Meet Jonathan Z Queen, Author-Motivational Speaker

23 May
Meet Jonathan Z Queen, Author/Motivational Speaker

Jonathan Z. Queen, the oldest of five children, was raised in an impoverished neighborhood in Harrisburg, PA by a struggling, single mother. He began using and selling drugs at the age of 14. At the age of 23 he was arrested for the third time, labeled a Career-Criminal and sentenced to 10 years in a Federal Prison.

During the last four years of his 9-year prison sentence, Jonathan completed over 18 months of criminal behavior and drug education programs. He subsequently volunteered for the 500-hour Residential Drug-Abuse Program, where he became a Peer Counselor, Sponsor and Board Member on the Education/Tutoring Committee. Jonathan graduated first in his RDAP class and has become well-versed in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), ABC’s of Rational Self Analysis, Criminal Thinking Errors, Anger Management, Conflict Resolution, Victim Impact and Assertive Communication.

Today, Jonathan Z. Queen is an author, motivational speaker, playwright, actor, director, and poet. He is the co-founder of New Mindz Enterprises and Vice President of Asikari Publishing, LLC. He is a contributor to The Q Review and an editor/columnist for NY Gospel Magazine. He is an ordained deacon at First Baptist Church of Lexington, Va and works as a Government Contract Manager at Sayre Enterprises Inc. where he also directs the employee GED program. More importantly, he is a devoted husband, faithful father and community leader. He was recently featured in the Federal Prison Industry 2008 Annual Report to Congress in an article entitled The Power of One Success.

Jonathan is also a member of The National Exhoodus Council (NEC); a nationwide campaign comprised of formerly incarcerated professionals; all are former members of the criminal/drug/gang culture who now manage community based organizations in 50 cities. Their motto is: Serving Our Country After Serving Our Time.

Mr. Queen is a very energetic, effective and inspirational speaker who specializes in interactive workshops that include spoken word, improvisations and role playing. His experience as a GED Tutor in four different Correctional Institutions has made him very knowledgeable about the correlation between illiteracy and how the drop-out rate affects the crime rate; he especially enjoys sharing his experiences with at-risk-youth.

Jonathan Z Queen is the new example.

Jonathan Z. Queen is available for speaking engagements, school assemblies, book signings, interviews, reading group discussions, seminars and workshops. Capability Statement available upon request. Email requests to:

Contact Jonathan
Jonathan Z. Queen
Vice President, Asikari Publishing, LLC
Motivational Speaker / Author
540-460-8899 Mobile
717-914-0948 Office

“To be a servant of God, is to be a leader of men.”

Are You S.A.N.E. (Setting A New Example)
Changing Who You Are by Changing How You Think
ISBN: 9780977334797

Don’t Blame Me: The Convict Chronicles
ISBN: 9781434305640

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One response to “Meet Jonathan Z Queen, Author-Motivational Speaker

  1. Anonymous

    May 26, 2009 at 2:43 PM

    I had the pleasure of picking up this book at an event in Philly this past weekend. This book is so personal, so real, so amazing. Mr. Queen touches on the aspects of life that so many people are afraid to go. His testimony is real and allows his readers the opportunity to get real with themselves and make the changes they need to overcome as well. If you are a teacher struggling to get your students on track, if you are a spouse in a troubled marriage, if you are a formerly or currently incarcerated person trying to change your life around, if you are a new found Christian on the road of redemption in your life. This book is for you. My hat is off to Mr. Queen. I will be ordering this book for a few members of my family and I hope like you they will have a true testimony to share with others after reading your book and taking the needed steps. God bless you sir.


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