Unwrapped: My Mother’s Child by Dwan Abrams

18 Apr
Intimate Conversation with Dwan Abrams

Dwan Abrams is a full-time novelist and freelance editor. She currently writes for Urban Books/Kensington. She’s the award-winning, best-selling author of My Mother’s Child, Married Strangers, Divorcing the Devil, Only True Love Waits, and The Scream Within. Her sixth novel will be released by Urban Books/Kensington in 2011.

She’s the founder/facilitator of the Just Write! Workshop. Additionally, she’s the founder, publisher, and editorial director of Nevaeh Publishing, a small press independent publishing house. She was inducted into “Who’s Who” in Black Atlanta in 2006 and again in 2010.

BPM: What makes you powerful as a person and a writer?

My relationship with God makes me powerful.

BPM: Who are your mentors?
I have some literary big sisters, namely Kendra Norman-Bellamy and Marissa Monteilh. Where do you find your inspiration? My inspiration comes from so many things. I’m inspired by fascinating people that I meet, my marital relationship, and close friends and family members too.

BPM: A Legacy is something that is handed down from one period of time to another period of time. Finish this sentence- My writing offers the following legacy to future readers…
My writing offers the following legacy to future readers…that I was here and I had something to say.

BPM: Introduce us to your book and the main characters.
My Mother’s Child is the standalone sequel to Divorcing the Devil. Nigel Fredericks made his debut in Divorcing the Devil, and he will give readers insight into his psychotic world. Lyric Stokes has the misfortune of becoming the object of Nigel’s obsession. Lyric’s husband, Michael, finds himself going through great lengths to protect his family. Ultimately, someone pays with their life.

BPM: Who were your favorites?
My favorite character in My Mother’s Child was Lyric’s dad, Henry. I liked him because he took ownership of his past mistakes and changed his life. He also loved his daughter. Are your characters from the portrayal of real people? Not in this book.

BPM: What specific situation prompted you to write your book?
Divorcing the Devil prompted me to write My Mother’s Child. Readers wanted to know more about Nigel, so I gave them what they wanted.

BPM: What are two major events taking place?
Two major events in My Mother’s Child are Nigel stalking Lyric, and Lyric’s pregnancy. A whole lot of drama surrounds those events.

BPM: Who do you want to reach with your book and the message within?
I want to reach as many readers as possible. My Mother’s Child takes readers on a suspenseful journey that will have them wanting to flip to the end just so they can see how it’s all going to pan out.

BPM: How will reading your book shape the readers lives?
I actually had a reader state the lessons they got from My Mother’s Child. The reader’s opinion was so insightful that I thought I’d share…

• You must be very careful who you let into your life
• Just because somebody seems nice doesn’t mean they are.
• God will fight your battles if you let Him.
• True love conquers all.
• Everything that glitters isn’t gold.

BPM: What are some of their specific issues, needs or problems addressed in this book?
Lyric Stokes seems to have a charmed life, yet she’s unfulfilled. No matter what she has materially, it can’t fill the void inside of her. She has daddy issues that she hadn’t addressed, and to top it off, she’s having a hard time getting pregnant. My Mother’s Child will make readers believe that unconditional love does exist.

BPM: Ultimately, what do you want readers to gain from your book?
Be careful what you ask for. And don’t ever lose faith.

BPM: What do you think makes your book different from others in the same genre?
The plot twist for sure. There’s nothing predictable about the story. Also, one of the topics isn’t something that a lot of people even knew was possible until recently. If there’s another fiction book that has addressed the topic, I haven’t heard about it.

BPM: Share with us your latest news, awards or upcoming book releases.
I’m conducting a workshop on quitting your day job at the 2010 Black Writers Reunion and Conference. I’ll be representing my publishing company, Nevaeh Publishing, at the 2010 Faith and Fiction Retreat pitch session. We have three books being released in April, including a children’s book. I’m also releasing an ebook on publishing.

BPM: How can our readers reach you online?
I’m all over the web. My author site is, and my publishing web site is I’m also on Facebook and Twitter. My books are available wherever books are sold, including online at,, and Black Expressions.

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