Black Book Clubs Rock Awards June 20, 2009

12 May

It’s about to go down at the first annual Black Book Clubs Rock Awards June 20, 2009 in Largo, MD, just minutes away from D.C. With over 100 confirmed guests, this literary event promises to be one you don’t want to miss.

Featured presenters and special guests include Trice Hickman, Nikkea Smithers, Angel Mechelle, Linda Pate, Kayona Ebony Brown, Marita Teague, Ella Curry, Tee C. Royal , Go On Girl Book Club, and many more…

Haven’t gotten your ticket yet? No problem!
We’ve secured the entire venue. Registration ends May 15th so get your tickets today.
Visit or contact

Just can’t make it to the event?
Are you an author that can’t make the event, but want to let us know why Black Book Clubs Rock? It’s easy. Call 641-715-3900 ext. 76644# and leave a message and it could be featured at the award show.

Follow these instructions:

1. Call the number 641- 715-3900 ext. 76644#

2. Introduce yourself and title of most recent book. (Please keep this limited. It’s about the book clubs and you will be able to tell us more about yourself at the end of the message.

3. Tell us how book clubs have helped the community and you as an author? What was your most memorable experience? How have they supported you. Make it personal.

4. Tell us your contact information and maybe any contest or promotions you want to run exclusively for our guests.

Please limit message to 3 minutes. Only a limited number of messages will be selected. Thanks for your participation.

Get a good look at the BBCRA’s!Send us your books and promotional items you want featured at the event. For more information contact:

Please join in the discussion by leaving comments or congrats below.
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