Black History and the BAN Network

25 Mar

TITLE: Black History and the BAN Network

Black History
These are the ancestors of choice;
And when things were not right
They lifted up their voice;

They sacrificed in times of struggle
Took the bill in the hustle;
Made a dream for the country to wonder
Moves these people made struck like thunder;

More opportunity was open,
The chains on minorities broken;
No more limits no pressure,
From King to Obama now we go get the measure;

Black History I still treasure,
Ancestry held out in pain;
Just to make more opportunity
For minorities to do more things;

See we cannot blame,
Our peoples struggled thru some times;
And I was not even alive when they were
But I can vibe it in this rhyme;

Black History
allowed opportunity to make it thru college,
That was the reason
I got good wisdom and knowledge;

And Black History was motivation
To be a great person for the nation;
And change was already done in a sense,
President Obama hey that’s no coincidence;

Black History leaves rights open in spots,
Success is on the rise we must always keep that hot;
Yeah this heritage yes this is for me,
I am so grateful for our month in BLACK HISTORY;

Written by Math Man, Author and Poet Stanley Pitchford
Copyright 2009; All Rights Reserved!

Author of books DESTRUCTION via THE MIRROR IMAGE parts 1 and 2
Note: part 1 is red and part2 is orange and includes poetry
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