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America Is Singing, Again by Irma L. Williams

America Is Singing, Again
Irma L Williams – 1202009 -©

Not since the movement that swept across the land
Not since the Marches when we held each others’ hands
Not since the protests we held within our streets and
Not since some of us suffered to be beaten

As I turn my head and my ear to the wind
I hear the voice of America singing again
The sound I hear comes not from the mouth
The songs of millions of hearts in unison, and loud

Not whining, not moaning, Not complaining or groaning
The sound of human kind standing up and owning
The responsibility to love one another and
The right to live a better life

All races, all creed, all Nationalities young and old
Mothers, Brothers, Fathers and Sisters, friend and foe
As I turn my head and ear to the wind
I hear the voice of America singing, again

It has been written “when the unjust rule, the people are sad
But when the just are in leadership, the people are glad”
America is rejoicing, almost skipping along
America is singing a brand new song

As I turn my head and my ear to the wind
I hear the voice of America singing, again
Do you hear it? I know you do
I can hear your heart singing too

As I turn my head and ear to the wind
I can hear America singing, again

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A Change is Gonna Come by Shelia E. Lipsey

The Word According To Shelia
A Change is Gonna Come by Shelia E. Lipsey

For those of you who are old enough, there’s a song that is so special to me. It was song by Sam Cooke, who I believe is also the writer. I can only share the first line to stay away from copyright infringement, (but you know you can Google anything these days.)

One of the lines is “It’s been a long time coming, But I know a change is gonna come.”

At last change has come. Who can’t help but see the change when we turn on the television and look at the first African American First Family. How can we ignore change, when millions turned out, black, white, Hispanic, and all ethnicities to cast their votes for this man.

A change is not only gonna come for the Obama family and for America, but change is gonna come for me and you too. A change is gonna come when we learn to look up and believe that God is a sovereign God. He sees no color, no class of people, no poor, no rich, he sees us all in the very state that we are in. If we learn to look up and believe God, we’ll find a God who can clean up our mess from the guttermost to the uttermost. If we just look up and believe we’ll find a God who can heal our deepest hurts, turn our greatest bad to our greatest good, carry us when we fall, speak to us when we can’t hear from anyone else. If we look up and believe that God is who He says He is, without seeing Him, you still can know Him because He will make himself known to you. He will carry you through the worst of times and through the best of time.

I talk from what I know. I talk from life’s experiences and the cruelties and injustices placed upon me because of my physical disability. Yet through all of the hurt and turmoil, God has remained faithful. He will do the same for you if you only look up; believe that He is the one and only risen savior.

Look at what He has brought to this nation? A change is gonna come through the man God has sent to be President of the United States of America. It is time for a new way of life, an awakening from debt, destruction and despair. It is time for God to show that He is more than enough and that without Him, we will do nothing but fail. President Obama is not the messiah or anything like that. We must not confuse him as being that powerful. But I do believe God has placed President Obama in the position of president because he wants to show the world that He along is the one who makes the call.

Let us stand together as a people, celebrate our culture, our heritage, our ancestors 365 days a year. Let us seek to right the wrongs of injustice and support each other, share with each other, help each other. Let us stand up for our new president, President Obama.

Then, my people let us go to God the Father and ask him for His forgiveness. Release all that you have held secret for so long. Give it to God, tell Him about it. You’ll see, just like we never imagined a First Black Family in the White House, that God is able. Imagine your life being renewed, revitalized, and saved all because you believed. I promise you, if you seek God, He will show himself and you too will say, “A Change is Gonna Come.”

Shelia E. Lipsey is an award winning Christian fiction author of five books, a copyeditor, literary expert and inspirational speaker. She resides in Memphis, Tennessee with her son and two Siamese cats. Shelia is also the founder and Executive Director of Living Your Dreams Now Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps others learn how to identify, capture and live their dreams now!,

Shelia E. Lipsey Novelist/Speaker/Copyeditor/Literary Expert
Latest Novel: My Son’s Wife
Available on and Black

Arrange author tours, events, speaking engagements and booksignings – and Website: and MySpace:

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Meet Divas Read 2 Book Club

Divas Read 2 Book Club consists of African American women who get together to Read, Relax and Rejoice. We are a seasonal book club that meets from October thru March.

Our mssion is to become a highly visible book club that promotes literacy, and build solid relationships by networking with book clubs and other literary organizations.

Readers that stop by to visit our site are kept up to date with our reading list, group activities, book reviews and Author spotlights. Open House for new members in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is held in September. Those outside of the DFW area, can join our Yahoo Groups which features monthly contests, motivational messages and literary news.

Literary Hallmarks:
Their Eyes Were Watching God
I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings
Waiting To Exhale
Invisible Life
Laura Ingalls Collection: Little House On the Prairie, Little House In The Big Woods, etc.

Our Divas Read 2 Book Club was organized in 2002 and we presently have 13 members. In the months that we don’t meet, we focus on our youth book club: Little Divas Read 2 for girls between the ages of 13-17. We sponsor a “Get Caught Reading” event in the month of May for elementary students, where we encouraged the students to bring in their favorite book or poem and read to us and invite a children’s Author to read to them.

The past 2 years we have hosted an event at a local restaurant entitled ” Dinner With The Divas” featuring a local Author. The past 2 Authors that have been featured were Eric Pete and Victor McGlothin. We hope this event becomes bigger and better each year.

Contact Info:
Lolita Allen, President

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The U.S. Economy: More or Less? by Denrique Preudhomme

Denrique Preudhomme has published a collection of social and political commentary, The Undisguised Truth, a collection of short fiction, Stranger Than Fiction, a collection of poetry, Reflections of Realism, and completed a booklet of poems, The Heart of Truth. She is the recipient of the 2006 Urban Spectrum Newspaper National Writer Awards for the Best Collection of Short Fiction. Denrique is profiled in the 59th Edition of Marquis Who’s Who in America®. She is currently writing her next book, a thriller titled Deception is Reality that is sure to captivate readers.

The Undisguised Truth by Denrique Preudhomme is a collection of thought-provoking social and political commentary. It challenges readers to delve deep into some of the most troubling issues in our society, as well as, provides an introspective look at what has arguably been one of the most memorable elections in US.

The U.S. Economy: More or Less?
by Denrique Preudhomme

When I pulled a copy of Forbes magazine out my mailbox a few weeks ago, the cover told the grim reality of a diminishing U.S. economy. It read: “Credit Crisis! Foreclosure! Market Crash! Recession! Falling Dollar! Bankruptcies! Inflation!” In short, the United States has all sorts of financial problems. It’s so bad, that the government is hoping that an $819 billion stimulus plan will lead to an economic recovery[1].

As the financial crisis wreaks havoc across the United States, folks are unjustly forced to pay more, but they receive less:

A 5.8 percent increase in international airfares and a 6 percent increase in domestic airfares seem to have triggered a 50 percent increase in stranded travelers at airports across the country[2].

Transport companies such as cabs, movers, and general deliveries are forced to implement a gas surcharge. If you ask me, they need to implement a money back guarantee for broken air conditioners, tardiness, and damaged goods.

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit (Metro) recently announced they will soon have yet another fare increase (Geez), but it’s still difficult to get a seat on their forever-late buses and overcrowded trains.

Restaurants have increased their prices, as well as their portion control.

The Washington Post increased from 35 cents to 50 cents. The irony is, it’s costing more to read about the staggering reality of a dwindling economy. The Post seems to be saturated with nothing but statistics on unemployment, foreclosure and the credit crisis. Can they tell us something less depressing for 50 cents?

Nonetheless, aside from the depressing statistics, my point is, if we’re forced to pay more, shouldn’t we be entitled to better quality and experience? We are all affected by the state of the economy, but retailers need to remember that it is the consumer who holds the power of a “wildcard.” If we don’t buy, they won’t earn.

In the broad scheme of things, the dwindling economy remains an alarming concern: Although the price of gas has decreased at the pumps, foreclosure is still sweeping the nation; the U.S. dollar is still losing its weight; stocks are still dropping; bankruptcy remains the order of the day; and, the cost of living continues to rise, most believe (in part) because the Bush Administration spent billions of dollars to fund a useless war.[3]

What’s next for America? Sadly, soon, we might have to consider pawning gold to afford a bag of rice, or perhaps the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA, a treaty signed to produce trade among the Untied States, Canada, and Mexico) will prove to be America’s saving grace. NAFTA may now be an avenue for the all-mighty America to rely on one nation it once criticized for its lumber industry trade and the other whose immigrants it reduces to unfavorable stereotypes.

