Book Spotlight: Forbidden: A Ben Blaze Tragedy

02 May
Forbidden: A Ben Blaze Tragedy

Ben Blaze is a new author born in Lake City, Florida and raised in Live Oak, Florida. He is featured in the anthology Romanace For The Streets with Marlon Mccaulsky and K. Roland Williams. He will also be featured in the anthology Try A Little Tenderness due out on Black Friday.
Q:: What makes you powerful as a person and a writer?
I feel I am a powerful man because of my drive and determination. My personal experiences have molded me into that type of man. I’m powerful as a writer because of the creativity I bring when I pick up a pen and the fact that I am a huge fan of literature. During my writing process I wear the hat of a writer and a fan, as I am my biggest critic.
Q:: Who are your mentors?
My publisher Jarold Imes pretty much took me under his wing and showed me the game. He’s been very helpful and I thank him for the opportunity. My inspiration comes from hip hop and my family. For a while, that was all I had and they will be with me until I’m gone.
Q:: Where did you get the idea and inspiration to write Forbidden?
The inspiration came from my love of tragedies and my love for hip hop. I discovered Shakepeare in junior high listened to rappers like Biggie, Nas and Big L tell stories in their raps. I was always intrigued by them and continue to be. Also, real life situations shaped my thoughts and inspired me to use my creative license to mold this tragic tale.
Q:: Who were your favorite characters? Are your characters from the portrayal of real people?
My favorite character is Block, the villian. He’s my favorite because I could go anywhere with him. I could take it anywhere I saw fit and I did just that. Block was not inspired from anyone in particular though. He came straight out of my active imagination.
Q:: Ultimately, what do you want readers to gain from your book?
I want the reader to be fully entertained from start to finish. I didn’t write this story to teach a lesson or even educate anyone though I’m sure there are people out there that will take something away from this novel. My main purpose was taking the reader to this world of hip hop, sex, forbidden love and greed and making sure they get their money’s worth. I think I accomplished that goal.
Q:: What are the keys to your success?
As a rookie, I know I have to pound the pavement and get my name out there. I’m a virtual unknown at this point in the game. Right now, it’s all about the hustle, and I’m prepared for it. I’m confident that I have a well-written novel that readers will enjoy, so promotion is the key. From passing out flyers to the internet, I’m on it.
Q:: What’s next for you?
Myself, K.Roland Williams and Marlon McCaulsky had some success with Romance For The Streets. We’re coming back with another anthology that I think people are going to feel. It is entitled Try A Little Tenderness. The anthology will be more sensual this go round. I have other solo projects that I’m going to be hitting you with on, so please be on the lookout for me.
Q:: How can our readers reach you online?
I can be reached at  I’m on facebook (Ben Blaze), and twitter (BenBlazeWrites).
Purchase your copy of Forbidden today:
Forbidden by Ben Blaze
ISBN-10: 1934195634
ISBN-13: 978-1934195635
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