What Are You Reading Now?

22 Nov
What are you reading?   What’s on your  “to be read list”?  Have you read a great book excerpt and want to tell others about it?  Here is the place!  Share all your book reviews and previews.  FB readers, post your book reviews and comments on the  Black Pearls Magazine thread here.

Sneak Peek Showcase
Read our selected book excerpts and tell us what you think of the stories. Here is the list of selected books. They are in our sidebar section. There are several new releases and trivia games listed as well.  Enjoy!

Reader’s Choice Showcase
Answer any one of these questions to enter our drawing for FREE Review Copies. Remember to leave a valid email address with each post.  Check back here on December 9, to see if you won!

— Name 1 book you wish you’d written.
— Name your 3 favorite male writers.
— Name your 3 favorite female writers.
— Name 1 book you read on the sly.
— Name 1 book that made you laugh or cry.
— Name 1 book that made you change something in your life.
— Name 1 book that you have read more than once.
— Tell us your Sexiest couple from a book and why.
— Tell us your 2 favorite villians and the books they were in.



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5 responses to “What Are You Reading Now?

  1. Missy

    November 25, 2009 at 4:17 AM

    Journey to Jordan by Donna DeloneyJordan was raised from an infant by her loving grandmother “Mommy Dear” after the death of her parents. A few years later a young Jordan.. is introduced to lost, her best friend Kimmie moves with her parents to Chicago A distraught Jordan is devastated when Kimmie left she never said good-bye, she’s left confused and hurt. Once again lost rears its ugly head along with pain and displacement when Mommy Dear dies and ….Jordan…. is placed in foster care. Her foster parents Ulysses and Lillie McClinton show her around their home and lays down the rules. Life at the McClintons is terribly different than life with Mommy Dear. The church they attend is nothing like the church at home, a place where a loving God is preached not this fire and brimstone God at Lillie’s church. Soon ….Jordan…. finds her relationship with the God she once knew buried by this new one. Years down the road ….Jordan…. continues her struggle in her relationship with God until life & circumstances begin to break down the wall around her heart. Throughout her life she experiences, love lost and vows to never open up again. Forgiveness and grace make this story a MUST read. This story will capture your heart as you become friends with ….Jordan…. and her family. Missy

  2. Missy

    November 25, 2009 at 4:25 AM

    Currently I'm reading a book that was sent to me by Brian W. Smith, titled Nina's Got a Secret. I started this book on my 2 hour commute home today and of the 192 pages I'm on page 100. So far this book is fantastic. I'm reading with trepidation because I don't do well with child neglect or abuse and I keep thinking oh nooo Nina please don't hurt Chrissy. I will be back b4 the 30th with my review. Brian thanks for this story.

  3. Missy

    November 25, 2009 at 4:33 AM

    Tell us your Sexiest couple from a book and why: I would have to say SHE Touched my Soul by naleighna Kai. I read this book in 2001 nd these charactes are still with me Mykal and Maya exhibit a love that is truly unconditional. the reason they can love so deep is because God is the nucleus of that love I absolutely loved this book in 2001 and when I re-read it in 2007 I fell in love with it and the characters all over again.

  4. Missy

    November 25, 2009 at 4:36 AM

    Up next is Corey Barnes book titled "What is this love thing all about

  5. Ladysilver

    December 3, 2009 at 8:20 PM

    Currently reading Table for Three by Recha G PeayLooking at the excepts, I am adding to my list:The Memory Quilt by TDJakes Mama Dearest by E Lynn Harris3 Favorite Male Authors:-E Lynn Harris-Eric J Dickey-Kwan


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