Have the Faith of Children by LindarInsights

14 Jan
I have a toddler who loves Monster Trucks. I mean truly loves Monster Trucks. At three he could name his favorite trucks, Grave Digger, Blue Thunder, Maxium Destruction. I even know that Dennis Anderson drives Grave Digger. It was crazy because I had no clue what a Monster Truck was. My father was flipping through the channels one day and on the Speed Channel was a Monster Truck Show. Well needless to say at Grandpa’s House that is what my son watches.
When I would go to Walmart I would pick him up two and thought I was doing good. At $3.97 a piece I could handle a couple of trucks every now and then. Recently I sat down with Ty and asked him what he wanted for Christmas. His response was simply more Monster Trucks. He named the ones he wanted most, Taz and El Toro Loco. So in my mind I was set. If I bought him his favorite 10 Ty would be good for Christmas, of course along with my favorite pajamas from Target.
My co-workers and I are pretty close. We talk about our children and of course we discussed Christmas and what are children were expecting. One day I heard God speak to me before entering my school building. He said, “Arlinda don’t take anything in the building with you. There is something you need to bring out today.” I listened and I kept my things in the car.
As I sat at my desk, that morning, my co-worker enters my classroom with a box and a bag. He set them down and says, “This is for Ty.” When I looked in the bag I immediately knew that I would not be purchasing any Monster Trucks for Ty. Not only were there over 40 trucks, but there were also books, videos and Hot Wheel Race Cars sets. And yes, Taz and El Toro Loco were in the bag. Ty nows has a collection of various sizes of Monster Trucks. They are in the parking garage in front of my fire place. lol
One of my favorite prayers is the Prayer of Jabez…Oh! That You bless me indeed….Ty knew to ask in faith and expect it. He didn’t get the ten mommy was going to give he received way more. If a child can ask in faith and expect it shouldn’t we be able to do the same?
I am asking in faith and expecting to be blessed indeed and for my territory to be enlarged. How about you? I am taking my faith to that next level of expectancy.

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