Living, Breathing Lies by Gloria Mallette

08 Dec

Living, Breathing Lies by Gloria Mallette
ISBN-10: 0967878926  |  ISBN-13: 9780967878928

Breathe a lie, live a lie. That’s what Nadirah Lewis learns when she uncovers the stunning lie she was forced to live for seventeen years. Nadirah was twelve years old when she was blamed for crippling her Aunt Stephanie. Guilt and her trust fund kept Nadirah a prisoner in Stephanie’s home and the object of Stephanie’s cruel tongue, but it took another vicious lie and a threat to Nadirah’s career as a teacher to infuse her with the energy to fight back.
Nadirah’s fight, however, is not just for herself. It is also for one of her young students, Bree Morrison. When Bree is hospitalized after drinking a near fatal dose of poison, Nadirah petitions the Administration for Child Services for guardianship. Bree’s mother has inexplicably disappeared, and what Bree won’t say is what Nadirah needs to hear before Bree’s aunt Erma, a she-devil on wheels, wins the custody battle.
Erma, the soon-to-be ex-wife of Austin Gray, Nadirah’s handsome new landlord, and close friend of Lynn, Nadirah’s cousin, lets Nadirah know in no uncertain terms that she will never get Bree or her husband. But what unforgivable lie does Erma live that could stop her cold yet devastate all around her?
And Lynn, as well put together and as orderly as her life is, what shameful lie lurks behind her picturesque suburban doors?
While the revelation of many of the lies give Nadirah the courage to find herself, she must accept the fact that those same lies may well destroy the lives of those closest to her. Unveil the shocking, real life truths of Living, Breathing Lies.

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National USA Book News, Best Books 2007 Award Winner
National Indie Excellence Awards 2008 Winner – /

Book Reviews:

“Gloria Mallette is back with Living, Breathing Lies, a tale so rife with drama, lies and schemes, it just might have you taking a second, third, or even fourth look at your life and the people around you to see if what you believe to be true actually is.” —
“Living, Breathing Lies has all of the drama and raw emotion that fans of this author have come to know and live. This novel is another fine example of why Gloria Mallette is one of the master storytellers of our time.”
“LIVING, BREATHING LIES is a powerful character study that focuses in on dysfunctional interrelationships built on fabrications. As the web of lies….begins to unravel one thread at a time, readers will demand more angst family dramas like this tense tale.” — Harriet Klausner
Purchase your copy: Amazon Online, Barnes and Noble or by visiting Gloria’s website for a signed copy.
“Powerful and riveting. Gloria Mallette has mastered the art of taking readers on the ride of their lives, leaving them drenched and begging for more.” — Tracy Price-Thompson, 2005 Hurston/Wright Award Winner for Contemporary Fiction.

Meet the Author

Nationally acclaimed award winning author GLORIA MALLETTE began her true literary journey by self-publishing her second novel Shades of Jade in April of 2000. By July and 13,000 sold copies later, Gloria signed on with Random House who re-released Shades of Jade in 2001. Shades of Jade made several best sellers lists, including Black Board, Essence Magazine, The Dallas Morning News, and The Washington Post/Washington is Also Reading listing.
Gloria has been featured in The New York Daily News, USAToday, ToDay’s Black Woman, Upscale Magazine, The Dallas Morning News, and The Pocono Record. Gloria also has a featured novella, Come Tomorrow, on the USAToday website.
To her credit, Gloria now has ten published titles including the newly released SASSY, a Finalist in the National Best Books 2009 Awards; Weeping Willows Dance; and Living, Breathing Lies, winner of the National Best Books 2007 Awards and the 2008 Indie Excellence Award.

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National Best Book 2009 Awards Finalist — Sassy
National Indie Excellence 2008 Award Winner — Living, Breathing Lies
National Best Book 2007 Awards Winner AA Fiction — Living, Breathing Lies 2007 Bestseller — Living, Breathing Lies

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