Miracles in Action by Angela Alexander

25 Mar

‘Miracles in Action’

On April 1, 2000 while I was in Japan on military duty, my husband and our four children were involved in a fatal car crash. My family’s car fell twenty-five feet off the highway, landed upside down in the Salvation Army’s parking lot on top of two other parked vehicles with people inside. The people in the parked vehicles were extremely shaken up, praise God they were all right. My husband, and our two daughters survived, however, Murice and Roger, our two sons, died instantly at the scene.

One of the many miracles was that, God allowed Murice and Roger, both only eight-years-old at the time, to independently write and leave behind incredible good-bye letters. In the letters my sons wrote, I received the peace from God that I so desperately needed to survive. Each letter answered specific questions that I would have wondered about for the rest of my life.

While I was writing my children’s memorial program, God revealed to me that the letters were written to soothe my soul, but more importantly, to share.

This moving powerful testimony has strengthened the faith of believers and helped turn non-believers into believers. After listening to this story, you too, will see that no matter what your situation may look like on the surface, God is in control, and miracles are always in action. Get ready to hear and see Angela share the Glory behind the story of this fascinating, supernatural testimony from the living God we serve.

Angela Alexander, national speaker and author of “Miracles in Action:
Turning Pain Into Power and Grief Into Peace
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