HONOR THY FATHER by Mozell Fleming

23 May

Father’s Day Salute

by author and poet Mozell Fleming

These words are meant to honor you because I understand, all the lessons you taught to me. To help me to become a man.

Often look back into our past and I marvel at the years gone by. How time has had so little effect of the vision of me in your eyes.

You’ve often had to navigate treacherous waves left in my wake. You’ve manned the bilge and held the line in hopes…I’d get it right this time.

You taught me all I needed to know. You believed in work, you let it show. You’ve done your part at every turn. Now Dad I say I’ve finally learned…

Life’s to short to throw away.

With time and love and money too you’ve done your part to see me, through. The best things I’ve learned, I’ve learned from you.

To you….I owe my existence my dreams. Like all great men you’ve overcame great things. As your blood and genes do flow in me I promise to make myself happy. And should my glow reflect on you…….I hope to make you happy too.

Thank you father, this is to honor you.

Mozell Fleming author of Arrivals Departures and Flights of Fancy
PublishAmerica, 2008

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