Book Review: That Devil’s No Friend of Mine by J.D. Mason

22 Apr

That Devil’s No Friend of Mine by J.D. Mason
Review by Tavares S. Carney
Amazon Rating: 4

What Lies Beneath

Author, J.D. Mason, brings readers into the lives of characters Kristine Fontaine, Lamar and Rhonda, Cole and Nora, Rayne, T. Diggs, and Cash. That Devil’s No Friend of Mine is a story of a trail of secrets, lies and family ties left behind by a strong-willed man, Bishop Fontaine, with convictions that influenced his family and those he cared for to still be concerned with what he’d think of them and their actions, even
after his death.

Upon Bishop’s passing, the author weaves a tale with characters whose
lives are, unknowingly, intertwined by Bishop Fontaine. Kristine,
Bishop’s only child, is the heiress to a million-dollar business owned
by her father and family-friend, Lamar. Kristine’s vulnerability and
innocence is tucked away when she finds new life in being able to make
her own decisions, as well as come to terms with secrets of the past.
Finding new love in Tauris Diggs helps Kristine to process her emotions,
deal with her past and face the future. Supporting characters, Cole and
Nora, Cash and Rayne add a twist to the story by offering subplots of
volatile marriage and drug addiction.

The novel is a relatively fast-read. I did want to know what would
happen next. I did close the novel, however, with a sense of not knowing
if I was happy with the ending, only because I’d like to know how things
turn out for Kristine and T. Diggs. Then again, that’s what sequels are
for. I liked this story. It read well for me and I would definitely consider
other titles by this author. –Review by Tavares S. Carney

Tavares S. Carney is a marketing and promotions specialist, as well as an avid
reader and book reviewer. She is also a journalist and has had articles
and reviews published in several online publications, blogs and websites
including, Exodus Magazine, Key of Gee E-zine, SISTAH Talk, Motown
Writers Network, Sankofa Literary Society and more. Preferred genres
are Christian fiction, Christian nonfiction, African American literary
fiction that has an overall inspirational, motivational or encouraging
theme, some African American historical fiction, memoirs and

Authors and readers may contact Tavares at or check out her blog, The Pleasing Spoon – Get Fed The Good Stuff!, at Network with Tavares on Myspace at .

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