Copyright © 2009 Denrique Preudhomme

[1] House Passes Stimulus Plan with No GOP Votes, The New York Times:
[2] Statistics taken from All Business, Amex Research Shows Sharp Airfare Increase; Hotel, Car Rate Hikes:
[3] Gas prices skyrocketed to $4 at the pumps in July 2008, then, began to slowly decline in September 2008

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The Undisguised Truth by Denrique Preudhomme

Intimate Conversation with author Denrique Preudhomme

Denrique Preudhomme has published a collection of social and political commentary, The Undisguised Truth, a collection of short fiction, Stranger Than Fiction, a collection of poetry, Reflections of Realism, and completed a booklet of poems, The Heart of Truth. She is the recipient of the 2006 Urban Spectrum Newspaper National Writer Awards for the Best Collection of Short Fiction. Denrique is profiled in the 59th Edition of Marquis Who’s Who in America®. She is currently writing her next book, a thriller titled Deception is Reality that is sure to captivate readers.

The Undisguised Truth by Denrique Preudhomme is a collection of thought-provoking social and political commentary. It challenges readers to delve deep into some of the most troubling issues in our society, as well as, provides an introspective look at what has arguably been one of the most memorable elections in U.S. history.

Book Review by Marc A. Medley from The Reading Circle
Marc A. Medley from The Reading Circle with Marc Medley on WP88.7 FM says, “If you don’t want a challenging left-brain right-brain match, then The Undisguised Truth is not the book for you . . . Ms. Preudhomme is the prolific mastermind author of thought-provoking, informative, and often humorous social and political commentary.”

Denrique, finish this sentence: I am powerful because…
I am powerful because…knowledge is commonly known as power and I have acquired quite a lot throughout my lifetime.

BPM: Where are you from? How did you start your writing journey?
Denrique: I was born and raised in Trinidad. I migrated to the USA over 15 years. As a child, I was fascinated with words. I began to study my dictionary as an adolescent. Finally, one of my English teachers—realizing my love for words and my ability to express myself—encouraged me to write. I kept a small journal and the rest is history.

BPM: Who are your two main characters and what do you like most about them?
Denrique: My book is non-fiction (social science to be exact).
BPM: What makes your book stand out and would entice a reader to pick it up?
Denrique: The title. My book is about social awareness and politics; therefore, it’s important to have a title that’s indicative of the complex and real issues captured on its pages. The Undisguised Truth…need I say more?

BPM: Ultimately, what do you want readers to gain from your book?
Denrique: Knowledge on key issues in our society, injustice, crimes, stereotypes, the current economic crisis, and the politics of it all. This book also chronicles the U.S. Elections 2008 which is now one of the most memorable elections in U.S. history.

BPM: What is the most surprising thing you have learned in creating books?
Denrique: Nothing really surprises me. I look forward to undertaking challenges.

BPM: What would you say has been your most significant achievement as a writer? How did you do it?
Denrique: Winning a national award for my 2nd book Stranger Than Fiction. Having readers find my books fascinating enough to read is quite a humbling experience, but having someone decide to give me an award for it…it indescribable!

BPM: What advice would you give a new writer?
Denrique: To borrow a quote I read in a Writer’s Digest magazine many years ago… “A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”

BPM: Name 3 things that it takes to make a successful author, in your opinion?
Denrique: Practice makes perfect. Write daily or weekly until you’ve developed a sense of originality. Do not be afraid to share your work with interested readers, even if your work is unedited. A single reader can be the catalyst to you getting your work edited and published.

BPM: What can we expect from you in the future?
Denrique: My next book, a thriller tilted Deception is Reality is sure to captivate readers.
BPM: Share with us your latest news, events or upcoming book releases.
Denrique: I have a few great things in the making; however, I am kind of suspicious, so I need to hold on to them until later. Nonetheless, with the January 15, 2009 release of The Undisguised Truth I am currently scheduling book signings, interviews, workshops…etc. for more information visit or email me at

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Where’s Our Flag? by Alicia Williams

Where’s Our Flag?

Last summer I attended the Caribbean Festival in Charlotte, NC. As I walked through the park, my senses were tickled with the smell of food, the bumping of the speakers of people selling music mixing with the melodies of the singers onstage. My eyes were filled with the colors of flags and t-shirts of proud people representing and celebrating their Caribbean background.For a mere moment, as I blended with the crowd listening, smelling, and smiling, I became envious. I wanted something that they had…a sense of pride. I wanted to be proud to wear the colors of my history. I desperately wanted to identify with that feeling.

Then it hit me…when I went to the African festival, I felt that same pride amongst the Africans as they represented their countries by offering delicacies and crafts. In fact, there’s the same feeling at the Indian festival, Latino festival, Greek festival…well, you get the point.Where is our flag? I’m not talking about grasping on to Africa and celebrating our culture from that aspect.

That’s fine, but it is not “our” flag…the African-American or Black flag. I know we made up our own red/black/green flag back in the ’80’s, but I’m not sure if it represented that pride that I saw at the Caribbean festival…if so, we’d be pridely swinging it at our own festivals. One thing I noticed at the festival, besides a flag, everyone had a deep sense of identity. They knew who there were and they knew where they came from.As I ride through neighborhoods and look at my people staring me down from their porches, young brothers not moving from the middle of the street and daring drivers to hit them, I wonder to myself…”Do they know who they are?” Unfortunately, the answer is “no.”

As Susan L. Taylor said, “Learn your history…we have won wars…wars against racisim, against Jim Crow…if you knew who you really were, you’d pull up your pants and run this world!” If we had that pride and that sense of identity and belonging then would things be different? If we were taught our history thoroughly and not represented only as a people who were happy and shiftless slaves and emphasized the great thinkers, revolutionaries, inventors, and radicals then just maybe things would be different.But, there’s still nothing like that tangible flag that gives hope to a people. (You can see the evidence of how people made a big thing about Obama turning his back on the American flag or not wearing a flag pin during the elections.)

How many young brothers and sisters are eager to swing the red/white/blue as eagerly as they wave their T-shirts like a helicopter? It doesn’t give them hope, promise or pride…it reminds them of betrayal, hurt and a painful past (present). We don’t get the same feeling as our Caucasian counterparts about the American flag.

But, if we had our own flag… I wonder… just maybe we could be celebrating with that sense of pride, too.

Alicia Williams, author of Up From Rock Bottom and

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Meet author Linda Beed

Intimate Coversation with Dr. Linda Beed

Dr. Linda Beed is an author, educator, speaker and Children’s minister. Her zest for supporting the arts has been displayed through not only her own writing, but also as Co-Chair for the Faith Based Arts Conference, Co-Coordinator for the African American panels and workshops for the 2006 and 2007 Romantic Times Convention.

As founder of On Assignment Reviews she is sought out by industry professionals to provide pre and post publication reviews for a wide range of authors. In addition to co-moderating the online writing group BWChristianLit and supporting its sister blog BWChristianLit, Dr. Beed is the founder of The Damascus Road Authors a collective of Christian authors with the common goal of ministering through the arts. She is also book review editor for KDGospel Media Magazine, contributes a monthly column to Shades of Romance Online Magazine as well as articles for Victorious Magazine. She is also a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Seattle Rainbow Bookfest, the Seattle chapter of the Professional Women of Color Network and Blacks in Government.

Her debut novel, Business Unusual has been described as “Christian fiction in its purest form.” The novel has been endorsed by literary notables Jacquelin Thomas and Stacy Hawkins Adams as well as Dr. Myles Munroe, President/Founder and Senior Pastor of Bahamas Faith Ministries International. It was also a Good Girls Online Book Club Book of the Month.

To schedule speaking engagements, book signings, online/telephone conference contact Dr. Linda Beed online at

Ella: Dr. Beed, tell us about your passion for writing.
I cannot imagine a day with writing something. Through the gift entrusted to me I seek to provoke thought, ignite a sense of pride in self and a sense of community beyond a personal comfort zone.

Ella: Dr. Beed, please introduce us to your book, Business Unusual.
Those looking peering through the windows of Bernadette’s life often believe that all that glitters in her life is golden. Bernadette’s shared view is challenged when she is beset seemingly overwhelming challenges. The first is the insurrection of a key employee, the reappearance of an estranged grandmother and involvement with a man she has been warned to be careful with. Through the pages of Business Unusual readers are given a view of what godly relationships can be. It also brings you face to face with the necessity of forgiveness, obedience and the option of choice.

Ella: Dr. Beed, finish this sentence: I am Powerful because…
I am Powerful because…I believe that I am all that God says that I am!

Ella: Why is celebrating Black History important 365 days a year?
What we are exposed to is what we become familiar with, learn from and draw life lessons from. Therefore, Black History is important 365 days a year, for everyone.

Ella: Where are you from? How did you start your writing journey?
I am a native Washingtonian. My formal writing career began with a short story contest entry in 1998. The entry is actually the first chapter of Business Unusual. The joke is that I’m still waiting for my ‘Winner’ confirmation.

Ella: Who are your two main characters and what do you like most about them?
Bernadette Lewis and Hayes Davis are the main characters of Business Unusual.

