National Campaign to Promote Health and Literacy

16 Apr

April 13, 2009
Baltimore, Maryland

National Campaign to Promote Health and Literacy

Maryland’s Ella D Curry of EDC Creations Media Group ( has partnered up with The Risqué Café to promote health and literacy through a fundraising campaign called “Losing 4 Literacy” which is a 12-week weight-loss/wellness challenge with the purpose of helping to fund a foundation which will empower inner-city and troubled youths to express themselves in a positive manner, bring awareness to the literary community and promote healthier lifestyles.

The challenge will be hosted and facilitated by The Risqué Café – a website and marketing company created to connect authors and readers ( At the conclusion of the 12-week challenge, the top (3) three teams with the highest percentage of weight loss will be rewarded a cash prize, products, books, and more!

The challenge is designed to encourage and promote literacy, as well as help participants develop healthier lifestyles so they can live longer. Lifestyle/Wellness coaches from “Healthy You 4 Life” will provide support, meal plans, and wellness consulting throughout the teams 12 week journey to a healthy you.

Over 12 weeks, the teams will learn healthy eating habits, and how to make optimum food choices for life. Studies show the camaraderie, encouragement, accountability and motivation of group weight loss competitions lead to greater success. Statistics show weight is a key predictor of a number of chronic, life-threatening diseases such as diabetes. Not only can healthy weight loss turn those disorders around, but it leads to increased energy and productivity, and higher self esteem.

Ella D Curry of EDC Creations Media Group says, “Losing4Literacy is a positive cause that will bring more awareness to education and healthcare plus bring communities together on a local as well as national level. This is a wonderful opportunity to reach back and give to others and possibly touch the lives of youths who have taken or are on the wrong path.”

Registration begins March 25, 2009 and ends May 17, 2009. Adults and youth are welcomed to participate. This is for a great cause.

Registration fee is $30 per team of 5 members. To be best prepared and find out the rules, interested individuals should visit

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