Intimate Interview with author I. B. Freeman

25 Mar

Intimate Interview with author and speaker I. B. Freeman

I. B. Freeman was born in the Bronx, New York. At the age of thirteen, he begin to hone his writing skills while recovering from hip surgery. He later moved to New Jersey as a teen to only move back to New York City a short time later.

He later attended Touro College and studied Audio Engineering while pursuing a career as a songwriter. He is a self-taught pianist, lyricist and all around renaissance man. Author’s Myspace Page:

Ella: Tell us about your book.
My book Mr. H.I.V. is about an heterosexual professional black male who is infecting women with H.I.V. on purpose. He is mad at the world because he is H.I.V. positive and he wishes to pass his misery on to others. The book offers readers a chance to see how people react to certain things. It gives reader a chance to see how crazy some people are and most importantly it educates black women.

Ella: Finish this sentence: I am Powerful because…
I am Powerful because…I write what i want to write and I dont care about being ostracized.s

Ella: Where are you from? How did you start your writing journey?
I was born and raised in The Bronx, New York. My journey as a writer started from me reading so many books. After a while people suggested that since I read so many books I should write a book. I took the suggestion and just ran with it.

Ella: Who are your two main characters and what do you like most about them?
There is one main character. His name is Darren Wade. He is H.I.V. positive and intentionally infecting women. The thing I like about him is that he is not your usual suspect. He is an professional man and he has a loving relationship with his mother. People wouldnt expect a man like that to be infecting women on purpose. He is also a complex character. That is why some of my readers feel sympathy for him, while others hate him. Some people tell me that they even cheer for him and condone what he is doing. The best thing about Darren is that he grabs the readers attention and can trigger emotions in people who read Mr. H.I.V.

Ella: What makes your book stand out and would entice a reader pick it up?
The title Mr. H.I.V. stands out. Its pretty raw and straight to the point. Plus there arent alot of fiction books based on the subject of H.I.V. so the plot and subject alone makes the book unique. Also the cover is scary. Its all white with the words Mr. H.I.V. in black. My book cover is my myspace picture on my webpage, and some people have blocked me on myspace just because of my book cover. So the scary cover itself entices people to pick it up, and once that is done the sale is halfway complete.

Ella: Ultimately, what do you want readers to gain from your book?
Knowledge of H.I.V. and awareness. People have become complacent with the thought of catching H.I.V. and its not cool when society is ok with the thought of contracting an terminal disease. Some people are also nieve. Some people I have come across actually cant believe that their are people infecting people on purpose.

Ella: What is the most surprising thing you have learned in creating books?
How easy it is to publish a book. Most people don’t have enough money to go to a major printer and that prevents people from publishing there novel. I found out about companies that print books at such a cheap price. There are printers who print books at $5. a copy with no minimum to print. So someone with $40. dollars can order 6 or 7 copies of their book, sell them and reinvest there money. Anyone who is interested in this method of printing should google on demand printing.

Ella: What would you say has been your most significant achievement as a writer? How did you do it?
Publishing my book before the age of 30 is my most significant achievement. I ended up publishing my book just based on determination. I know in my heart Mr. H.I.V. is a great novel so I constantly look for ways to get my work published till I eventually found the right print on demand company.

Ella: What advice would you give a new writer?
Send reviews of your book to book review companys. As a new writer people may overlook you work to purchase work by a veteran author. So I suggest you send copies of you work to book reviewers then you have someone to validate your work. If a book reviewer gives your book a great review a person may be willing to spend there money on your work. The only thing I could say is that I would have send out many more copies to book reviewers and editorial writers before I started selling my book.

Ella: Name 3 things that it takes to make a successful author, in your opinion?
Being unique, writing what makes you happy, be honest with yourself and give a criticial analysis of your work.

Ella: What can we expect from you in the future?
Right now im working on my new book. Its a play entitled Can I Live. Its about a suicidal man pursuing his dreams.

Ella: Share with us your latest news, events or upcoming book releases.
I have some upcoming interviews lined up with a few radio stations. Right now im in the process of confirming my show dates. You can keep up to date on interviews that im doing by going to my webpage

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