Book Video: When I Get Where I’m Going by Cheryl Robinson

13 Aug

When I Get Where I’m Going by Cheryl Robinson
featured in Essence Magazine, September 2010!

WHEN I GET WHERE I’M GOING is about three very different sisters and is a wonderfully entertaining read.”  — Kimberla Lawson Roby, New York Times Bestselling Author

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When I Get Where I'm GoingAfter thirteen years in Hollywood, Alicia Day is ready to give up on her dream of becoming a movie star. A call from a woman in Detroit claiming to be her half sister couldn’t have come at a better time, and Alicia decides to return to her hometown to meet her.

Heaven Jetter was shocked when her father told her about his secret daughter. But now that she and her full sister, Hope Teasdale, have fallen out again—perhaps permanently this time—and her abusive boyfriend has finally gone too far, Heaven yearns for a fresh start.

Hope is still mourning over her husband’s disappearance two years ago in a boating accident, struggling to be a good mother to her young daughter. She doesn’t need more drama from Heaven—or her new “sister.”

But an earth-shattering discovery, a lucky lottery ticket, and a near-fatal encounter finally bring all three estranged sisters together . . . and they realize that nothing can save a person like family.

Note: Discussion Topics inside When I Get Where I’m Going by Cheryl Robinson
Domestic violence, sisterhood, estranged family, the entertainment industry, specifically the lack of roles for black women in Hollywood.

About the Author
Cheryl Robinson was born and raised in Detroit. She has a degree in business marketing from Wayne State University, and currently resides in Ocala, Florida where she is writing her next novel that is due out in the fall of 2011.   ISBN: 978-0451229472    |   Website:

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Cheryl Robinson
When I Get Where I’m Going available September 2010

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