What I like about Bernadette is that she is confident, stylish and full of fun. She is a shoe-a-holic and has no intensions of getting into a deliverance line in order to curb the passion. She wants so much for others to experience the love of God and is a hard lover who will wear a groove in a floor praying for the need of another. Her style is showing you a sermon (her lifestyle and giving nature) rather than preaching to you. In the process of life, she has stumbles like the rest of us.

Hayes is not afraid to be who he is. From his diction, how he carries himself , conducts business and his style he exudes a confidence most only dream of possessing. Many more seek it, but consider his ways and actions pure arrogance. To a degree it is, but you will come to love an ordinary man most view as extraordinary. He too is a hard lover and is loyal to those he allows inside his inner circle.

Ella: What makes your book stand out and would entice a reader pick it up?
Authors must have a strong marketing plan in order to get their books into the hands of the reader. One of the first strategies we learn is to have a dynamic cover. I believe I have one. Along with that is the back cover synopsis.

Ella: Ultimately, what do you want readers to gain from your book?
My desire is that readers exit this book understanding how valuable they are to God and that stumbles along the way does not change His plans for our lives.

Ella: What is the most surprising thing you have learned in creating books?
Believe it or not, the most surprising thing to me has been how discouraging others can be as you seek to achieve your dreams.

Ella: What would you say has been your most significant achievement as a writer?
At this moment I would say my most significant achievement as a writer has been how well Business Unusual has been received. It is humbling to receive messages from readers who are thankful for the writing of the story and the biblical answers or direction toward answers they sought.

How did I do it? I was able to accomplish this by remaining true to the original vision of why I was writing and learning all I could about the craft and business of writing.

Ella: What advice would you give a new writer?
The best advice I can give to a new writer is:
Seek God for what it is He desires from your gift.
Learn the craft and the business of writing.
Writing, editing and publishing is a process. Don’t be in a hurry.
Don’t blame others for what you are unwilling to do/learn.

Ella: Would you change anything about your journey?
In terms of my journey, I don’t believe there is anything I would change.

Ella: Name 3 things that it takes to make a successful author, in your opinion?
Wow, I believe that answer rests in the individual definition of the author. For myself I would say: Remain true to the central theme of your story rather than going with what is popular.

In order to produce the best project possible, do not forego wise counsel or industry standards.
Above all — Believe in yourself

Ella: What can we expect from you in the future?
In the process of publishing I have developed a passion for helping authors understand the business side of writing. That passion led to the development of the BWChristianLit blog. It s purpose is a blogspot developed to help writers. Stay tuned for information on another project being developed for assisting writers.

This is my second year promoting with the Damascus Road Authors. Our goal is to support one another’s writing ministry through online, and when opportunity permits, in person events. Locally I am involved with two projects. The first is children’s literacy. The second is the Seattle Rainbow Bookfest, an entity with the goal of giving voice to author’s or color in the Pacific Northwest.

Ella: Share with us your latest news, events or upcoming book releases.
My latest news is that I am one of three authors being honored at Festival Sundiata this month.

In terms of upcoming releases there will be two anthology releases later this year. One in Gumbo for the Soul – Honoring Women: The Special Pink Edition and another in Breakthrough: The Triumph of my Soul III. The second installment in the Covenant Series, Continued Business has a late 2009 release date. I am also working on a historical fiction.

Contact information:
Dr. Linda F. Beed
3703 – S. Edmunds
Suite 16
Seattle, WA 98108

(206) 725-9847 / (206) 427-1922


Bicycles: Love Poems by Nikki Giovanni

Nikki Giovanni
Poet, activist, mother, and professor, Nikki Giovanni is a three-time NAACP Image Award winner and the first recipient of the Rosa Parks Woman of Courage Award, and holds the Langston Hughes Medal for Outstanding Poetry. The author of twenty-seven books and a Grammy nominee for The Nikki Giovanni Poetry Collection, she is the University Distinguished Professor/English at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, and an Oprah Living Legend.

Bicycles: Love Poems by Nikki Giovanni
In a career that has earned her accolades, honorary degrees, and awards from both fellow poets and everyday poetry lovers, Nikki Giovanni has established herself as a writer who can entertain and challenge, inform and inspire. Sometimes controversial, sometimes ethereal, but always beautiful, her poems move readers of all hues and generations.

With Bicycles, she’s collected poems that serve as a companion to her 1997 Love Poems. An instant classic, that book—romantic, bold, and erotic—expressed notions of love in ways that were delightfully unexpected. In the years that followed, Giovanni experienced losses both public and private. A mother’s passing, a sister’s, too. A massacre on the campus at which she teaches. And just when it seemed life was spinning out of control, Giovanni redis-covered love—what she calls the antidote. Here romantic love—and all its manifestations, the physical touch, the emotional pull, the hungry heart—is distilled as never before by one of our most talented poets.

Author Website:

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SISTAH TEEN NETWORK: New Conference Video

SISTAH TEEN NETWORK: New Conference Video Featuring “CHRISTIAN GIRL” by The Perrys

View the new SISTAH Teen Video featuring “Christian Girl” by The Perrys Click here

Visit the SISTAH Teens Network. Click here to join!

Encourage your daughters, granddaughters, nieces and goddaughters to join the network and have fun in the fellowship. They can feel free to interact as well as share their thoughts by posting blogs in the SISTAH Teens Network Group. . .

The Staff – The SISTAHS Ministry International

Sister Sharnae Coakley, Director – SISTAH Teens Ministry

Magdaline Ihaza Okoduwa, Director – International Chapters
Torino, Italy & Nigeria, Africa

Sister Tracy Spence-Banks, Director – FL Chapter

Sister Veronica Denyse Truell, Director – MA Chapter

Evangelist Carmen West, Director – NV Chapter

Deaconess Cheryl Braxton, Director – NY Chapter

Vis. Valarie D. Coleman, Director – PA Chapter

Minister Lois Grady, Director – TN Chapter

Minister Teresa Coleman – Prayer Intercessor

Evangelist Jean Overman – Victorious & Blessed

Sister Wanda Burnside – Facilitator, Soul SISTAHS Cafe

Minister Celeste Kelley, Co-Founder & Director
P.O. Box 401121 * Redford, MI 48240-1121 * (313) 820-1315


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Wealth-Building Lessons from Black Business Barons

Topic: Wealth-Building Lessons from Black Business Barons

Listen to the audio presentation to follow along with the Wealth Building Lessons

Part 1 the Introduction with Business Owner Antonio Crawford
Listen to 2 great authors and financial leaders share with us the following topics: Black History – Wealth-Building Lessons from Black Business Barons and How to Market Your Book, Brand and Business in the Marketplace. Get your pens and paper! This is an awesome show.

Part 2 The Foundation
Authors and experts Lynn Richardson, Antonio Crawford and William R. Patterson encourage and educate the listeners to change their spending patterns. Dark Chocolate Man makes his debut on BAN Radio! He shares his success in marketing on Myspace. The expert speakers all give the fans awesome marketing and promotions advice and tips. This is must listen show! Tell all your friends.

Best-selling author William R. Patterson shares wealth-building lessons from the most successful Black entrepreneurs throughout history from the first female millionaire, Madam C.J. Walker, to the first African-American female billionaire, Oprah Winfrey.

He discusses the strategies that built the early multi-million-dollar empire of A.G. Gaston and the billion-dollar empires of Reginald Lewis with TLC Beatrice International, John H. Johnson with Johnson Publishing, and Bob Johnson with BET. Listeners will learn from their successes, so that they may mark their own place in history.
Black History – Wealth-Building Lessons from Black Business Barons
1) What does black history mean to you from a business and financial perspective?
2) Can you talk about the history and growth of Black Business in the US ?
3) Can you point to some success stories?
4) Do you feel African-Americans are giving enough attention to personal finance and entrepreneurship?
5) We know there are large number African Americans struggling in poverty, do you see anyway to address this critical issue?
6) Why historically have so many African-Americans seen challenges when comes to our finances and long-term planning?
7) What are some of the opportunities that you see moving forward both from a financial perspective and entrepreneurship perspective for African-Americans?
8) What should we know and appreciate about black entrepreneurs? And what have you found to be some of the cornerstones of their success?
9) What is so unique about THE BARON SOLUTION and its approach to financial and business development that has drawn such international attention and the support the business leaders such Bob Johnson, Founder of BET and John L. Jacobs, Chief Marketing Officer of The Nasdaq Stock Market and many others?
10) What should we be telling our kids about business and personal finance during Black History month?
11) How can our listeners find out more about you and THE BARON SOLUTION Business and Wealth Coaching Programs?

WILLIAM R. PATTERSON is an internationally recognized business and wealth coach who has written over 250 articles and has been a featured guest on over 400 television and radio programs. He is a business and financial expert for CBS and XM Satellite Radio. He delivers solutions to thousands worldwide — from individual investors and small business owners to corporate boards and CEOs.

