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Intimate Conversation with Terri Schlichenmeyer, Book Reviewer

Intimate Conversation with Terri Schlichenmeyer, Book Reviewer

The Bookworm Sez is a book review column for newspapers or magazines of any size or market. Over 3 million readers around the country and internationally read The Bookworm. You can, too! Just contact your local newspaper or magazine and tell them, “I want to read what The Bookworm Sez!” The Bookworm is Terri Schlichenmeyer. Terri has been reading since she was 3 years old and she never goes anywhere without a book. She lives on a hill in Wisconsin with two dogs and 11,000 books.

Ella: Hello Terri, how did you get your start in this business/industry?
My then-husband was loudly complaining about my “book habit”. I was working at a radio station at the time, so I thought maybe I could put my books to good use. I asked if I could do radio reviews. A couple months later, a friend-of-a-friend asked me to do a newspaper article. I saw that there was a market for low-cost, reliable book reviewers so I started marketing myself and here I am…

Ella: Did you have any formal business training?
I spent 5 years as the copywriter at that radio station. Because I was considered a part of the sales dept., I was expected to attend all sales training (even though it had no direct use for my job at the time). After I started writing my column, I took what I learned from my former job and applied it to my own business.

Ella: What separates you and your firm from the competition?
I have a style all my own. I’m reliable and professional. I can churn out four or five quality columns each week, ON TIME and within word count, spell-checked and ready to go. Because I offer so many options, editors can choose what they want to run. And I’m inexpensive.

Ella: How would you describe your experience as a Entrepreneur?
Freelancing isn’t for the faint of heart, but I’ve learned to think so far outside the box that I can’t even SEE the box sometimes. Being an entrepreneur often means nudging your brain in a different direction and pouncing on small things that nobody else notices.

Ella: What do you like most about your profession?
A couple things: I work with some fantastic people! Every one of my editors knows I’m approachable… and they approach me. I love that. I also like working at my own pace and setting my own hours. Oh, and I love working barefoot… it’s one of the better perks. (grin)

Ella: What is your biggest challenge in business? How did you overcome it?
I’m an impatient person since birth (I was born 6 weeks early, so….) I have a few close, trusted friends who remind me all the time that things are cyclical and that I need to remember to breathe deep and hang loose. They ground me and make me see real.

Ella: What advice would you give someone just starting out in your industry?
Failure should never be an option. Always be prepared with a Plan B, but never give up on Plan A. And remember that freelancing is HARD WORK. Don’t kid yourself by thinking you’re going to skid by; you’re going to work harder than you ever have before, but you’ll love it twice as much.

Ella: What do you hope to offer your clients or customers to shape their lives?
I am FIERCE about literacy!! I hope – through my column – that I can entice someone to read more, which will enhance her life, teach him something, give them something to share.

Ella: What are 3 things all leaders possess?
Perseverance, tenacity, and the ability to switch gears when the situation warrants.

Ella: How does your mission or vision keep your business growing?
I get really excited when I can tell someone about my product. THAT is what wakes me up. When I’m having a not-so-good day, I know I need to make some cold-calls. It really gets me revved because I know there are people who share my enthusiasm and it’s up to me to find them.

Ella: What’s new in your company for 2009?
I’m branching out! I now work with several different niche markets and am always on the lookout for new ones. This year, I’ve added parenting publications to my client list, as well as medical publications and more.

Always Double-Booked…
Terri Schlichenmeyer
The Bookworm Sez, LLC
Twitter ( @bookwormsez )

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Black Book Clubs Rock Awards, June 20, 2009

The Black Book Clubs Rock Awards is the only show of its kind that honors excellence in the literary community for book clubs and other literary entities.

Hosted by the Sistah Confessions Book Club and radio show, # 1 in Inspirational and Christian Fiction, this event will take place in the beautiful Radisson Hotel in Largo, MD June 20, 2009. Be a part of this wonderful event by purchasing your tickets today!

What to expect:
· Featured author discussions and signings
· Book Club awards
· Door prize drawings
· Catered lunch
· And More!

When and Where:
June 20, 2009
Radisson Hotel
9100 Basil Court
Largo, MD 20774
Ph. 301.773.0700

There is still time to register! Get your tickets today! A special discount will be given to those who register before May 1, 2009. Contact for more information.

Tifany Jones
Founder and Coordinator
Black Book Clubs Rock Awards
(Ph.) 641- 715-3900 ext. 76644#

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Black College Sabbatical: Fall Quarter

The Black College Sabbatical: Fall Quarter
by Tracie E. Christian

The Black College Experience: Underrated, Underestimated and Unappreciated. Venture on a journey with an Angel to feel the real ‘Tricks behind the Bricks”. See why H.B.C.U’s should be Forever Celebrated!

About the Book
BLACK COLLEGES: Underrated, Underestimated & Unappreciated until NOW! The Black College Sabbatical – FALL QUARTER is a new school, coming of age story chronicling the experiences of four young ladies of different cultural, economic and social backgrounds, each beginning her first year at Heritage State University.

