Intimate Conversations with author Valencia Campbell

09 Dec

Advice from the Top: What Minority Women Say About Their Career Success by author Valencia Campbell

Join me in welcoming author Valencia Campbell to the group. Valencia is a consultant on educational topics and women’s issues Her completed projects include those for the Baltimore Public School System, National Science Foundation, National Congress of Black Women and the National Council of Negro Women. She has taught sociology courses at Howard University and Bowie State University. Her many awards include: Governor’s Citation for Work on the Improvement of the Status of Women, Woman of the Year for Southern Prince George’s Business and Professional Women, WHUR Hometown Hero Award, 9to5 National Association of Working Women Awards and a Presidential Appointment to the United Service Organization World Board of Governors from 2006-2008. Valencia holds a Ph.D. and M.A. degree in Sociology from Howard University and B.A. in Sociology from Virginia State University.

»Black Pearls Magazine Book Spotlight
Advice from the Top: What Minority Women Say About Their Career Success

»Ella: Introduce us to the primary message in your book, Advice from the Top.
One of the key messages in my book relates to how the minority women define success. A common theme was the idea of setting your own goals and achieving them. Nearly all of the women did not equate money with success despite the fact that they all had achieved considerable financial wealth.

»Ella: What lead you to create Advice from the Top now?
I wrote this book to help minority women realize their career dreams. Often we minority women are confronted with race and gender barriers that impact our career aspirations. By learning from the career experiences of other women, we can move ahead at a faster pace. I include specific tips that will help women overcome some of the barriers as well.

»Ella: What impact will Advice from the Top have on the community?
I think my book will inspire women to set their career goals high. Chapter Three for example, shares the amazing stories of millionaire business owners like Cathy Hughes and Eunice Dudley. Also, former Prince George’s School Superintendent Iris Metts is included. News anchor Andrea Roane and medical doctor, Beatrice Muglia, among others are included too. Readers will see how the women’s family, mentors, professsional networks, and personal drive propelled them to success. These women’s stories will leave a lasting legacy for those who want to improve the status of women in our society.

Advice from the Top offers tips and advice to minority women and others wondering what it takes to succeed in careers in both the for-profit and non-profit worlds. To gain the insights, Valencia Campbell reviewed research on career success. Then she interviewed fourteen extraordinary minority women, all of whom shared stories about the path to the top of their fields. But this book goes beyond the usual superficial profile of women achievers. Rather, it shares their views on what constitutes success, the factors they consider important to their success, the obstacles they encountered and overcame, and what women can do today to get ahead.

Advice from the Top will inspire minority women who want to advance their careers. The compelling stories described in this book will, further, help them avoid common pitfalls on the road to success. Better, it provides action steps designed to help readers vault the same hurdles with aplomb. Advice from the Top will also help organizations, educational institutions, and business organizations develop and support career and mentoring programs that promote the success of minority women.

»Ella: Is there a defining message that you want readers to grasp and share?
It’s so important to me for my readers to start sharing their own stories of success whether it is in a news article, magazine article or their very own book. It is important that minority women across a wide range of occupational fields share their stories.

»Ella: Before we end the interview, define SUCCESS. What part does GRATITUDE play in achieving success, in your opinion?
Like the women I interviewed, I believe that success is achieveing goals that you set for yourself. You should not let others define success for you. When we receive support from our families, mentors, professional and or social networks, we can show our gratitude by helping someone else realize their career dreams.

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