Unwrapped: Sexaholics by Pynk (Marissa Monteilh)

16 Apr
Intimate Conversation with author Pynk
Marissa Monteilh (Mon-tay), a former model, talk-show host, Fox-TV news reporter, and commercial actress, is the best-selling author of eight mainstream novels and two novellas. Marissa also writes erotica, Erotic City, and Sexaholics, under the pseudonym, Pynk. Originally from Los Angeles, she lives with her family in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit Marissa at  or at
Introducing Sexaholics by Pynk (Marissa Monteilh)
Miki, Valencia, Teela Raye, and Brandi share one thing…they are all addicted to sex. United through Sexaholics Anonymous, these women try to recover from their dependence on wild, spontaneous, and even sometimes, dangerous sex. From whips an chains, to sex in public, they have done it all! Led by Dr. Rachel Cummings, each woman takes the first step to recovery by sharing her biggest sexual act with the group. Sexaholics, set in Los Angeles, takes readers through the outrageous experiences of four sex-drunk women, on their long path to rehabilitation.

Q: What issues in today’s society have you addressed in the book?
Issues of addiction, be it alcohol, shopping, overeating, gambling, or sex, are very popular today. We have a new reality show about sex addiction, and many celebrities, usually male, have admitted to being sex addicts. Sexaholics gives you an inside look into the world of four women who are all addicted to sex. Their stories are dramatic and sometimes shameful, yet they could be your next door neighbor . . . or you.

Q: What was the most powerful chapter or scene in the book for you?
The most powerful chapter in Sexaholics is a scene where one of the women crosses the line and allows her demons to alter her thinking to the point where the results change her life forever. I cried when I wrote this scene. That’s only happened one other time in Something He Can Feel, and that scene was the one readers talked about most. It is my hope that this portion of Sexaholics, along with the rest of the book, will paint a vivid and valid picture of the shame and impact of reckless lust.

Q: Do you write full time? Describe your writing schedule for our readers.
Yes, I write full-time. I wake up at about 8:00 a.m. and check emails, promote, follow-up on projects, etc. I usually write in the afternoon until late evening. I try not to write on the weekends but depending upon deadlines, a Tuesday is the same as a Saturday. I do make a point to spend quality time with family. That is a priority.

Q: If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?
No, not at all. Actually, because there has been so much talk in the media regarding sex addiction, I usually take notes on the situation or when a professional speaks on the subject, just to make sure I’ve conveyed the causes and various choices of treatment as accurately as possible. I think it’s important to show consequences for certain behavior so that sex addiction is not glamorized, though sometimes, just as in real life, some characters do not pay the price nor do they learn from their mistakes. Remaining unchanged is very common. And sometimes, that’s just the way it is.

Q: Share with us your latest news, awards or upcoming book releases.
My next Pynk book is called Sixty Nine, which is about three best friends, Magnolia, Rebe, and Darla, all born in 1969. They are about to turn the big 4-0. These women are sexually repressed, so whereas Sexaholics covers the over sexed, Sixty Nine shows us the undersexed lifestyles. On New Year’s Eve, they vow to go beyond their narrow boundaries and thoughts about sex, which have kept them repressed, and experience their sexier sides. Sixty Nine comes out in March of 2011. Also, the long-awaited sequel to Hot Boyz, The Housewives of Ladera, hit the shelves in October 2010.

You can reach me at , and also check out my website at

SEXAHOLICS is available now at ;  Purchase from Amazon today.

Awards for Pynk (Marissa Monteilh)

Winner of the YOUnity Literary Legends award as the Fastest Rising Literary Star
EROTIC CITY was voted one of the Top Reads of 2008 by Black Expressions
EROTIC CITY – finalist – 2009 African American Literary Award in the category of erotica

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