William’s ethical guidebook to wealth, power, and success, The Baron Son, has been translated around the world and featured in the Forbes Book Club and Black Enterprise magazine. William runs over 30 websites and has created more than 150 products. He is winner of over ten Web awards for excellence including Best Author, Best Speaker, Best Business Advice Site and Best Wealth-Building Site.

With every good wish,

William R. PattersonAward-Winning Speaker
Business and Wealth Coach
National Best-selling Co-author of The Baron Son
Direct: (202) 270-9448
Toll-Free: (888) 90-BARON

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Selena Winston Author of Butterfly Kisses

Intimate Conversation with Selena Winston Author of Butterfly Kisses

Ella: Selena, tell us a little about you and your family.
Hello Ella and Black Authors Network! I am a new author from Greer, S.C., I am a wife and mother of two and a devoted Christian. I work in healthcare and I believe in applying Christian values to every aspect of my life. I am very active in my church serving three choirs, assistant clerk and webmaster. Writing is my ministry, I hope to appeal to every reader and bring someone to know God’s glory the way that I do.

My debut novel was released this month. It is entitled, “Butterfly Kisses”. The novel is Christian fiction and it deals with a very common issue with children and childcare in our community. In my book there are three girls who are trusted at a very young age to fend for themselves after school. One mother slept during the day because she worked nights, the other worked during the day, and the third mother has a serious drug problem. Each of the young girls lose their innocence at the hands of an adult. A close neighbor has preyed upon the girls, and when one of these children become missing, so does the bad neighbor. Each of these children have lost hope, in this story they are brought closer to God… in one way or another.

Ella: What motivated you to write this book?
I was motivated to write this novel by a dream..I always had the passion to write, but this was a real, while I was sleeping dream. My dream, however, was only about one of the main characters and myself. The dream kept reoccuring, adding more and more some nights and I kept writing it down!

Ella: Why should we buy your book?
Every mother, every young woman who plans to be a mother, anyone who was ever abused as a child, should buy this book. It is a good story. Yes it has its comical moments, but it is a healing story. It delves into a lot of the emotions that come along with molestation, family disfunction, and loss. It helps to confirm the fact that God is still in control, no matter whether you think so or not.

Ella: What important things do you try to convey to your readers?
In my stories, I have characters who have faith issues. We all have fallen short, from time to time, and there are those of us who don’t know where to go for help. If you already know to look to the hills then, then my novels are just entertaining reassurance, but my young adults, they are still learning. They are still going through. The readers who are still finding themselves and lose sight sometimes… and in some cases these are older adults! They need to know that life doesn’t end when you give your life over to God, and they need to know that they can still be themselves, they will just be a better self, and I want them to see this in my writings.

Ella: What is your favorite book?
I am a big fan of Michele Andrea Bowen, and others like her. The first book of hers that I read was “Second Sunday” and then the “Holy Ghost Corner”. Her characters are so lifelike and these novels were such an inspiration to me. They helped me to realize my own dream. How powerful is that!

Ella: What is the best thing about being a published author?
After not finishing college, where I majored in Engineering Graphics, I would have to say that this is my first real accomplishment. I was smart and I had all of the potential to complete my studies, I just ‘got grown’. I moved out, tried to work full time and go to school full time, next thing I knew I was married with kids, certified in healthcare. Imagine the blow I received when my reality check came. I wasn’t young anymore, I couldn’t just ‘go back to school anytime’. I can’t stress enough to my young family members and church family members how important it is to not let what happened to me, happen to them. I learned to trust God and let him lead the way, and even if i never sold a single book….I am blessed and satisfied.

Ella: What’s next for you?
My next novel is entitled, “First Lady”, to be release in late 2009. It is a far stretch from this one, but…it goes along with my mission of being Christ-centered, and if you can get past the mischief in the sanctuary, you’ll really enjoy it!

Selena Winston Author of Butterfly Kisses
ISBN# 978-1441409348

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For Immediate Release

Media Contact:
Lee McDonald, The Renaissance Group
Phone: (301) 856-8273


Baltimore, MD, February 9, 2009 — On Saturday, April 18, 2009 from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. the Urban Leadership Institute, Heal Women, Heal a Nation, Residential After School Programs & the Institute for Interactive Instruction along with several community partners will host the Raising Him Alone Campaign Kick Off. The kick off is part of a larger conference focused on empowering women. The Urban Leadership Institute partnered with Heal a Women, Heal a Nation ( joined forces to provide an exciting opportunity for women in Baltimore, MD.

The Raising Him Alone campaign is designed to provide support and advocacy for single mothers raising boys. At a time when so much energy is focused on African American males, it is critical that we do a better job engaging parents around the unique challenges that face boys being raised by single parents. Raising Him Alone ( focuses on creating a safe space for single mothers to discuss parenting strategies, personal development, managing finances on a single income and a variety of other topics determined by single mothers.

The campaign kickoff will be held at Coppin State University, 35 West North Ave Baltimore, MD 21216 featuring a full day of workshops hosted by Heal a Woman, Heal a Nation. Raising Him Alone will host a separate workshop track for single mothers raising boys featuring an exciting panel of celebrity mothers who have raised highly successful sons.

Panelist includes: Dr. Brenda Greene, Professor at Medgar Evers College and mother of Talib Kweli, Dr. Mahalia Hines, Retired Chicago Public School Principal and mother of actor/rapper Common and Sheron “Umi’ Smith, mother of Grammy Nominated actor and rapper Mos Def. The panel will be hosted by mother/actress/comedienne Meshelle.

Other featured speakers include: Cassandra Mack, author The Single Mom’s Little Book of Wisdom, Dr. Melva Green, Psychiatrist, Stacie Price, Visionary Financial Strategies, Inc., Darlene Brown, Divine Empowerment, Richard Rowe, African American Male Leadership Institute and Adeyemi Bandale, Men on the Move.

Additionally, the kickoff will feature a resource fair full of organizations dedicated to serving mothers and sons.

For more information on Raising Him Alone and to register for the conference, visit

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Rod oF God Comedy Live…Laughter Is Legal

Comedian Rod Allison’s tribute to a real life character, a deacon from his hometown that always sang songs in church without knowing the words…even Christmas Carols! (from Rod’s DVD “The Best of Rod of God Comedy”)(From “The Best of Rod of God Comedy” DVD)

Whether he’s performing hilarious stand-up comedy, playing the trumpet or giving motivational speeches to national and international audiences, Comedian/Singer/Trumpeteer Rod Allison (aka Rod of God Comedy) is truly committed to presenting positive entertainment.

His career has been highlighted by performances ranging from large national stages to smaller, more intimate venues including:

· Performances with Legendary Recording Artists such as: Kirk Franklin; CeCe Winans; Byron Cage; Kelly Price; Vickie Winans; Karen Clark Sheard; Kim Burrell; Richard Smallwood & Vision; Tramaine Hawkins; The Mighty Clouds of Joy; Shirley Murdock; etc.

· For several corporations and organizations such as: Pfizer Inc.; Novartis, Inc.; Radio One Inc.; The National Medical Association; Christian Connection Network, Inc.; Urban Sports & Entertainment Group; etc.

· Performances in diverse settings for audiences of all ages, races and backgrounds including: The National Museum of Women in the Arts (Washington, D.C.); CIAA Basketball Tournament Soulabration; Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International Conference (Phoenix, AZ); 100.3 FM “The Beat”(Los Angeles); numerous churches (various denominations); colleges; and organizations

The many faces of this phenomenal entertainer include that of a gifted trumpeteer and singer. Rod was a featured trumpet soloist for the highly acclaimed NCCU Jazz Band which performed with the Count Basie Orchestra, Brandford Marsalis and other notable musicians. Further, he is a powerful motivational speaker and emcee with a unique ability to captivate his audience.

In response to requests from fans nationwide, Rod released his first video, “The Best of Rod of God Comedy”, featuring a compilation of his signature comedy material in 2006. In 2008 Rod recorded his first Live DVD, “Rod oF God Comedy Live…Laughter Is Legal”, which features a full-length comedy, singing and trumpet-playing performance.

Rod is known as the “Attorney by Day and Comedian by Night Entertainer”
because… believe it or not, this entertainer is also a lawyer! When he’s not performing, Rod can be found providing legal services at his private law practice in North Carolina. He graduated from North Carolina Central University in 1995 as class valedictorian and earned his law degree from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1998. Rod inspires audiences, young and old, to not only dream big…but to then go and grab their dreams!

Simply put, Rod is living proof that there is still a place for Good Clean Comedy!
Website for Rod of God Comedy:

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Wild Cherry by Jihad

The King of Inspirational Urban lit is back. Jihad the National, and Essence bestselling author of STREET LIFE, BABY GIRL, RIDING RHYTHM , MVP and the phenomenal 2008 bestseller PREACHERMAN BLUES is back with his highly anticipated, controversial, erotic rollercoaster page turning drama WILD CHERRY.

