Poem: 40 Years A Journey by Ronald Sorenson

15 Apr

40 Years A Journey

Promise land eye thee
Outside how we see
Past the future does not bring
Hear inside we bleed as one
Divide the fall this for all
Unite we blend stand tall
Broken wounds hearts heal
Seek in breath peace a call
Blind a frown looking down
Feel loves touch lift us up
Land of promise no stop
Dreams all there we have
Dr. King slain not in vein
Rise from pain all to gain
Flesh to earth life in soul
Blended seek goal is love
Overcome from one to we

-Ronald Sorenson
A.D.D. Poet

All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2008

Ron Sorenson the former homebuilder has been diagnosed with A.D.D (Attention Deficit Disorder). Recently he began a diet and exercise program to manage his ADD. The side effect of this non-prescription treatment of ADD has been a creative explosion. Ron now creates poetry that has received recognition and applause from academic institutions such as Rutgers University, Stanford University, Jonn Fee Okford University, San Francisco Art Institute Suzanne Olemsted Addmissions,The Bereavement Society and his celebrity fans include Jonny Depp, Red Hot Chlie Peppers Jewel, many more and names of some that would not or frienship open and not private anymore. Ron began writing poetry for Kathy. She noticed his talent and with the positive reinforcement he began spreading his poetry to others. Ron is now referred to as the “A.D.D. Poet.”

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