Raise Awareness: October Black Pearls Magazine

03 Oct

October Edition of Black Pearls Magazine

This month we are paying tribute to Male Breast Cancer Awareness, Domestic Violence Awareness, Evaluate Your Life Day on October 19 and Make a Difference Day on October 23, 2009. Evaluate Your Life Day gives us the opportunity to pause and reflect upon our life, where it has been, and where its going. Make A Difference Day, initiated in 1990, is a national day devoted to helping others by doing volunteer work in the community. Millions of Americans participate in community improvement projects. To help you along the way, we have included 20 wonderful life improving articles in this issue. This is one of our largest issues yet! It is packed with 10 new bookclub showcases, 35 inspiring articles and over 60 author interviews.

Please explore at least one article per day and travel through all the pages. Use our front page as a guide. Follow our blog for audio and video interview presentations and a featured fan interview each day! Enjoy! Share with this news with at least 10 friends! Enter magazine here.

Ella Curry, president of EDC Creations

Front Page Featured Articles

-Why Don’t African-Americans Go to Therapy?
-10 Steps To Emotional Healing
-Male Breast Cancer: An Under-recognized Disease
-Breast Cancer and Diet: Realistic Considerations
-Black Men Where Are You in the Community
-Your Self-worth Is Not Your Net-worth
-Literature of Knowledge-Literature of Power
-Marriage is Like a Bank: Top 10 Deposits to Make Today
-Kanye West and Joe Wilson Symbolize ‘Me’ Culture
-Female Mystery Writers Bring Diversity to Genre
-Michael Jackson: Wealth, Fame and Corrosive Friendships
-Daddy Wasn’t Home But I Made It
-Investing in our Future: Mentoring Children
-Seven Tips for Black Women to Live a Happier Life

Featured Legends and Leaders

-Francis Ray, author of 40 printed titles
-Gwynne Forster, author of 39 printed titles
-Bro. Yao poet, author and former Karibu Books Owner
-Pat G’Orge Walker, Christian comedienne, and author
-Lyah Beth LeFlore, author and TV producer

Front Page Featured Authors and Leaders
-Sherryle K. Jackson
-Tia Hines
-LaTonya Branham
-Gil L. Roberts
-Patti Lacy
-Lutishia Lovely
-Tinisha N. Johnson
-Derrick A. Young, Mahogany Books
-Fredric A. Almond

Front Page Featured Bookclubs

-Sonya Ward, president of Books and Beignets
-Tiffany Rainey, president of Distinct Ladies Book Club
-Tannie Lewis Bradley, founder of Sistahs BookClubbing
Read more featured bookclub interviews here

Bookclub and Literary Leader Spotlights

-(O.O.S.A.) Only One Key Stroke Away
-Queens Book Club of Atlanta
-Circle of Color Book Club
-Essence of Knowledge Book Club
-Books and Beignets Book Club
-Tulsa Sisters Sippin Tea
-Phenomenal Women Book Club
-D.I.V.A.S Divine Book Club
-Sistah Circle Book Group
-Divine Women of Faith Book Club
-Literary Divas Des Moines, IA
-Urban Reviews (Social Network)
-Authors Supporting Authors
-Good Girl Bookclub Online
-Essence of Books Book Club
-Black P.E.A.R.L.S Book Club
-Readers in Motion Book Club
-The Bookworm Sez, LLC
-Risque Cafe (Social Network)
-iZania Founder (Social Network)

Heart and Soul Christian Center

Featured Motivational Articles

-What If God Could Write You A Blank Check?
-A Spiritual Blackout In The Land
-6 Tips for Parents: Encouraging Teens to Read
-Living Above the Chaos
-Paulette Harper Personal Story of Survival
-Even If I Don’t See It – I’m Speaking It
-There’s Character in Your Words
-God’s Love is Beauty
-Fruits of Christian Writing
-Sex & Intimacy in Marriage
-Self-Motivation – You Have The Power Within You To Succeed
-Your Self-worth Is Not Your Net-worth
-Effective Time Management For Today’s Christian Entrepreneur
-Meet Community Leader Dr. Cheryl Wilson-Bridges
-Self-Motivation: You Have The Power Within You To Succeed
-When Your Mountain Won’t Move

Featured Author Interviews

-Shelia E. Lipsey
-Marian L. Thomas
-Chappale Linn Burton
-LaTonya Branham
-Rachel Berry
-DeeGospel PR
-Stephanie L. Jones
-Michelle Stimpson
-Stacy Hawkins Adams
-Tia McCollors
-Dr. Cheryl Wilson-Bridges
-Angela Benson
-Jacquelin Thomas
-LaCricia A`ngelle
-Dr. Natalie A. Francisco
-Pat Simmons
-Earnell Brown
-Nicole Morgan
-Jacquie Lewis-Kemp
-Arnita L. Fields
-Wanda Manning
-Daya Devi-Doolin
-Martha A. Taylor
-Rev. Dr. Eric Lambert

Featured Christian Authors Book Tours
Ty Moody Host

-Vanessa Miller
-LaCricia A`ngelle
-Jacquelin Thomas
-Angela Benson
-Tia McCollors
-Stacy Hawkins Adams
-Michelle Stimpson
-Patti Lacy
-Toyi Ward
-Rev. Dr. Eric A. Lambert, Jr.