Award winning, National and Essence Magazine bestselling author of six jaw dropping novels is back with WILD CHERRY. We’ve all read Donald Goines hit Daddy Cool, a story about the coolest and smoothest hitman in history, and Daddy Cool is just one novel that helped make Donald Goines the biggest selling African-American fiction author in history, but what you didn’t know is that Mr. Cool had a son known as the Surgeon, because of his preciseness and love for scalpels, and the Surgeon, had a daughter named Cherry, who became more infamous and dangerous than her grandfather and father.

She’s escaped from three mental institutions before the age of 25. Wild Cherry is an erotic adventure that will have you on the edge of your seat. Please go to and purchase and autographed copy of WILD CHERRY by Jihad at a 30% discount. Allow 3-5 days for delivery.

Also if you haven’t read one of the biggest hits of 2008, PREACHERMAN BLUES by Jihad, please go to read the synopsis and purchase your autographed copy today.
Last but not least, if you like James Patterson, John Grisham, or David Balducci, or just a great thriller with a twisted ending you don’t see coming, you will love my 3rd book MVP. And if you purchase any autographed three books from you will get a fourth autographed book of your choice free. Thank you so much for your love family. Without Kings and Queens like yourselves none of this would be possible. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or bookclub bookings. Email:

Order your autographed copy today online at a 30% discount at or purchase at your local African-American bookstore, Wal-mart, Borders, Barnes and Nobles or anywhere where books are sold, and please, leave a review on my site or at

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AlTonya Washington’s Projects for 2009

Take a look at author AlTonya Washington’s video where she discusses her upcoming projects for 2009 and beyond- including her debut audio release “Another Love.”

Ramsey VI “A Lover’s Beauty” has just released and I hope you’ll consider adding it to your collection along with my next Harlequin/Kimani title “Hudsons Crossing”.

Please take a look at my new video where I discuss the Ramseys and my debut Audio Book “Another Love” and more!! Visit my website:

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DOUBLE INSANITY by Karen Thompkins

Karen Thompkins, a psychiatric registered nurse at Mercy Philadelphia Hospital was a victim of domestic violence from 1995 to 2002. For seven years, she battled with her own emotions and the unstable temper of her boyfriend turned spouse. In two months, Karter Publishing will release Karen’s debut novel DOUBLE INSANITY: A Novel (Trade Paperback; Pub Date: April 21, 2009; $14.95; ISBN 10: 0-9820674-9-6).

DOUBLE INSANITY by Karen Thompkins is the drama-filled, reality-inspired, contemporary debut that will surely stir readers up and have them wanting to make a difference. In her first novel, literary newcomer Karen Thompkins takes readers on a crazy tumultuous relationship cursed with domestic abuse.

Filled with strong language and dark humor Karen Thompkins chronicles in a raw, yet entertaining way, disturbing events and bizarre accounts that take place on this emotional roller coaster. Jewel, a registered nurse with a sharp tongue, becomes romantically involved with Tony, a violent ex-con, who just finished serving five years in prison, for aggravated assault.

Despite Tony’s abusive behavior, in the beginning of the relationship Jewel becomes pregnant, and the two marry. These two insane individuals are intertwined in the vicious cycle of violence, humiliation and makeup sex known as the “sick dance”. Having been raised in an abusive relationship, Jewel sees Tony’s violent behavior as normal and tolerates it for seven years. However it is Tony’s infidelity that leads Jewel to snap and acquire her lover’s twisted, violent actions. In this revenge thriller, Jewel risks everything for the love of Tony, including her personal morals and freedom.

As a survivor of domestic abuse Karen Thompkins is passionate about bringing awareness to Domestic Violence. DOUBLE INSANITY will contain a Domestic Violence Resource Guide of national agencies and hotlines along with a personal letter of HOPE to abused women. From Hollywood to Harlem, Domestic Violence is not confined to any one socioeconomic, ethnic, religious, racial or age group and knows no geographic or educational boundaries. It also occurs within teenage relationships and among same-sex partnerships.

Introduction to Double Insanity A Novel by Karen Thompkins

SETTING: Summary of 1995 in the Philadelphia metro area. A time when The Notorious B.I.G. and the Bad Boy family ruled the airwaves, the World Wide Web launched, Pulp Fiction hit theatres—and Jewel Baker met Tony Tucker.

SYNOPSIS: Filled with strong language and dark humor Karen Thompkins chronicles in a raw, yet engaging way, disturbing events and bizarre incidences that take place in this dysfunctional and erratic love affair. Jewel, a confident registered nurse with a sharp tongue, becomes romantically involved with Tony, a sexy, smooth talking, violent ex-con, who just finished serving five years in prison, for aggravated assault.

Despite Tony’s unstable and abusive behavior in the beginning of the relationship Jewel remains hopeful about the potential good in him. Between hot sex and “husband of the year” type domestic acts, Tony keeps Jewel close and soon she becomes pregnant, and the two marry. These two insane individuals are intertwined in the vicious cycle of violence, humiliation and sexual manipulation.

Having been raised in an abusive relationship, Jewel sees Tony’s violent behavior as tolerable and stays for seven years. However, there is only but so much she can take and infidelity becomes the tipping point for her to break free. Jewel learns that in addition to being abusive Tony has cheated on her more than once .She snaps and resorts to seeking revenge on the other women.

In this first person narration, Jewel accounts how she has risks everything for the love of Tony, including her freedom and her personal morals—only to realize he isn’t worth it.


Chapter 1
The chapter opens with Tony and Jewel fussing over the change in Tony’s schedule and her suspicion of infidelity being the reason for the discrepancy. After harsh words are exchanged both ways, the fight becomes physical and Tony rips Jewels clothes off and puts her out of the apartment. The police come, but Jewel refuses to press charges.

Chapter 2
Jewel gives background information on her family and childhood. She is the youngest of eleven siblings. Her dad was a functional alcoholic who abused her mother. Jewel was molested by her older brother and became a promiscuous teenager, who had two teen pregnancies and one abortion.

Chapter 3
Tony is released from prison on parole after serving five years for aggravated assault for shooting a man. He reconnects with Jewel and they begin dating. Shortly thereafter, the physical and verbal abuse begins. Jewel files two Protection from Abuse Orders (PFAs), but does not follow through with them.

Chapter 4
The parole board files charges against Tony for violating his special condition to stay away from Jewel. Tony tells Jewel that the affair he was having with a co-worker is done. Feeling guilty and pity for Tony and the things he is dealing with because of the violation, Jewel hires an attorney to represent him. Tony is sentenced to ten months. Jewel is involved in a physical altercation with Mary, the woman Tony had been cheating with.

Chapter 5
Tony is released from prison and the abuse begins again. He forces Jewel out of the house at gunpoint to confront an old fling. Tony dials 911to warn them of Jewel’s murder. Again, Jewel refuses to press charges. Later, Tony knocks Jewel unconscious, drives her to the emergency room, and threatens the doctor. He lies to her about the incident and convinces her it was an accident. A part of Jewel believes him, but deep down she knows the truth.

Chapter 6
Jewel and Tony purchase a home. Tony begins to set goals for his life and finally finds a well-paying fulltime job that he loves. Feeling confident about their new life, they plan a pregnancy. When Jewel becomes pregnant, they get married. Tony is arrested a week before the due date for interfering with police business. A week after delivery, Jewel visits Tony in prison with their newborn and 9-year old daughter.

Chapter 7
Tony is released from prison again. He runs up over $3000 in credit card debt. Jewel finds a hotel charge on the credit card statement that rings an alarm. They attend marriage counseling, which quickly ends after Tony robs the therapist. Tony rapes Jewel in front of their toddler. He is arrested and released on bail. Tony talks Jewel out of pressing charges, and she forgives him, yet again, hoping that things will get better because she really loves him and is confident he feels the same for her.

Chapter 8
Jewel finds out Tony has been cheating on her again but this time in their home with a white woman. Jewel snaps, pulls out a gun on Tony, but he manages to take it from her. Jewel calls the police and they force him to leave the home.

Chapter 9
Jewel and her sister stake out Tony’s job to confront the mistress. Jewel confronts and kidnaps the mistress at knifepoint but soon realizes there was a case of mistaken identity. She learns the address of the correct women and heads to her house and attacks Tony’s mistress with a knife.

Chapter 10
Jewel files a PFA and Tony is evicted from the home. Both Jewel and her sister are arrested on assault charges filed by the mistress. Both are released on bail. Jewel is rearrested on additional harassment charges filed by the mistress.

