Book: Marketing Ethics by George G. Brenkert

13 Jun

Marketing Ethics addresses head-on the ethical questions, misunderstandings and challenges that marketing raises while defining marketing as a moral activity.

-A substantial introduction to the ethics of marketing, exploring the integral relations of marketing and morality

-Identifies and discusses a series of ethical tools and the marketing framework they constitute that are required for moral marketing

-Considers broader meanings and background assumptions of marketing infrequently included in other marketing literature

-Adds direction and meaning to problems in marketing ethics through reflection on concepts such as individual choice, freedom and responsibility, desire satisfaction, noncoercive exchanges, and instrumental efficiency

Authors bio:
George G. Brenkert is Professor of Business Ethics at the McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University. Former Editor-in-Chief of Business Ethics Quarterly, he has published numerous articles on ethics, business ethics, and social and political philosophy. Among the books he has published are Political Freedom (1991) and Corporate Integrity and Accountability (2004).

Publisher: John Wiley

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Title Index:

1. Marketing, Ethics, and Morality
The Ethical Challenges Marketing Faces
Thinking about Ethics and Morality

Defining Marketing
Marketing as a Practical Activity
Towards a Marketing Ethics Framework

2. Marketers and their Markets
Marketing and the Marketing Concept

Marketing Research
Competitive Intelligence
Segmentation and Target Marketing

3. From Product Development to Distribution

Product Development
Packaging and Labeling

4. Promotion: Advertising, Retailing, and Customers
Customer Responsibilities

5. Marketing in a Global Society
Marketing and Other Societies

The Expansion of Marketing Within Society: Social and Political Marketing
Fostering Ethical Marketing
I. AMA Statement of Ethics (adopted in 2004)
II. The Hunt–Vitell General Theory of Marketing Ethics
III. SCIP Code of Ethics for Competitive Intelligence Professionals

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