SistahFaith: Real Stories of Pain, Truth, and Triumph

02 May

SistahFaith: Real Stories of Pain, Truth, and Triumph
by Marilynn Griffith (Compiler)

Ashamed No More
Every woman needs a safe place to bleed…a quiet place to scream, and friends to dress her wounds. She needs the support of sistahs who won’t cringe at the honest truth, who are willing to walk by her side, who will listen to her stories, and who will offer balm to heal her wounds.

This collection of poignant, true stories honestly reflects the humiliation that countless women experience every day at the hands of people who are supposed to love them. Drawing from the biblical story of Tamar, who was raped and disgraced by her own brother, spiritual truths of hope, healing, and new beginnings are highlighted in every story.

Among the women who have shared their stories of truth and triumph are Bonnie DeBarge of the famed Motown group the DeBarges, award-winning novelist Sharon Ewell Foster, and author Claudia Mair Burney.  Most women endure in silence — afraid to tell the truth, held captive by their disgrace. But here, in these pages, they have told the truth, they have lifted their skirts to show their scars, and most important of all — they have found redemption, hope, and new life.

Create Your Own SistahFaith Circle: In addition to sharing beautifully written stories and poems, this book shows you how to gather your own group of sistahs, and each chapter includes discussion questions that will help your gathering of sistahs journey past the shame, beyond rejection, and straight to the heart of God.

Author the Founder
Marilynn Griffith is the author of eight novels including the Shades of Style series and the Sassy Sistahood series. Her novels have been featured in Charisma Magazine, Black Expressions Book Club, and Black Issues Book Review. Other credits include Chicken Soup for the Christian Woman’s Soul, Cup of Comfort Devotionals and Momsense Magazine. She also serves as president of the recently formed SistahFaith Communications, LLC.

Raped at the age of thirteen and a first-time mother at age fourteen, Marilynn was all too familiar with secrecy and shame. But after becoming a Christian and marrying a good man, she now encourages women to lay aside the shame of secrecy and shares a message of hope and healing.

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What Readers Are Saying

Circle of Sistahs of Great Faith, May 1, 2010

By Sharel E. Gordon-Love, Author

This review is from: SistahFaith: Real Stories of Pain, Truth, and Triumph (Paperback)

Author Marilyn Griffith, along with other sisters, in search of sisterhood, healing, unconditional love and deliverance, have come together in SistahFaith to share their stories that glorify God, lift one another, and other women who will be encouraged and enlightened, and can ultimately experience all that God has for them divinely through their testimonies.

Each story in Sistah Faith is true, as these women of faith lay bear their hearts to help not just themselves, but other women who may have gone through what they have, or may be in the midst of the same pain…the truth is, they can experience triumph despite their horrific circumstances. Stories detailing the pain and the poetry that flowed beautifully within the chapters were wonderful and uplifting. The structure of each story was woven drawn from the Biblical character, Tamar. Readers are taken on a journey from the pain, the shame and the scars to forgiveness and healing.

The poem, Let Me Laugh, by Wanda J. Burnside asks the Lord to laugh no matter what we have been through or may be going through. Dr. Gail M. Hayes’s chapter, Perfection, touched my heart, yet she shared how God intervened in her plans to end it all, comforting her with the promise that He will perfect all that concerns her. Stephanie L. Jones shared, What If… I Had Never Been Sexually Abused? It is not unusual to ask, “what if” questions, but God answered with love, forgiveness and His Word.

Sistah Faith begins with the search of sisterhood, something I believe most women consider to be valuable in their lives, and so Author Griffith takes us through the selection process, making suggestions so that we can experience God’s precious deliverance together as sisters in Christ. Each chapter has discussion questions that will be a tremendous help to any sistah circle.

I enjoyed Sistah Faith immensely and recommend this book to women everywhere, as well as to women’s groups, particularly in the household of faith.

This book was provided to me courtesy of the publisher for review purposes.
Review by Sharel E. Gordon-Love,  APOOO BookClub

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