Insider News: Meet Business Leader Stacey Ciceron

13 Aug
Intimate Conversation with Stacey Ciceron
Becoming the Dream. Stacey attended Dudley’s Cosmetology University in Kernersville, North Carolina. While there, she was selected to represent Dudley’s as a Jr. Technician at The Bronner Brothers Show in Atlanta.

Ms. Ciceron later received her certification in Make-up Artistry and frequently audited advanced cutting classes held at the University to develop and perfect her techniques. It was here she realized that there was more to this business than glitz and glamour.

Blessings in Disguise. Once her studies were completed at Dudley’s, Stacey was on a mission to find a place that would nurture her budding interest and talent. That search led to two places that would change her life forever. The first place was Vidal Sassoon where she learned the foundation of precision cutting and having discipline in the styling profession; and the second, was Bumble and Bumble where Stacey’s passion for learning, teaching, and styling was nurtured.

The Journey. Along the way, Ciceron learned to creatively express herself through hair cutting and styling. Her skills were recognized and quickly thrust her into the world of high fashion, commercial and print. Stacey’s work has afforded her the privilege to contribute to runway shows in New York, Paris and Milan, as well as numerous fashion spreads for fashion magazines and commercial and print for major cosmetic companies.

Living the Dream. Stacey says, “I have fulfilled my dream in almost every aspect. My desire is to teach what I’ve learned thus far. I have a wealth of knowledge to share and I am taking an active role in can giving back to my fellow cosmetologists. I do this by sharing these experiences that made me who I am: A Motivated and Ambitious Professional whose joy is found also in giving back.”

BPM: Stacey, introduce us to your company, The Stacey Ciceron Studios. What exactly does your company do for the client or the community?My company is called The Stacey Ciceron Studios and we cater to our clients by offering a full range of hair care and styling services. I have trained at Vidal Sassoon and had the privilege of working at Bumble and Bumble. I have also done Milan and Paris Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, the Project Runway fashion show, TV work on America’s Next Top Model and Rocawear and Vogue editorial work.

BPM: Did your company change the way consumers were previously taught to think?
My company has definitely changed the perspective of hair care for my clients. At The Stacey Ciceron Studios we teach our clients that healthy hair is the platform to achieve a fabulous hairstyle. This entails them to have higher expectations from a stylist and be more educated on what hair “care” truly is.

BPM: How did you get your start in this business/industry?
I received my start in this business from working at Bumble and Bumble. Doing an employee’s hair one day on my down time the owner seen my work and was immediately impressed. He referred me to work at the upcoming Fashion week and that catapulted me into different opportunities and set the platform for future success.

BPM: What separates you and your firm from the competition?
What separates me from the competition is my past and continuing education. The opportunities I have had being trained by the best being present at Vidal Sassoon and Bumble and Bumble. Also, my passion for doing hair and my customized approach to hair styling.

BPM:  Working on America’s New Top Model must have been fun. How would you describe your experience as an Entrepreneur? Is it still exciting and fun?
Yes, it is! I feel it is a blessing being an entrepreneur. With running my own business I have the ability to follow my own vision and see my creations come to life. I also have the freedom and flexibility to spend time with my family. Being a leader has always been a natural feeling to me sort of like breathing.

BPM: What do you like most about your profession?
I love being around people and having a connection with them. I love being a part of people’s lives by hearing their stories and being in a position to influence them in a positive way. And that’s what my job allows me to do.

BPM: What is your biggest challenge in business? How did you overcome it?
Controlling my perfectionism and wanting to have things my way and right away. I have overcome these challenges by having structure and being organizing. Putting thoughts down on paper helps me practice patience. And learning how to balance family life with my career helps me overcome many obstacles that arise.

BPM: What advice would you give someone just starting out in your industry?
Explore every area of your craft and become an expert at the area that you love the most. Set realistic short term and long-term goals and pace yourself to achieve one each day. And the most important one, continue to educate yourself.

BPM: What do you hope to offer your clients or customers to shape their lives?
I hope to provide an environment of nurture and warmth where clients can rejuvenate and rebuild themselves from the inside out. Because I have clients from different walks of life I hope to offer a continuous source of networking. I also throw workshops to help people build their passion and find their purpose. And of course the obvious beautification.

BPM: What are three things all leaders possess?
Determination, focus, drive passion, purpose ambition

BPM: How does your mission or vision keep your business growing?
My vision helps me keep a competitive edge, which differentiates me from other businesses. Because I have a vision I’m able to set clear and concise goals on which I strive for. I obtain success and growth because I keep focused on the business and adapt to change.

BPM:  How is your organization or company impacting the public?
I help women by empowering them in the areas of finance and the pursuit of their passion. While partnering with Sankofa Salon we did suit drives and workshops on how to turn your passion into profit. On my own, I did a women’s seminar on health beauty and finance and also a spa day that introduced woman to the necessity of pampering yourself.

BPM: What’s new in your company?
The Stacey Ciceron Studios is continuing its involvement in the freelance industry by working on editorial, TV, film, print and runway projects. We are tapping into the online market by offering products and services online and networking through avenues such as face book and twitter. I also have a blog called Hair Stories that’s documenting my journey to pursue my passion for the next 365 days.

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