Unwrapped: Five Thin Slices of Truth by Adolphus Herndon

17 Apr
 Intimate Conversation with author Adolphus Herndon

Meet Adolphus Herndon, author of Five Thin Slices of Truth. Born and raised in northeast Texas, Adolphus Herndon spent many years of his adult life doing nothing but surviving day to day. Working mediocre jobs and reared in an environment where people thought a couple of dollars above minimum wage was “making it”, he wasted time doubting his abilities of becoming an author. When his frustration factor finally eclipsed his fear factor, he said a little prayer and started scribbling and scrabbling to fulfill his life-long passion. Five Thin Slices of Truth is his first published book.

BPM:  What makes you powerful as a person and a writer?
I love this question!  What makes me powerful is my stubborn, persistent attitude. If any of my family and friends hear this, they would laugh and nod their heads in agreement. Also, my faith. True-to-life example: I am a new self–published author. Before I realize all the work that it takes to get published, I truly believe that my book will do very well. Now one may call that over confident, but I understand that in order for me to back those words up, I will have to be on my grind.

To be totally honest, I have discovered that the real work was not the creation of my stories, (the editing, re-editing, rewriting, photo and cover designs, structure and organizing). No, no, no, the real work is the business side of getting it out to the masses. This means I will have to uncomfortably meet with media, attend events, and speak out to do all the PR and marketing that is totally essential for success. The bottom line, I believe all artists prefer to do their art more so than all the administrative, managing, accounting and all the pieces of business. Business is not the art, it is the necessity to continue the success of the art. Self-publishing is very fatiguing and cumbersome, however, I sometimes don’t realize it because I am so on fire, doing that which I actually like.

BPM:  Who are your mentors?This leads me to the second part of the question as to what makes me a powerful writer. Simply, I love to write good fiction and I like to image where in the world, time of day and type of persons actually reading my works of fiction. As of now and as an independent writer, I have more of a lee-way to write without much big-publication interference. Now I cannot say that will always be the case in the future. What makes me a powerful writer is my desire to write and the fact that I am motivated by readers who are tantalized for more of my talent.  My mentors: My unofficial mentors are, Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, and the legendary author, Walter Mosley.

BPM:  Finish this sentence- My writing offers the following legacy to future readers…
My writing offers the following legacy to future readers… insatiable and  “edu-taining”  fiction.

BPM: Introduce us to your book and the main characters.
Five Thin Slices of Truth is not your typical novel because it is not a novel. It comprises three short stories plus two novellas. Each story is independent and exclusive but the entire project is spawned from controversial real-life issues dealing with sexuality, religious dogma and faith, psychotic behavior, self-denial, racism and patriotism.

BPM: Who were your favorites? Are your characters from the portrayal of real people?
Of course since this is not a typical novel it would be unfair to say which of “my children” are my favorites. My sister and mother have read my book—and they are not avid readers period—anyway, throughout their readings they’d call me and ask if this situation of that character is real, or if it was me. I laugh it off because I believe all fictional stories derive from [to pun] “slices of truth” from all authors, whether that truth is direct, tanglible experience, or indirect. I must say that I have an extremely vivid imagination and have been blessed with the ability to grossly exaggerate a situation, an event, a news story, or even a phrase. For the sake of my book, Five Thin Slices of Truth, all my characters, situations and settings are by and large fiction.

BPM:  What specific situation or revelation prompted you to write your book?
To write has always been a desire. I feel it has been a calling that I have been ignoring for years. I believe it was when I turned thirty that I practically woke up everyday asking myself, “Is today the day you will began to write?” Some years later after thirty, I went to the church at the time I was a member and I received my revelation. I was sitting in the pews amongst approximately 200 congregates, and I could almost swear the preacher was speaking directly to me. His sermon or teaching was about staying focused, conquering fears and fulfilling life destiny. He stated that too many Christians are satisfied with less and denying their God gifted talents, yet they are eewing and ahhing over people whom they believe are lucky and more fortunate.

He broke it down and basically said, while most people would watch the idiot box for hours, run the streets, or gossiping, those who did not indulge in those unproductive behaviors became successful because they worked what God had placed inside of them, their gifts. Therefore, we are in awe of their results when it should be us.

BPM: Take us inside the book, Five Thin Slices of Truth.
When you crack open the book, I intentionally created stories that would make it difficult to put the book down. Instead of just two major events, the reader will journey into five different worlds dealing with sexuality, self-identity issues, spirituality and faith, racism and stereotypes and patriotism. All five stories are exclusive and independent. They have their own alphas and omegas.

BPM: Who do you want to reach with your book and the message within?
I created the stories based on situation that I desire to influence an outcome: Story 1, Me and My House: Upon the conclusion, one would have to question their own spirituality and religious commitment.  Story 2, Before the Morning After: The bottom line is be yourself or else face the consequences.  Story 3, The Rant of Roymon Bivens : The reader will interpret many different messages from this is story. However, the bottom line is don’t be quick to judge because the enemy can use those stereotypes to deceive the masses.
Story 4, Purple Hurt: This novella has two messages.

First, it is about patriotism and heroism from an unlikely person. Second, the don’t ask, don’t tell policy doesn’t matter. How ironic that I’d write a story and publish at a time where our President of these United States is working on a plan to repeal the policy. This story is chic and hot, and I really believe it is unique to the current political climate.

Story 5, Angel on a Fire: This story is basically about doing for others results in the ultimate pleasure and satisfaction. To deny that fact means picking up bad habits, addictions and bad philosophies about life and people.

BPM:  How will reading your book shape the readers lives?
People will either see themselves, someone they know, or both. Either way, they will enjoy it because it is in-your-face entertainment.

BPM:  What are some of their specific issues, needs or problems addressed in this book?
Religious dogma and faith, self-denial and trying to play cards that have not been dealt to you, the desire to serve this great nation should not be limited based on sexual orientation, and there’s no reward in being self-centered behavior; and be careful when judging people.

BPM:  Ultimately, what do you want readers to gain from your book?
To be entertained and to understand that although the issues are based on slices of truth, please enjoy good fiction.

BPM:  What do you think makes your book different from others on the same subject?
For a debut publication, I have a compilation of various genres and subject matters: thrill and suspense, dark comedy, melo-drama all into various subject matters (sexuality, religious, identity, etc.).

BPM:  Share with us your latest news, awards or upcoming book releases.
This is just published, approx. 3 months ago and I pray for its success and I pray for it to be nominated for awards. We have also released an eBook version of this book that can be read on a Kindle, PC, iPhone, and iPod touch. The eBook is titled Five Thin Slices of Truth: Kindle eBook Edition and is available at for only $9.95 compared to $14.95 for the print edition.

BPM:  How can our readers reach you online? Share with us your online contact info.
You can reach us through, buy the book and post comments on and follow me at   and

Contact Information
Adolphus Herndon
c/o Czar Struck LLC
P.O. Box 2254
Center, TX 75935

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