Kyla Mansfield, is attending Heritage in line with her family’s long-standing tradition. While somewhat bourgeois, Kyla’s Integrity and warmth will show all that this prim and proper, young woman is more than just the younger sister of the most popular girl on campus.
Ananda Harris, is academically gifted with natural athletic abilities. Growing up with an overbearing father, this over achiever is no stranger to hard work. Her Perseverance is put to the test as she works to live up to her father’s high expectations, while embracing the freedoms of college.
Tina Hutchins, a Home Girl full of attitude and quick wit; attends Heritage on a full Journalism scholarship. A loner by nature, her Courage is challenged as she works to smoothly blend her fly girl style with her non-African American descent and new surroundings.

Cierra Folsom, is a chocolate angel in disguise that grew up dirt poor, with an addict mother and a huge sence of Loyalty. Grandma’s guidance and love finds Cierra trail blazing through Heritage on a partial Dance scholarship with the HSU Marching Band family…Cierra’s first.
I am the Guardian Angel sent here on a quest to protect. I have Courage, Integrity, Loyalty and Perseverance for survival. I also brought bits of Betrayal, Drama, Secretes and Sex just to keep things interesting. Now, all I need is a traveling companion. Someone to help figure out which of our ladies needs me most! Why not YOU? Together, let’s bask in the truth’s light reading The Black College Sabbatical * FALL QUARTER.

348 pages; quality trade paperback (softcover)
catalogue #07-0988
ISBN 1-4251-2836-X
Tracie E. Christian is the Founder and President of KTE Foundation for Literary Discovery Incorporated – a 501 c 3 non-profit organization dedicated to the concept of Revitalizing Excitement Around Literacy for youth throughout the metropolitan Detroit area through innovative, entertaining, as well as, creative programming and special events celebrating exposure to the Literary and Communication Arts. She attended Central State and Wayne State Universities respectively. A wife and mother, Tracie resides in her home town of Detroit, Michigan with her family.

Tracie E. Christian, Author of: The Black College Sabbatical – FALL QUARTER (

The Black College Sabbatical – WINTER QUARTER (
Urban Verses: Poetry To Make You Say Hmmm…. (
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Watch Me by Brenda Novak

Watch Me (Last Stand Trilogy Series #3)
by Brenda Novak

Teenagers Sheridan Kohl and Jason Wyatt were parked at the lake in Whiterock, Tennessee, when a stranger wearing a ski mask shot them both. Sheridan lived but Jason died—and the stranger was never caught. Even though Sheridan’s family moved away right afterward, she’s never been able to put the crime behind her.

And now that someone doesn’t want her to come home. Because of a new development in the case, Sheridan returns to Whiterock. But when she’s attacked a second time, it’s only because of Jason’s stepbrother, Cain Granger, that she survives—and Cain’s the last person she wants to face. If not for their history, if not for her, Jason wouldn’t have been in that parked car.
Cain knows that whoever killed his brother probably isn’t a stranger at all. But figuring out that person’s identity is easier said than done—especially since the killer seems to be taunting them both: watch me.
ISBN: 0778325261
ISBN-13: 9780778325260
Format: Mass Market Paperback, 440pp
Publisher: Harlequin

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Parenting: Miracle of Me: From Conception to Birth

Miracle of Me: From Conception to Birth
by Amy B. Pedersen, Betty Hood (Designed by

Discover life in the womb from the babys perspective!

The news of a baby on the way can bring a range of emotions! For some immense joy and happiness, and for others mixed emotions. Because not all expectant parents are inclined to pick up technical manuals and brochures about fetal development, the author uses simple language and poetry to help foster an early bond between mother and child. While the book is written in a way that is both entertaining and educational, the real brilliance of this work is that it is relevant to a variety of audiences it’s simple enough for children, and informative for expectant parents as well.

Written from the unborn baby’s point of view, The Miracle of Me underscores the reality that life begins at the moment of conception and gives the child a voice. It features a weekbyweek account of how the baby grows and develops using rulers and scales as well as real inutero photography, including famous photos from Lennart Nilsson;s collection to visually mark the baby’s progress making it easy for the expectant parents to connect with their baby. And because the contents of the book are medically sound, it has been endorsed by many in the medical field, including Dr. Gerry Sotomayor, OBGYN and Founder of Babies for Life Foundation.

The Miracle of Me is an entertaining yet educational resource that captures the wonder of human life in the womb.

Buy the Book
ISBN: 1598727389
ISBN-13: 9781598727388
Format: Other Format, 40pp
Publisher: Marian Press

Amy B. Pedersen Biography
Amy B. Pedersen received a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from The University of Georgia and a Master’s degree in Marketing from Georgia State University. She has worked at several advertising and promotional agencies in Atlanta. She is an active member and volunteer of St. Ann’s Catholic Church in Marietta, Georgia. She has been married to Jonathan Pedersen for eleven years and they are the proud parents of their own two young miracles.

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Smooth Talking Stranger by Lisa Kleypas

Smooth Talking Stranger by Lisa Kleypas

Jack Travis leads the uncomplicated life of a millionaire Texas playboy. He makes no commitments, he loves many women, he lives for pleasure. But no one has ever truly touched his heart or soul. Until one day, a woman appears on his doorstep with fury on her face and a baby in her arms.

