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12 Jan
Excerpt from Diary of a Stalker by Electa Rome Parks

A best-selling male author gets more than he bargained for when he meets a fanatical female fan. What starts out as a one-night stand quickly spirals out of control and into a dangerous game of obsession and pain.

Never judge a book by its cover. . .

Xavier Preston is tall, dark, and handsome, and the problem is that he knows it. He’s a bestselling author who is accustomed to adoring female fans, both young and old, flirting with him, throwing themselves shamelessly at him, and trying to get between more than the covers of his novels. He has always been more than willing to accommodate their needs and desires; however, his womanizing days have finally ended. He’s engaged to a beautiful woman, Kendall, and he’s decided to walk the straight and narrow. Or has he?

From outside appearances, the very stunning Pilar has it all: a great career, a beautiful home, and a trust fund that keeps her financially secure; however, looks can be deceiving. All that glitters isn’t necessarily gold. Pilar is searching for her perfect soulmate, and she thinks she has found him in Xavier. She believes in going after what she wants with a vengeance . . . and she wants Xavier. That is not negotiable. She will have him, even if it kills him.

When Xavier meets his fanatical fan, Pilar, he gets much more than he bargained for. What starts out as an erotic one-night stand quickly spirals out of control into a dangerous game of obsession and pain with both parties playing to win. Think you know what goes on behind the literary scene? Think again.

Explore Drama builiding with Diary of a Stalker by Electa Rome Parks

(Reporter questioning Pilar)

Reporter: Pilar, have you seen or talked to Xavier Preston recently?

Pilar: No, I haven’t talked to him since the trial. He can’t have any contact with me or come within 50 feet.

Reporter: Mr. Preston repeatedly stated during his trial that you stalked him for months. Any comments to those allegations?

Pilar: Xavier knows the truth and I have no idea why he would speak such horrible comments and attempt to assassinate my character. My only crime was loving him.

Reporter: Do you have any regrets or regret the day you met Mr. Preston?
Pilar: No, of course not. I have absolutely no regrets when it comes to Xavier Preston. You guys can’t seem to understand that despite everything, I love Xavier, with all my heart. He makes me smile, brightens up my day; Xavier Preston is my soul mate and one day he will realize that and come to his senses. I can wait, that’s easy.

Reporter: After everything that has transpired, I think I speak for our viewing audience, how can you say that?

Pilar: . . . because it’s true. Every relationship has its ups and downs. Xavier didn’t mean to do those horrible things to me and I forgive him for that. I believe that eventually we’ll be together because our paths will cross again.

(Reporter questioning Xavier Preston?)

Reporter: Xavier. Xavier Preston. Have you seen or talked to Pilar?

Xavier: No, I haven’t and don’t have any desire or intentions to do so, now or later. I’m trying to put all that behind me and move on with my life. Pilar is a nightmare that is behind me now.

Reporter: Do you have any regrets or regret the day you met Pilar?

Xavier: Hell yeah! What do you think? I regret the day I received the first email. . .if I could rewind time, I wouldn’t have opened it to begin with; I would have pressed delete. Pilar almost ruined my life with her behavior and I know she is truly dangerous.

Reporter: From all reports, you had a relationship with her. You are an intelligent man; didn’t you see any signs in the beginning that something was wrong?

Xavier: I admit, I was weak; I’ve never denied having a sexual relationship with her. After all, Pilar is a beautiful, intriguing woman. However, I never saw it coming, at least not in the beginning. She came across as a normal, sane, intelligent woman. I know better now. I never imagined the monster she would become before it was all said and done; not in a million years.

Reporter: How are your book sales? I hear readers are flocking to the stores to purchase, Diary of a Stalker, the inside scope of what really happened.

Xavier: Couldn’t be better. You know what they say, drama sells books.

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ISBN: 160162199X
ISBN-13: 9781601621993

Electa Rome Parks author of:
Ladies’ Night Out (Penguin Group/NAL)
Almost Doesn’t Count (Penguin Group/NAL)
Loose Ends (Penguin Group/NAL)
The Ties That Bind (Penguin Group/NAL)
These Are My Confessions (HarperCollins/Avon Red)

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