “Don’t Do It!” Change the laws. Arrest the child molesters, johns and pimps.
Patti Wicklund, Author Breaking My Silence
Buy the book here today!
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