It seems Jack is the father and this woman is the baby’s aunt. The real mother has abandoned the child to her more responsible sister. And now, Jack is being called upon to take responsibility for the first time in his life. With delicious romantic tension, characters so real they walk onto the page and into your heart, Lisa Kleypas delivers the kind of novel that makes you laugh, love; cry and cheer.

Buy the Book
ISBN: 0312351666
ISBN-13: 9780312351663
Format: Hardcover, 352pp
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Pub. Date: March 2009

Publishers Weekly
Ella Varner grew up with a troublesome mother and an insecure sister, but she has managed to come out of it reasonably sane, with a good (if vegan) boyfriend, Dane, and a job as an advice columnist. All of this gets turned upside down when her sister disappears and sticks Ella with her newborn, Luke. Determined to find Luke’s father, Ella tracks down a likely suspect-millionaire playboy Jack Travis. The encounter results in Travis and Ella unexpectedly engaged in an irrepressible attraction. Meanwhile, Ella grows fond of baby Luke and fears what will happen when Tara returns. As Ella grapples with conflicting desires, she learns some important lessons about love and trust. Though Kleypas has trouble breaking her male characters out of archetype and the arc is familiar, Ella’s familial dysfunction distinguishes her from other heroines, and her self-awareness draws her out of a stereotypical shell. This will please romance fans, even if it hews a bit too closely to genre conventions. (Apr.) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Lisa Kleypas Biography
Lisa Kleypas is the RITA-Award winning author of 20 novels. Her books are published in fourteen languages and are bestsellers all over the world. She lives in Washington with her husband and two children.

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Not Becoming My Mother by Ruth Reichl

Not Becoming My Mother: And Other Things She Taught Me Along the Way
by Ruth Reichl

Bestselling author Ruth Reichl examines her mother’s life, giving voice to the universal unarticulated truth that we are grateful not to be our mothers

In Not Becoming My Mother, bestselling author Ruth Reichl embarks on a clear-eyed, openhearted investigation of her mother’s life, piecing together the journey of a woman she comes to realize she never really knew. Looking to her mother’s letters and diaries, Reichl confronts the painful transition her mother made from a hopeful young woman to an increasingly unhappy older one and realizes the tremendous sacrifices she made to make sure her daughter’s life would not be as disappointing as her own.

Growing up in Cleveland, Miriam Brudno dreamed of becoming a doctor, like her father. But when she announced this, her parents said, “You’re no beauty, and it’s too bad you’re such an intellectual. But if you become a doctor, no man will ever marry you.” Instead, at twenty, Miriam opened a bookstore, a profession everyone agreed was suitably ladylike. She corresponded with authors all over the world, including philosophers such as Bertrand Russell, political figures such as Max Eastman, and novelists such as Christopher Marlowe. It was the happiest time of her life.
Nearly thirty when she finally married, she fulfilled expectations, settled down, left her bookstore behind, and started a family. But conformity came at a tremendous cost. With labor-saving devices to aid in household chores, there was simply not enough to do to fill the days. Miriam—and most of her friends—were smart, educated women who were often bored, miserable, and silently rebellious.

On what would have been Miriam’sone hundredth birthday Reichl opens up her mother’s diaries for the first time and encounters a whole new woman. This is a person she had never known. In this intimate study Reichl comes to understand the lessons of rebellion, independence, and self-acceptance that her mother—though unable to guide herself—succeeded in teaching her daughter.

Buy the Book
ISBN: 1594202168
ISBN-13: 9781594202162
Format: Hardcover, 128pp
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)
Pub. Date: April 2009

Publishers Weekly
The slender size of Reichl’s memoir of her late mother’s life belies its powerful tale of a young woman, Miriam Brudno, who bowed to societal and familial pressure to become a wife and a mother over pursuing a fulfilling career. While Reichl, editor-in-chief of Gourmet magazine, is well known for writing about her culinary adventures (Tender at the Bone; Garlic and Sapphires), this beautifully crafted homage follows a more personal path as she pushes past “Mim Tales”-stories she told about her mother to entertain her readers and friends-to dive deep into her mother’s diaries and letters, paying tribute to a woman who was raised when “good women didn’t work if they didn’t have to.” So Miriam Brudno struggled to fit the mold of the perfect housewife, until she finally told a friend, “Who cares about menus… when there are so many more interesting things to think about?” When Reichl discovers an unopened letter to herself, she reads that her mother “was cheering me on and pointing out that I had an obligation, both to myself and to her, to use my life well.” Reichl has created a masterful portrait of a mother-daughter relationship that will resonate with readers across generations. (Apr.)Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Ruth Reichl Biography
Take equal parts family history and food history, simmer with humor, and you get Ruth Reichl’s irresistible, self-styled genre: the culinary confessional (recipes included). In her two bestselling memoirs, Tender at the Bone and Comfort Me with Apples, renowned restaurant critic turned editor-in-chief at Gourmet magazine Ruth Reichl proves she understands herself — and human nature — as well as she does food.

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