Chapter 11
Jewel goes back and forth to court for two separates cases, including Tony’s multiple violations of the PFAs and for her assault charges on the mistress. In court, Tony shows up with Jewel’s 3-most-hated enemies: mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and mistress. Broke and homeless, Tony becomes desperate and plans a robbery of a prominent citizen. Jewel finds out and tips off the police. She hires a private investigator.

Chapter 12
The private investigator videotapes Tony and his mistress leaving the motel. Jewel finds out that Tony has been cheating with a family friend and she seeks revenge.

Chapter 13
Jewel’s only witness to help put Tony behind bars backs out on helping for the court hearing. Tony shows up again at court with his mother and sister. The hearing is postponed.

Chapter 14
Jewel and Jade appear at their criminal hearing. The mistress purgers herself on the stand, and the District Attorney attempts to have Jewel and Jade’s bail revoked and have them rearrested. Jewel takes Tony to court for child support, and they argue at the courthouse. Tony is not sentenced to jail time for violation of the PFAs; instead he is given supervision and community service hours. Jewel is rearrested on harassment charges against the mistress. Tony wants to reconcile with Jewel and has his mistress drop the charges.

Chapter 15
Jewel attempts to get the mistress fired. She forgives Tony for everything and a few days later, he fractures her nose. Crying and distraught, he attempts to commit suicide by putting a gun to his head in front of the children.

Chapter 16
Jewel talks Tony into signing himself into a psychiatric hospital. She reports the assault to the police and they take photos of her nose. After Tony is discharged from the hospital, he willingly turns him into the police. He agrees that he needs to be punished for his behavior and asks Jewel to wait for him. Jewel visits Tony in prison to let him know she has filed for divorce.


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Author Spotlight Rekaya Gibson

Author Spotlight Rekaya Gibson
The Food Temptress (Women Fiction)

Who knows how to convert a gay man into a straight lover using a pineapple upside-down cake? Only Ambrosia Bourgeois, The Food Temptress, can accomplish such a task. The New Orleans Goddess of Gastronomy uses food to seduce men in hopes of creating Mister Right. Paralleling southern cuisine, each short story captures the hearts and minds of different men.

In the Power of the Pudding Chapter, Ambrosia realizes that her bread pudding cannot withstand the demands of an associate minister’s plans to make her a dutiful wife. When she decides to forget about him and travels to Atlanta to visit her friend, she ends up in the bathroom with Black Thunder, a local stripper. It is not her fault; the peach cobbler was intended for the birthday girl.

Ambrosia perfects her craft by using traditional recipes from her deceased grandmother and occasionally consulting her mysterious aunt. When she discovers that her meals fall short of converting the man to her specifications, she moves on to the next one—a total of 16 ranging from the local police chief to a Bourbon Street musician. Will she reach her goal before the monstrous hurricane hits her city? The Food Temptress serves a delectable treat connected by Ambrosia’s continuing quest for both romantic and culinary perfection.

Rekaya Gibson is a Consultant and Freelance Writer. Her love for food is evident throughout her fiction work, The Food Temptress, and her children’s book, Are There French Fries in Heaven? She has written article for “Cabo Living Magazine,” “Desert Saints Magazine,” and “Lake of the Ozarks Second Home Living Magazine.”

In 2006, she self-published an e-Book, Wow Them With Your Grant Proposal, and other grant-related Special Reports under her own e-publishing company, Gibson Girl Publishing Company. Rekaya has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of New Orleans. She resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can reach her by going to and

The Food Temptress was released on January 15, 2009. The 244-page book is a trade paperback. The Food Temptress is available in bookstores nationwide, Amazon, and other Internet merchants. It retails for $14.95. ISBN-10: 0-977-9398-3-9/ ISBN-13: 978-09779398-3-1

Rekaya Gibson, Author of The Food Temptress
Read the Weekly Blog at
Watch the Book Trailer at
Buy the book on, Bookstores Nationwide, or Amazon
ISBN-10: 0-977-9398-3-9 / ISBN-13: 978-0-9779398-3-1

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Intimate Conversation with author Jessica L. Terry

Intimate Conversation with author Jessica L. Terry

‘Some Like ’em Thick’ is a book about three friends who each have issues with being ‘thick.’ Be it because of men, family, other women, or themselves, they have come to believe that their size is the cause of all of their problems and issues. As they try to be there for each other, they each have to come to individually realize that their problems won’t be erased just with losing weight, but with learning to love themselves…

Finish this sentence: I am Powerful because…
I am powerful because I recognize that I have a gift from God and I’m utilizing it, thereby living my dream.

Where are you from? How did you start your writing journey?
– I’m from Douglasville, GA; never lived anywhere else. I began writing a long time ago; I don’t even remember how old I was. But I made up my own series, my own comic strip, among other things. Before the magic of computers I handwrote everything; all my novels, short stories, poetry, everything. Sometimes even in pencil. LOL.

Who are your two main characters and what do you like most about them?
– I actually have three main characters ( I can’t leave one of ’em out!). Oasis, Salvatrice, and Irie are each so different…I like Oasis because she doesn’t hold her tongue about anything; she’s in-your-face and she stands up for her friends all day everyday. Salvatrice is so levelheaded; perfect to turn to in a crisis. Irie has that innocence that she doesn’t really try to hide, but is still very intelligent. And you can always count on her to say something kooky and off-the-wall. 🙂
What makes your book stand out and would entice a reader pick it up?
– My book speaks to real women about something that most of us go through everyday of our lives. Even the most confident woman can have those moments of insecurity behind closed doors. Just about everyone knows someone like one of the main characters. Its very relatable.
Ultimately, what do you want readers to gain from your book?
– I want my readers to be entertained, but also to realize that there’s nothing wrong with having flaws. We can still be loved even though we’re not perfect.
What is the most surprising thing you have learned in creating books?
– How much FUN it is!! Its actually a thrill for me to create new characters and take them through different situations and adventures. I try to picture each scene as I write it so hopefully the reader can see it, too, and relate to it more.
What would you say has been your most significant achievement as a writer?
– Getting that first book published was a major thing for me; it was something I’ve always dreamed about. I just remained persistent and patient; as hard as it was to not take the first deal that came along, I’m glad I met someone I could trust to guide me through the process.
What advice would you give a new writer? – Just keep writing; you get better the more you do it. Its amazing to read things I wrote years ago and see how far I’ve come. Reading also helps my writing. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for advice or help, and always keep your eyes and ears open…you never know when something will trigger your imagination and inspire your next story.
Would you change anything about your journey?
As far as changing anything about my journey, if anything I would just say not waiting so long to kick things into high gear. For years I just wrote for fun, and that was cool…but I didn’t realize it was a gift that I needed to share. I do now.
Name 3 things that it takes to make a successful author, in your opinion?
– Imagination, persistence, and good contacts.
What can we expect from you in the future?
– You can definitely expect more books from me…there are plenty, plenty more on the horizon, waiting to be written. I look forward to when I can write full time!
Share with us your latest news, events or upcoming book releases.
– My next book will be coming out in the next few months…I have a book signing coming up on February 21st…I’m working on book numbers 8 and 9 and itching to get to all the others!

Author Jessica L. Terry

Website is under contruction!

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Music Spotlight: June Rochelle

June Rochelle kicked off 2008 in a big way by releasing her new CD “Play This” and gaining the attention of President elect Barack Obama’s Campaign for Change where she was the headliner for one of their events in the state of Indiana that went from red to blue. Hollywood star Sanaa Lathan used her star power to plug the event in Indianapolis and the rest is of course history.

June has graced the stage with the legendary Diana Ross and Celine Dion at Indiana’s Verizon Center and opened for Yolanda Adams in Huntsville, AL; debuted on Billboard Charts at 37, (currently charting at #21 in Euro) featured in the Hollywood Insider of the Los Angeles Times, in Ebony Magazine (sharing the page with Tyler Perry’s Madea and Oprah) in the Sounding Off section, on MTV online, in Jet Magazine, in Blues and Soul Magazine (in that same issue is Ciara, Macy Gray, Neo Justine Timberlake, etc), in the Historic Indianapolis Recorder, in BRE Magazine (sharing the page with Forest Whitaker and Tyler Perry) and featured as CD pick of the week on Access Hollywood. As an actress she had a leading role as Anna Gordy Gaye, the wife of the legendary singer Marvin Gaye, in the national hit stage play “The Life Story of Marvin Gaye” where she received rave reviews. Her music is in high demand in the UK and the US. She has won the coveted En Sound Entertainment Best Female Vocalist of the Year award.

She has been featured in internet press such as the Belle Report, Gospel Flava, Streaming Faith, Cross Rhythms (UK), Serge Entertainment & Gospel and to name a few. All these things propelling her out in front and not by chance as an independent artist that soared beyond the norm. Her music (produced by Robert Tatum, Jr.), is universal and they share a music and media company, Remarkable Entertainment Music and Media.

