Getting the Obama Daughters Ready for School

31 Aug
Getting the Obama Daughters Ready for School
Seven Preparation Tips for Parents

Karen works hard to make ends meet as a divorcee with five kids. She loves her summers because they are less hectic. During the school year, Karen fights a torturing schedule of kids’ activities. Tomorrow will start another school year. Karen wonders how her life will change.

Summer is almost over. It’s time to refocus your child’s summer schedule to the rigidness of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Even the President’s children are no exception to this reality. With an economic downturn dampening their summer, many parents are having a difficult time directing their full attention to their child’s preparation for the new school year. Yet, many experts contribute a child’s success in life to the influences of their parents. Therefore, it is important that parents carefully consider their planning for the year. This article provides insight for overcoming the stresses of managing a hectic school life for working parents.

Obama’s Summer Lesson
The Obama daughters’ summer provided better preparation for the school year. However, this was not due to chance. Sasha and Malia Obama spent a wonderful summer filled with foreign travel, dignitaries, community service, celebrity engagements, and two months of a school-free existence. According to the New York Times newspaper, their summer travels included Moscow, Rome, and Ghana. In fact, the Obama parents viewed the kid’s international experiences as a real-time history lesson. President Barack Obama noted “[his daughters] see the world and then report back to us on what they are seeing.”

Additionally, the daughters participated in community service such as volunteering at Fort McNair (VA). Yet, even the family stationed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue could not escape the discipline of parenting. Michele Obama stated, “The television and the computers are off all day until after dinner and right before bed time.” As summer fun quietens, Sasha and Malia turned their attention to another year at Sidwell Friend School . Like so many other students, their success will be determined by the preparation of their parents for their education.

The School Preparation
Are parents prepared for this school year? Managing family time is an important part of preparation. Many people get overwhelmed with balancing work and family; they can obtain a big dose of “Back-to-School” Blues. According to a survey, one-half of workers reported that they feel a great deal of job stress. Forty-four percent of working moms admitted being preoccupied with work while at home.

Today’s children are so busy that they need their own blackberries to keep up with their schedules. Therefore, parents must exercise discretion in choosing their children’s activities. Parent should make sure that children’s activities enhance and stabilize family relationships. The following are helpful tips for parents with active children to ensure a successful school year:

1. Develop a strategy for dealing with family issues beforehand.
2. Prioritize the important things to your family.
3. Create goals to support your family objectives.
4. Establish a family calendar to better schedule events around your family.
5. Set aside time to listen to your children.
6. Share time with family by setting aside at least one day a week.
7. Limit your personal commitments.

Many parents view the school year as another exercise in patience. Without the proper guidance and direction, some children can have a disappointing school year. Like Sasha and Malia, children need parents to better prepare them for the rigors of school life. Parents can use this new school year to build better relationships. By adequately preparing activities and setting priorities, parents can minimize the pressures of a new school year. It is not too late to establish control.

About the Columnist:
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