Pearl Pick: Never What it Seems

12 Jan

Never What it Seems II: A Mother’s Love

by Diane Martin

Never What it Seems II: A Mother’s Love is a story of sacrifice, dedication, and unconditional love. Dee and AJ, best friends, thrown together by circumstances beyond their control are up against their biggest challenge ever – motherhood. Dee, mother of two adopted daughters, grew-up in a household void of love. She struggles each day to juggle a career and a family that desperately requires twenty-four hour attention, but she can’t assume a role foreign to her.
Raised in a household with an alcoholic father and an absentee mother, Dee has no idea how to handle these girls who were placed into her life by God to eliminate the loneliness created by a husband, her first love, who betrayed her by living a life on the “down-low.”
AJ, her best friend and mother of one, is married to the man of her dreams. A union that birthed a beautiful little boy struggles to survive. Born to a father who thought she was put on earth to be his surrogate wife and a mother who sat quietly by, ignoring the screams and cries for help that came from her bedroom at night, AJ wants to love her son, but can’t because she doesn’t know how. She reaches out to her husband for help, but he’s MIA due to situations beyond his control. In a role unfamiliar to them, life and experience will take them on a journey that will lead them back to the place where it all started.

Their journey continues…

Paperback: 328 pages
ISBN: 978-0980217629
Purchase Price: $18.99

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