She’s been featured on many television shows crossing the nation ranging from Jeff Majors Gospel of Music on TVOne in Los Angeles, to Jim Bakker in St. Louis to The Dino show in Nashville, TN (which is the 1 TV show on TBN) also on cable show CN8 TV and on the Dr. Bobby Jones Gospel Show. She has videos that currently air on BET, the Word Network and TBN’s JCTV that she directed and produced and her new video “A Better Place” which can be seen on youtube at

June states, “It is amazing to see what God had planned for me and even more amazing that I am living my dreams to make the world a better place.”There is so much more on the horizon for June Rochelle including her interest in pursuing a major motion picture role, but one thing is for sure she is making this world “A Better Place” the title of her new single. All are available at and at

“I believe the songs on my new CD will encourage people to know that nothing is impossible if you just believe.†Play This” is an endeavor to make the world better thru music from June Rochelle.Also check out June Rochelle’s Christmas CD sampler at

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From Cover to Cover Literary Talk Show


(HOUSTON, TX April, 2009) –Two bestselling authors with extensive media experience, ReShonda Tate Billingsley and Pat Tucker have joined creative forces to launch From Cover to Cover Literary talk show. The show, which is designed to help authors promote their work, and explore aspects of the literary industry, will debut on Houston Radio Station, KPFT 90.1 FM, on April 22, 2009 from noon to 1p.m. CST.

From Cover to Cover will provide a venue for authors to expand their audience and readership through the powerful medium of FM Radio. The show’s format will be a combination of informative literary news stories, topic-driven segments, live author interviews, and good old fashioned product description and exploration.

In addition to author interviews, the show’s stories will cover a wide range of topics and issues related to the literary industry, including the exploration of new trends like the rapidly-expanding digital market, the trials and tribulations of publishing, and much, much more. The show will educate readers and consumers alike with topical discussions, like how electronic readers such as the Amazon Kindle and the Sony eReader, along with smart phones, iPods, PDAs, will impact the industry.

Recognizing the changing climate of the literary industry Pat and ReShonda want to utilize their combined literary and media experiences to make a positive impact on the industry. Through the show, the producers will reach out to publishers, booksellers, bookclubs, distributors, and others to create a dialog among those directly related to the overall success of a book.

“We’re entering a crowded arena, but we have a competitive advantage due to our=2 0unique media experience as well as our location on an FM station in the 11th largest media market in the U.S. We believe our media background and experienced support team dedicated to the show’s success will set us apart from many of the blog radio programs currently in existence,” says co-host Pat Tucker, who also pointed out the void of shows like this on FM Radio.

Together, Pat and ReShonda have over 35 years of experience working in radio and television news. Both have worked as television news and radio reporters after receiving broadcast journalism degrees from their respective universities. It’s this background, coupled with the duo’s extensive literary experience, that ReShonda believes will make From Cover to Cover a viable force in the literary industry.

“We are looking forward to producing exceptionally high-quality programming, while offering authors the ability to help spread the word about their work. In today’s li terary market, authors need every advantage available. A well-produced show, with quality content at no charge to the authors, with direct access to a firm listener base and the potential to reach others through live streaming on the station’s website, will make a huge impact. That’s what From Cover to Cover will deliver,” added co-host ReShonda Tate Billingsley.

From Cover to Cover can be heard on Houston’s 90.1 FM and streaming via the World Wide Web at

For additional information on From Cover to Cover, or the co-hosts and their credentials, please visit our website at

If you are an author or represent an author who would like to be featured on From Cover to Cover please send a n electronic press kit to the show’s Executive Producer, Ron Reynolds, at If you have literary news or an upcoming literary event to share, also email

If you have a business related to the literary industry, please forward contact information for our building rolodex so that we may call upon you for research, possible interviews, or sound bites for upcoming show episodes.

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Smart Ways to Increase Your Income

Smart Ways to Increase Your Income While Saving Yourself Time, Money and Effort

William R. Patterson Wealth Coach Best-selling Author
Do you know there are things you should be doing now to increase your income, automate and scale your business, but you just can seem to find the time to implement them? Are feeling overwhelmed, intimated, or confused by the vast number of emerging technologies and don’t know which to use to accelerate the growth of your business? Do you know which online and offline business and social networks yield the profitable results? Do you know which tools can help you optimize your business and increase your conversion rates by 300-1,000%?

There is no need to waste your time and resources trying to figure out:
Where should I direct my energy to attract more customers?
How do I quickly build the right team?
Which systems integrate best?
Which tools are worth investing in to triple my business and free up more time?
Which networks are worth joining to help me make needed connections?
BARON Business Coaching provides you with the right answers and turnkey solutions, maximizing your ROI of time and money. Use BARON Business Coaching to help you stop working “in your business” and start working on being able to “scale and sell your business” to create the wealth you deserve.
Remember, time is your most valuable asset.Treat it as such.
There are primarily ten key factors to consider when planning the growth of your business:

Demand — What is the current sustainable demand for your company’s products and services? How many quarters ahead can you reasonably predict the company’s revenue and earnings?
Business Model — Does your business have an adequate product/service line, diversified client base, and margins to support and sustain growth? Is your company’s business model scalable and does it have effective lead generation systems, a product development schedule, marketing and contact management systems, and turnkey joint-venture programs or must they be developed?

Exit Strategy — Is your ultimate desire to automate, sell, or take the business public?

Market Size — How big is your market? What untapped niches exist?
Integration and Joint-Venture Opportunities — What are the joint-venture and vertical integration opportunities that can help you quickly lower costs, access new leads, and add new products and services to your line?

Read More: Read Entire Article Now! Submit Your Question Now!

Seven Reasons More Entrepreneurs Choose BARON Wealth & Business Coaching
1. Delivers the most comprehensive, fully-integrated entrepreneurship training program in the industry.

2. Increases your productivity while giving you more time off to spend with family and friends.
The BARON integrated model offers you a higher return on investment and improved odds for long-term success compared to other entrepreneurship training programs.
3. Provides you with a comprehensive sustaining support system which includes one-on-one guidance from industry experts and over 1,000 resources and accelerators.
4. Saves you tens-of-thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in research and implementation time.
5. Provides you with cutting-edge strategies, best-practices taught by industry leaders, and highly-effective marketing systems to generate more sales and income.
6. Equips you with the proper coaching, planning, training, tools, and partnerships to become more profitable, stable, and better manage growth.
7. BARON Wealth Coaching can help you quadruple the speed at which you reach your business and financial goals over planning yourself or other methods and programs.
Leverage #1 Wealth Coach William R. Patterson to help you quickly start or improve the profits of your small business. Multiply your odds for success with the proper coaching, planning, training, tools, and partnerships. Request BARON Wealth Coaching Now: I’m ready to be the next BARON success story!
Use the BARON free Business Coaching resources section to leverage industry best-practices, turnkey solutions, and value-added resources to achieve larger profits, growth and stability for your business.
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Meet author Nesta A. Aharoni

Author Name: Nesta A. Aharoni
Book Title: My Goodness: My Kids, Cultivating Decency in a Dangerous World

(Mom’s Choice Award winner)
My book inspires parents to focus first and foremost on goodness, honor, and
integrity–above and beyond all of the other things parents focus on today.
It teaches parents to recognize the many character-building opportunities
that occur in family units every day, and to act on them. It motivates
parents to look ahead to the type of person they will one day be releasing
into society.
Should we pay our kids for grades? Should we relax an arbitrary curfew in
order to allow our teenagers more personal freedom? What should we do about
R-rated movies and offensive song lyrics? Is it okay to discipline toddlers?
Is it helpful to allow kids to negotiate their own punishment? Does praise
build confidence or arrogance? These topics, and many more, are tackled in
“My Goodness: My Kids.”
My Goodness: My Kids, has just been honored with a MOM’S CHOICE AWARD. Mom’s
Choice Awards is the benchmark for excellence in family-friendly media, products, and services.

Nesta Aharoni, Author/Publisher
My Goodness: My Kids, Cultivating Decency in a Dangerous World
Mom’s Choice Award Winner
San Diego, CA

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Meet author Ashea Goldson

Intimate Conversation with Ashea Goldson a Christian fiction author

Although Ashea Goldson is a new Christian fiction author, she is certainly no stranger to the craft of writing. She has been writing her whole life. She has written for local publications such as The Atlanta Christian Chronicle, The Senior News, The Georgia Poetry Society Newsletter and a variety of online publications. She has published several poetry collections as well as a non-fiction book entitled Resurrecting Vision:45 Steps To Digging Up Your Destiny And Seeing It Through God’s Eyes.
Editing for her own publishing company, Goldwrite Publishing, a faith based traditional small press, keeps her busy. She is currently working on her second Christian fiction novel. Born in Brooklyn, NewYork, she is a graduate of Fordham University, a wife of twenty two years, a mother of two, the co- owner of a Christian school, a devoted member and community groups ministry leader of World Changers Church International.