Black Pearl Articles For Us!

-What Currently Defines African American Culture?
-The State of African American Relationships
-African Americans: A Look in the Mirror
-African Americans: Decide Your Destiny, Master Your Mind
-The Right Mother Model for the 21st Century
-A Mother’s Pain: the loss of a child
-Why Don’t African-americans Go to Therapy?
-The Epidemic of Weak Men in America
-When Your Mountain Won’t Move
-Meet N. Kali Mincy Coach for Writers
-Raising Him Alone Campaign

Black Pearl Articles for a Better YOU!

-Seven Tips for Black Women to Live a Happier Life
-Lessons Learned: Loving Yourself As A Black Woman
-There’s Character in Your Words
-Do Less, Stress Less – Achieve More
-The 5 Musts of Marketing
-Create Your Entrepreneur Dream Team
-Competition Will Keep Successful Entrepreneurs Sharp
-The Art of Blogging and How to Use it as a Self-Publishing Author
-The 7 Pitfalls of Single Parenting
-Top 3 Reasons Why We Ruin Relationships
-Make-up Or Break-up. Which Path Do I Take?
-Cocktail Party Ideas

My Sistas Corner

Featured Articles for my SistahsLeading into 2010

-Why did Hill Harper write The Conversation
-15 Ways to Communicate Effectively with Your Spouse
-Meet Eat and Compete company
-The 10 Steps To Emotional Healing
-African American Diet
-50 Ways to Commit Suicide With Food
-Who Was The Mysterious Queen Nefertiti?
-Effective Time Management For Christian Entrepreneurs

Intimate Conversations with Powerful Sistahs

-Saundra E. Harris
-Literary Sistahs Group
-Tamika Newhouse
-T. Nicole
-Ni’cola Mitchell
-Donneil D. Jackson
-S. Dodson
-Stefanie Newell
-Tracie E. Christian and Adra Young
-Robin R. Robinson
-Vanessa Miller
-LaCricia A`ngelle
-Monique Mensah
-Dominique LeSane
-Lynetta Marlin
-Venom Patton
-Author Keya
-Brenda Hill
-Shelley Parson
-Danette Majette
-Lorraine Elzia

Lifestyle and Travel Articles

-Male Victims of Domestic Violence – When HE is the Victim
-8 Unhappy Marriage Signs
-Pursue the One You Love
-African Home Decor Guide
-No More Tomorrows: Two Lives, Two Stories, One Love
-A Question of Freedom Spotlight
-Poem: The Black House
-Erotica: Journey To Surrender
-The Art of Seduction and Sensuality
-Secrets…How Far are You willing to Go to Keep Yours?
-Abuse in Teen Relationships: Is Your Teen Crying Silently?
-How to Handle the Insane Ex-Girlfriend
-Do We Still Need Affirmative Action?
-Should Same-Sex Marriage be Legal?
-Secrets of the Sensuous Woman

Author Interviews
-Patryce Choc’Let Banks
-Rodney Lofton
-Angel Mechelle
-Lamar Ariel
-Shawna Hill
-Saundra E Harris
-Celia Anderson
-Caramel Vixen
-Lynne Forde
-Clayton W. Oliver
-Jamison Davis
-Zuri Day
-Cheryl Robinson
-J. Thurman

Intimate Conversation Author Interviews

-Robin R. Robinson
-Lisa Watson
-Recha G. Peay
-Matthew A. Goodman
-Moses Miller
-Stacey Covington-Lee
-Lorraine Elzia
-Sandra Hamer
-Sharon Oliver
-Angie L. Jennings
-Sonia Matthews
-Nancy M. Sellers O’Bryan
-Toyi Ward
-Tomi Akinyanmi
-Eugenia O’Neal
-Bonnie Hopkins
-S.D. Denny

Intimate Conversation Meet the Author Interviews

-Raven Starr
-Daryl T. Stugis
-S.J. Foster
-Patricia Amis
-Ana Y. Rodriguez
-Alvin V. Grimes
-Larita C.
-Jane McCormick
-Pamela Leigh Starr

Black Authors Network TV
The Black Authors Network presents books and authors that can change the world! Please watch all of the exciting videos and leave your ratings and comments too. The Black Authors Network (BAN) is dedicated to providing information to help black business owners and authors gain access to the black consumer and to helping promote the growth of black businesses and literature. We will encourage, inspire, and empower our members, as they strive to fulfill their dreams of becoming successful entrepreneurs, published authors, and community leaders. Ella Curry If you would like your video added to BAN eTV please email Ella to get started promoting your book today:

Click here to view all 65 the event videos

Meet the Authors on the Fall 2009 Give the Gift of Knowledge Tour

Pamela Samuels Young

Pat G’Orge Walker


Monique Mensah

Martha A. Taylor

Sherryle K. Jackson

Melesia Betts

Lynne Forde

Patricia Bridewell

Keya Franklin

Electa Rome Parks

Loretta Faith Harris

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