14 Mar

by Marc Lacy

It is so funny how some people make a big to do about the fact that they decided to step out on faith and write full time. But what they failed to mention, is the fact that their spouse is making $300,000 a year. With that being the case, not only are the ends meeting – they’re colliding! So technically, this is not stepping out on faith. This is what you call stepping out on knowing you will have funds. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But when you actually decide to step out faith, make sure you step out on faith, and not stupid. Remember, just because it worked for someone else, does not guarantee that it will work for you. There is a “chance” that it will work for you. Everyone’s situation is different. There are different forces and different factors that help nudge the landscape of how things play out in your literary life.

Before you tell your boss to “take this job and shove it” make sure that you have a solid foundation in place to provide the support you need as you take your literary endeavor to another level. For instance, when someone is a full-time writer, it does not necessarily equate to them only writing and collecting a royalty check while living happily ever after. Now some people have paid their dues and have experienced the bumps and bruises that come with authorship…so they have basically earned the right to do the aforementioned.

However, the percentage is very small. With that being said, there are various components that you could put into play to assist your fulltime writer aspiration. Alongside writing and publishing books, you could actually make a living conducting workshops, engaging in public speaking, and writing copy for various companies. These are just a few of the ways you could sustain yourself financially while developing all aspects of your full time writing career. Money certainly is not the only important thing here; but you need it to live. You also need funding to nurture the development of your writing in every phase applicable. There is nothing like earning a living while developing essential skills within your craft.

Remember, there is no such thing as an overnight rockstar author. This is a big misconception. Yes, we are living in a literary age and yes just about “everyone” is publishing books and writing now. Some are actually making a good buck in the literary industry. There are some hot topics out here in our crazy world and people are taking advantage of human attraction to crazy, shocking, and alluring stories and subject matter. Trends and fads are two major factors that are heavy influences within several industries, especially fashion, music and literature.

Unfortunately a trend goes out as quickly as it comes in. Like an aggressive stock, there is potential for quick and extreme success as well as quick and extreme failure. You cannot be angry with someone for taking advantage of a trend because they are just giving the people what they want right? The industry is wide open and if some just want to make that paper, then so be it. Do not waste any of your time and energy downing them if that is their focus.

None of us are the law in terms of literary genres, so we cannot drag anybody to trial for capitalizing on their rights for creative expression. However, you are encouraged to put yourself in a position to where trends and fads will impact; but not control your writing. In essence, if you focus on good writing and improving the quality of your writing, you will establish “staying power” in the literary world. Your writing will be so solid that people will be able to enjoy it down the line as we incur various phases and changes within overall writing styles and subject matter that people are attracted to.

Finally, if you step out on faith in your literary career, quality writing should be your main focus. Every step you take and every breath you make should illustrate your hunger for improved writing. If you conduct writing workshops, not only will you help others with their writing, you are also helping yourself. Should you engage in public speaking, it should be a reflection of how serious you are about writing. When you land that contract to write copy for a company, it would be yet another tool in the chest to assist you with high quality writing. Your literary shoes should be so big, that absolutely no one can fill them. Step out, and step high!

About the Author

Marc Lacy, a graduate of Alabama A&M University is a nationally renown, award winning poet/author and spoken word artist. He has performed all of over the country for many national literary events and spoken word venues. Marc is the author of Rock & Fire – Love Poetry from The Core, and The Looking Heart – Poetic Expressions from Within. He is also the producer of REFlux, RTIQLation, and LyriCode 256 spoken word CDs.

Marc is the contributor to many anthologies such as: The Soul of a Man, Step up to The Mic, and Witness the Truth.

Marc is a member of ArtNSoul Society of Expression, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Church Street CPCA, Huntsville Literary Association, and National Society of Black Engineers. He credits his faith in God and love of family for providing energy to succeed. Checkout his latest fiction book, Wretched Saints – When the Righteous Path Leads to Hell’s Doorstep at: , , and


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