Black Marriage Day – March 28, 2010

17 Mar
Book Spotlight: Marriage ROCKS for Christian Couples by Dr. Harold Arnold
Author Reveals How to Build a ROCK Solid Marriage

Evidence suggests that marriage may be losing to more secularvalues. African Americans, in particular, have one of the lowest marriage rates in the country, and their divorce rate is among the highest. In response to the critical condition of black marriages, Dr. Harold Arnold offers a twelve-step model in Marriage ROCKS for Christian Couples. With the Marriage ROCKS method, Arnold challenges couples to establish and strengthen their relationship on a rock-solid foundation of:

*Redemption —–the rock of grace
*Offering ——- -the rock of sacrifice
*Covenant ——-the rock of boundaries

*Knowledge——-the rock of power

*Sacred space—-the rock of worship

The book leads couples at all levels of relational intimacy on a journey to discover how marriage (1) develops the human capacity to experience the fullness of God’s love and (2) becomes a ministry through which to share God’s love with others.

Designed for use by individual couples, with small groups, or in counseling contexts, this practical book includes biblical study, discussion questions, and action steps. A separate Leader’s Guide is also available. This is the perfect book to celebrate  Black Marriage Day – March 28, 2010.

About the Author:
Harold L. Arnold Jr . holds a PhD in social and organizational psychology from Temple University and a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from Fuller Theological Seminary. He is president and founder of Discovering Family International, an organization that promotes the virtues and values of family life. A sought after speaker and workshop leader, Dr. Arnold is also creator of the Relationship ROCKS model™, a program for building equity in personal relationships. A member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and Black African-American Christian Counselors, Dr. Arnold serves as a minister and counselor for a large multi-cultural church in Philadelphia.

A sample chapter of Marriage ROCKS can be downloaded at Also visit Harold Arnold’s where the reader’s vote directs the course of the fictional Rob and Celia’s relationship. ISBN: 978-0817015664. Category: African American/Marriage/Religion; Distribution: Spring Arbor/Ingram Book Co., Anchor Distributors, STL Distribution, Baker & Taylor

How to Build a ROCK Solid Marriage

Excerpt from Chapter 1:“If you are reading this book it is because you desire the best for your marriage. You can rest assured that God desires the best for your marriage as well…. In fact, God plans to use your marriage as a bridge to a more rewarding relationship with him and with everyone within your sphere of influence.”

Editorial Reviews:

“Harold L. Arnold Jr., PhD, has written a book for African American couples rooted thoroughly in a faith orientation, and it draws on a biblical and theological tradition of gender mutuality and equality that is embraced by many African American couples…Those who use this book as a resource for marital enrichment will never regret their choice.”
–Edward P. Wimberly, PhD, Jarena Lee Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling, Vice President for Academic Affairs/Provost, Interdenominational Theological Center, Atlanta, Georgia

“This wonderful book serves a need in the African American community for help in strengthening and healing our marriages and relationships. The author provides honest examples that will be a blessing to those who are considering marriage and those who are already on the journey. The message is clear – whether your marriage is strong already or deeply troubled, God can make it better and can help to deepen your spiritual and emotional intimacy.”
–Nancy Boyd-Franklin, PhD, author of Black Families in Therapy: Understanding the African American Experience

“Written for the couple themselves, this book and its companion leader’s guide are also practical tools for clinicians, pastors, and lay leaders who work with African American couples for whom biblical concepts are important components for conceptualization of self and other. Dr. Arnold draws on his personal and professional expertise to develop a biblical and theoretical twelve-step counseling model.”
–Elizabeth Johnson Walker, ThD, LMFT, Associate Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

“An extraordinary resource. If implemented by couples and leaders, Arnold’s biblically sound method and strategy for married couples could revolutionize the way we approach ministry to couples and families. Christian couples will be blessed tremendously by his meticulous biblical reflections and insightful wisdom on married life, from sexuality to finances and parenting.”
–Dr. Johnny B. Hill, Assistant Professor of Theology, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, and author of Multidimensional Ministry for Today’s Black Families

“Married couples are on the endangered species list. Dr. Harold Arnold’s expertise and passion are focused on preserving and strengthening African American marriages. His years of helping couples is reflected in this powerful Marriage ROCKS “journey” which has couples interacting and praying about topics that will enrich their personal and intimate lives together. But it’s not just about you! He goes on to teach and challenge couples how to use their marriages as a powerful tool for sharing Christ with all who live in their communities. Every couple who wants to grow their relationship with their spouse and with Christ will benefit from this interactive marriage experience.”
–Bruce R. McCracken, Ph.D., founder and president, House on the Rock Family Ministries, Mt. Joy, Pennsylvania

“At a time when the institution of marriage seems under attack, Marriage ROCKS provide a refreshing and affirming view of marriage. Dr. Arnold keeps it real, while providing hope for couples. His five components of “ROCKS” are grounded in sound Biblical principles and relational integrity. The book is honest, thoughtful, and presents some critical insights to the issues in the African American community. A great resource for both those in marriage and seeking marriage. ”
— Dr. Randolph Walters, marriage therapist and Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology, Eastern University, St. Davids, Pennsylvania

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