Pat G’orge-Walker on Gospel Interviews

30 Oct

Pat G’orge-Walker on Gospel Interviews with Larry W. Robinson

Pat G’orge-Walker, author of “SOMEBODY’S SINNING IN MY BED” shares with Larry W. Robinson, host of about her latest book which EXPOSES a Mega Church Pastor CAUGHT “In the Act!!!” For more visit

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ISBN-10: 0758235402 | ISBN-13: 9780758235404
Available wherever books are sold

Pat G’Orge-Walker delivers a wickedly funny, uplifting novel of love and betrayal…good karma and bad karma…sin and redemption

Chyna and her sister Janelle are always moments away from a catfight. They love each other, but Janelle has never forgiven her sister for swiping her first love, Cordell. That was ages ago, and now Chyna is showing off as the First Lady of New Hope Assembly, a church that’s caught between the old ways of Holiness and new ways of serving its community. New Hope’s leader, Reverend Grayson Young, is also caught…in the infamous Sweet Bush lounge, an establishment well-known for adult pleasures.

With the church congregation running wild in the aftermath of her husband’s scandalous behavior, Chyna turns to her sister Janelle for guidance. But if Chyna thinks she’s getting sympathy from Janelle, she’d better think again, because Janelle’s got her own crisis. And when Cordell suddenly comes back into the sisters’ lives, what follows are squabbling, chaos, and surprises that show just how hard the road to salvation really is…

APOOO Bookclub Review
Title: Somebody’s Sinning in My Bed by Pat G’Orge Walker
Author: Pat G’Orge-Walker
Apooo: 5; Amazon: 5

Heading: God’s Divine Forgiveness

Author Pat G’Orge-Walker penned a novel that demonstrates God’s divine forgiveness, even in the midst of the messiest lives. In Somebody’s Sinning in My Bed, things do not look like they will ever again be normal in the lives of Chyna and her sister Janelle after the death of Chyna’s husband, Reverend Grayson Young. Usually the death of a leader scatters the flock, but upon the good Reverend’s death, the higher echelon of New Hope rallied together to save their “good” reputation and remind the church they needed to go back to the “ole time way.”

Chyna had enough to contend with upon her husband’s untimely death, but the reappearance of someone from her past yet connected to her sister, Janelle, brought up past hurts, unforgiveness and battles with emotions once believed to be dead and buried. To top it all off, First Lady had to figure a way to deal with the threats (yes threats) coming from the Pastor’s Aid Committee and all they were throwing her way. But someone should have reminded those folks about messing with God’s woman and hindering what He was doing in Chyna’s life. God will move folk, kill them, if necessary.

In steps Deacon Pillar to help Chyna, Janelle and all the mess that was created and brought to the open in order to experience God’s divine forgiveness. Sometimes the hardest thing in life to do is forgive oneself. Deac always knew what to say, even when he was not supposed to say it.

I really enjoyed Somebody’s Sinning in My Bed, a story that I found timely for this day as it is presented in God’s Word, “He that is without sin among you…” I recommend this book to everyone, especially those who need to learn the real meaning of forgiveness; God addresses all parties involved.
=Review by Sharel E. Gordon-Love, APOOO BookClub

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