My Sistahz Keeper Needs Our Help

31 Aug

Black Pearls Family, the recession is striking one of our own, My Sistahz Keeper in NJ. This organization works tirelessly to help the community grow. Shirley Chisolm and her sister Kiwan Fitch are the co-founders of that organization, My Sistahz Keeper. Along with their mentor program director Norman Murph they are inspiring a difference in the lives of citizens in Newark and Jersey City.

Let’s reach out and help them succeed. Please read the email below and donate whatever you feel your heart can spare. We love our sisters and we must continue to have each other’s back! If we can pull together and give this group at least 20 donations, we could change a child’s or family’s life!

Ella Curry

Message from Audrey Bell-Kearney
Hi everybody. I got a call this morning from Shirley Chisolm who is one of the founders of My Sistahz Keeper. This organizations help so many people in the Newark and Jersey City area. I’ve seen first hand how they help people. They have a food and clothing pantry. On the third Saturday of the month they serve hot food to the homeless. They help battered women and teenage girls and so many others. This is just a wonderful organization. You don’t have to take my word for it take a look at their web site and you can see video of how they are helping people. A lot of times it is hard to ask for help, so when Shirley called me to ask my advice because the organization is in trouble. I told her just to ask for help. So she did. Please read her email below and if you can help in any way I’m sure it would be greatly appreciated. Also feel free to pass this email to your friends who may able to help My Sistahz Keeper.

Audrey Bell-Kearney
Sister Inc.
Shining The Spotlight On Women In Business


Dear Friends/Supporters,

I come to you in urgent need of your support and help. As most of you know My Sistahz Keeper Association currently is a not funded agency. Our Executive Director, Kiwan Fitch runs the agency solely thru our fundraising efforts, the generosity of others and one small paid contract. As of today we are in desparate need to keep our doors open. Without your help our doors my be shut as of September 1st and it would be a great disservice to the public should this happen. The agency is doing great work helping the citizens in Essex and Hudson County.

It is at this point that humbly ask you for a donation of ANY size to help us remain in our Newark Office. Whether it’s $5, $10 or $20 anything that you can give to support us would be greatly appreciated. We can also provide for you a donation receipts as we are a tax exempt agency. ALSO….please forward this email to anyone whom you feel may support this agency.

To Make a Donation please follow the link to our website and click on the Make A Donation button at the bottom of the page.


Ms. S. Chisolm
Founder, My Sistahz Keeper Association

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