Introduce us to your new book Lovechild.

Makaeli Lovechild Hunt, an African-American designer, a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and a member of a prestigious New Jersey family is spending the best years of her life in Italy , building a formidable career in fashion. Armed with vengeful determination she runs from her bi-racial background, the intimacy of romantic love, friendships, her family and most importantly,God.
Along the way, she secretly longs to renew her relationship with God and she remembers Mrs. Pearl, a Christian woman, who introduced her to Christianity. Since being saved is more than just a walk to the altar as Makaeli has not yet learned, she believes that forgiveness and restoration are impossible.
She is busy rejecting the romantic advances of a caring Italian-American photographer when she receives the call that changes her life. Her abusive older sister is in a drug induced coma and her controlling oldest sister summons her home. With her emotions suppressed, she packs a mysterious note she has kept for years and decides this is the time to find out the truth behind it.
Within a period of seven days Makaeli goes home to battle a dying sister, a psychotic mother, and two overbearing siblings. To make matters worse she learns that she was switched at birth and that her biological mother is actually the dying sister she has hated all her life. Makaeli, unable to deal with the truth, flies back to Venice to resume the façade that is her life, only for God to remind her to forgive. With the encouragement of her gentleman friend, Antonio and her former confidante, Mrs. Pearl, she makes a final trip home for confrontation and resolution.
Inevitably, she makes her way back into the church, accepting God’s unconditional love, overcoming her fears and overcoming the bitterness that threatens to destroy her. Realizing that she is God’s lovechild, she stops running and sets out to mend all the broken relationships she abandoned along the way. Putting on the whole armor of God, through her re-dedicated salvation, she combats every work of the enemy and arises from victim to victorious.

Interview Questions:
1. What inspired you to write the Lovechild?

A surge of compassion toward the broken, a need to express God’s unfailing, undying love for those who are the most bruised in our world.

2. Who inspired the characters?
No one in particular. These are totally fictional characters.

3. Why did you choose to address the particular issues in Makaeli’s life?
I wanted to address the issues of abandonment, rejection, loneliness, and self-hatred because I feel these issues are so powerful and yet they are so basic.

4. Is there a message for readers to grasp?
The message is that God’s agape love is perfect and never ending, that no matter what you’ve gone through or done, that God can restore you.

5. Have you had to deal with any of the issues that Makaeli has had to deal with?
Well, both my parents are African American so I’ve never had to deal with the bi-racial issue. Likewise, I’ve never had to deal specifically with the kind of abuse that Makaeli suffered at the hands of her sister, but I can relate to human suffering. I’ve certainly been hurt before. I’ve also been on both the giving and the receiving end of forgiveness. Certainly I’ve experienced God’s love in both instances. As far as mental illness, no, my own mother has never suffered with mental illness.

6.What are your future aspirations as a Christian author?
My aspiration as a Christian fiction author is to write many more novels in this genre which will, hopefully, affect the hearts of hurting people. I would like to reach the entire world with the gospel through fiction.

7. How is the growing popularity of Christian fiction affecting everyday lives?
I think that people are getting saved and not only saved but delivered. I believe that Christian fiction is significant in combating a lot of the ignorance about God and about the Bible. Christian fiction puts these messages in a story format, much like Jesus did with parables, to get ordinary people to understand our extraordinary savior.

8. What is your next project?
My next Christian fiction novel is not the sequel to the Lovechild, although there will be a sequel. I am currently working on is called When Joy Comes In The Morning. It addresses the church’s position concerning abortions and out of wedlock pregnancies. The challenge is self-righteousness vs righteousness. These unmarried mothers are often humiliated at the church for their past sin while abortions are being done secretly everyday under the noses of the ministry.

9. You’re also a wife, a mother, an educator, an entrepreneur, and a poet can you tell me how you can you manage it all?
It’s only Christ who strengthens me and therefore I put him first in all that I do. I love what I do. In fact I’ve been called to do what I do so it’s not like work to me. I just trust God and keep going.

10. Is there anything else you would like us to know about you or your writing?
I’m very down to earth. I love God and my family and everything I do revolves around that. My life is pretty simple actually. Concerning my writing, God put that passion in me. I tried to ignore it for years but once I embraced it, then God released his anointing on my life. My writing is just an extension of who I am.

Contact Info

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SOJOURN IN CALIDIA by Dr. Niama L. J. Williams

Intimate Conversation with Dr. Niama Williams

ISBN: 978-1-4357-2678-9

Dr. Niama L. Williams is a poet, novelist, essayist, memoirist
and former adjunct professor of English with a Leeway Foundation grant,
inclusion in an NAACP Image award nominated anthology (Check the
Rhyme), and participation in a Sable Magazine/Arvon Foundation writing
workshop in the United Kingdom under her belt. She is available for
comment at

* Tell us what motivated you to write this book.
Sojourn in Calidia has the distinction of being the only novel I’ve written so far that is complete and total fiction. Based on real people, a few characters, but made up whole cloth. Arising out of my studies in Latin American literature and history during my years at Occidental College as an undergraduate. I remember my thesis committee calling me in to see if I knew something about a few of my professors that they didn’t think I SHOULD know, given how accurately I wrote about them. Just me being deeply intuitive, though I didn’t know it at the time.

* Who did you write this book for?
Professor Enrique Riveros Schafer, to whom the book is dedicated. I had a mean crush on him, but mostly I realize now, I was attracted to his pain. Even then, in my barely twentys, I sought out men who were emotionally distressed, wanting to help them.

Not much has changed. 🙂

* Bring your 3 main characters to life. Tell us who they are and what you love about them.
Cassie Daniels, named for my 7th and 9th grade English teacher who patiently read all of my junior high school notebooks of poetry, is a woman not willing to accept or believe in her mental illness. She is newly diagnosed and not liking it one bit. Doesn’t help that in the middle of her journey toward acceptance, she is called to assist a guerrilla leader in winning the presidency of his country.

Jonathan Grayson is a typical novelistic hero who is a bit testy about not quite being able or being needed to save the woman he loves. He discovers surprising strengths within himself when confronted with one of Cassie’s deadly archenemies, and it ends up being Jonathan’s sacrifice of several days in the desert that allows Cassie to complete her mission.

The man with the forgettable face is my third favorite character in this novel because he is so misunderstood and so diabolical–and it is the guerrilla leader most who wants to save him.

* Where are you from? What is your favorite book, music, movie, play?
Oh God. You had to ask. Okay: favorite novels: The Salt Eaters by Toni Cade Bambara. Damballah by John Edgar Wideman. The Temple of My Familiar by Alice Walker. The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison. The House of Sand and Fog by Andre Dubus. Favorite books of poetry? Postcards from August by Kate Braverman. The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T. S. Eliot.

Music? I would not have survived high school, I would not survive life, without Barry Manilow. Manilow gets me through when I am down, down, down, and up is looking impossible. There’s also Billy Joel (I’ve got this thing about piano players ….), Elton John, Sting, James Taylor, Barbra Streisand, STEVIE WONDER, Michael Jackson, Kenny Loggins, Maroon 5, RASCAL FLATTS, Garth Brooks, Kris Kristofferson’s one lone country album, Aretha Franklin (early work), Oleta Adams, Neil Diamond, I could go on …..

Favorite movies: The Prince of Tides (first DVD I ever bought), Nuts, Yentl, Field of Dreams, The Wide Wide World, What Dreams May Come, Good Will Hunting, Proof with Gwyneth Paltrow.

Play? I took my mother, for Mother’s Day or her birthday, I can’t remember, to see Christopher
Reeve in Summer and Smoke and we had front row seats …… I’ve never forgotten that day ……….

* How do you spend your free time? Do you write poetry or sing?
I have this dream of doing a private thank you concert for the musicians who saved my life with their music: Sting, Billy Joel, Manilow …. I have a lilting voice, I am told, but I have no professional training. One day I’ll get the professional training.

I have recently discovered the ability to sketch, a talent I didn’t think I had, and I find it very relaxing and freeing. Primarily because I don’t have to be good at it, I can fail, be mediocre and still enjoy myself. I push myself so hard everywhere else, but with the sketching no one has to
teach me, it’s just me expressing and I like that. No standards to live up to. Every artist should have one thing they do just for themselves. Perhaps like Vincent’s (D’Onofrio) blues guitar.

* What is your process for creating a novel? Do you plot out the story or do the characters speak to you?
I am rambling rosie, letting the words come and fall as they may. It makes me difficult to understand sometimes, but most people enjoy the entire experience.

* Could you image your life without writing today?
No. No way. I’d be insane. Debilitated.

* Do you feel writing is for those trained to write or for anyone who has a story to tell?
Writing is for those that need it.

ISBN: 978-1-4357-2678-9

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Sweet Soul Sisters Bookclub Events

Sweet Soul Sisters Book Club Literary Events

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